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Late July Economic Rant - Roger Mason

HYPERINFLATION IS YOUR FUTURE! Please go to the website www.inflation.us and sign up for their free newsletter. They tell the truth, they don’t want your money, and they can see silver is the best investment in the world. Do you really undesrstand what “quantitative easing” is? You hear this term constantly in the media from Helicopter Ben Shalom Benanke (who promised “I will throw money from helicopters if necessary.”). He further said, "The U.S. government has a technology, called a printing press, that allows it to produce as many U.S. dollars as it wishes at no cost." It means printing worthless unbacked Monopoly money. That’s what it means. Quantitative easing means HYPERINFLATION. This is theft. There is no mystery at all about inflation. Therse is only one case of inflation, and that is printing unbacked money. The Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) has devalued the dollar 95% since 1913 when they were formed illegally in direct violation of our Constitution. Right, our 1912 dollar is now worth 5 cents. Inflation is theft. This is exact-ly what communist Mugabe did to destroy Rhodesia. That prosperous once fine country  is now poverty stricken one party dictatorship Zimabwe. 

World events are getting worse and worse by the day. Israeli and American troops are concentrated on the Iranian border. This will be the worst mistake America has ever made, even worse than the horrendous Iraqi war. We should not have any wars now. We should not have any foreign military bases. We should not have one single soldier not on American soil. You need to be prepared in every way possible. You should always be prepared, but now we have every reason to believe a major war is going to start any time. Maybe it will be delayed, but it is going to happen eventually. No one knows when it will kick off, only that it will. The Mideast is none of our business. Iran, Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan are none of our business. This country was founded on the principle of “laisse faire”, or mind your own business. “Friendships with all and entanglements with none”, said our founding fathers. 

Do you want to make sense of the Gulf oil disaster? Please go to this website and read Robbi Campbell on the subject. This is the most rational, sensible article I’ve seen so far on what is going on. http://www.rense.com/ general91/treach.htm This will put an end to all offshore drilling and energy prices will go thru the roof.  Obama’s talk about abundant “clean energy” means windmills, solar power, and ethanol. None of these work. They will never work. Windmills are ridiculous. Solar power is a joke.  It takes more energy to make ethanol than you get back. We have all the oil, gas and coal we need right on our own soil. We could have $2 a gallon SASOL gasoline from coal for the next 1,000 years, but the government won’t allow even one single SASOL plant. We do not need one gallon of foreign oil and we never have. We have all the energy we need and always have. 



The commercials (Big Banks) actually increased their net short position to 58,000 contracts two weeks ago. This Is a whopping 290 million ounces they have shorted. The COMEX is suppos-ed to have 50 million available (registered) ounces of silver for sale. Therefore J.P. Morgan and the boys have shorted 600% more silver than supposedly exists in the COMEX. Last week they suddenly dropped over 6,000 of these reducing the total to “only “ 52,000. That’s still well over a quarter million ounces. There is probably no silver left in the vaults. They are self aud-iting, which means no auditing at all. There is no gold in Ft. Knox. There is probably no gold in the gold COMEX either. All this manipulation is going to end by Christmas, and silver is going to take off. Reality always wins. All manipulations eventually end in disaster. We are almost completely out of silver, and physical demand is growing by the day. Some really strange things are happening. Silver is being moved from the SLV accounts. People who want bullion are being paid off in cash plus a bonus. The admitted inventory is dropping by millions of ounces in a week. It’s all coming to an end after 25 years of manipulation. What does “man-ipulation” mean? It means the Big Banks use the extreme leverage on the COMEX futures exchange to keep the price of silver artificially suppressed. All manipulations end in disaster always, all the time. Period. This one will end by Christmas. 

Closely related to all this is the fact the commercials are short an amazing 19 million ounces of gold on the COMEX. This is total insanity of course. They are artificially suppressing the price of gold by being so massively short. This will soon end as well. Why? The physical demand for silver and gold will overwhelm them. People around the world are waking up to the fact that every currency on earth is Monopoly money. For the first time in the history of the world all currencies are worthless unbacked toilet paper. No currency has any value whatsoever. The United Nations just made a formal declaration that the U.S. Dollar should no longer be the world reserve currency. Nations are dumping all their dollar denominated assets, especially T-Bills and T-Bonds. The U.S. is the biggest creditor nation in history. China is now wisely dumping their worthless dollar investments. Your author is massively short the U.S. Dollar Index. This is now 83 cents and headed for 50 cents. On a good day that is, and no good days are ahead of us. 

The Governator Schwarznegger cut the salary of 200,000 government workers from an average of $65,000 a year to $15,000- minimum wage. 37,000 union employees took limited reductions in pay and avoided minimum wage burger flipper salaries. Notice the almost total power of unions, especially government unions. California is the seventh largest economy in the world, and larger than 173 nations! As goes California so goes the nation. They have been totally and completely bankrupt for years now, and have finally had to admit it. America has been bankrupt for decades. Eventually all bills get paid either by the buyer or the seller. All bills get paid all the time one way or another. There is no such thing as an “unpaid bill” in the end.  

Social Insecurity has been broke for decades. They have robbed Peter to pay Paul, but now Paul is broke. The government is going to raise the Social Insecurity benefits age from 65 to 70. 

That will cheat millions of people out of the benefits they paid for all their lives. Half of Am-ericans have less than $10,000 in assets to retire on! This has been a Ponzi (pyramid) scheme from the beginning when Socialist Roosevelt ushered in the official ruination of America. The other way to cheat everyone out of their benefits is to let inflation  do the job. There was no cost of living allowance (COLA) increase. This means the average person getting a Social In-security check lost almost 10% of their purchasing power. Right, they could only buy 9 ham-burgers instead of 10. A 10% loss by simply not giving COLA increases. People expecting to live off their benefits will literally starve in the streets. The great unwashed masses in the ghet-tos and barrios and trailer parks will react violently as they have nothing to lose. When you’re cold and hungry you can and will do anything. The government is going to convert your gov-ernment pension (state, county, city or federal), your IRA, and your 401k to worthless treasury annutities. Other countries have done it, and America is next.  

In 1970 there were 10 billion ounces of available silver and it was $1.25 an ounce. Now the government has ZERO silver. Not even one ounce in the vital Strategic Reserves. Our gov-ernment owned 5 billion ounces. In 1982 when silver went to $50 there was a glut of silver worldwide. Now we’re basically out of silver. The largest stash is the COMEX which suppos-edly has a mere 50 million available (registered) ounces. That is 1% of what the government used to own. The COMEX may have almost none at all since they are self auditing. Mining cannot possibly keep up with silver demand. Soon we’ll be completely out, and the price will go to Pluto and beyond. Reality always wins in the end. You must own bullion. Do not own paper silver such as SLV. Do not buy any more silver stocks. Why? Because the best ones have mines in Mexico. Mexico has fallen into anarchy from the drug cartels. In America investors, workers, and savers will all be penalized to reward the lazy, stupid, and unproductive. Wealth transfer is a cornerstone of Marxism. Capital gains tax will go up. Stock holders will be pun-ished. Soon we will sell our silver stocks and go 100% bullion. You must hold your own bullion and not let anyone store it for you. Do not own any paper silver!!!! Even if you live in an apartment you can get creative and hide it. Make sure you have some pre-1965 junk coins or 1 ounce silver rounds for barter and trade. 

Food prices are already exploding. America was the only nation on earth you could eat like royalty for 10% of your income. This is going to 30% very soon. You will see food shortages.

Food does not grow on store shelves. You will see extreme prices on nearly all foods. People are going to cut back dramatically not only in what they eat, but how much they eat. Have you noticed the food prices going up every time you go to the grocery store? Then we will see traditional Communist-style price controls. Price controls only make things worse of course. Only the free market and free enterprise works. Price controls mean the commodity you want simply is not available anymore. You cannot control or dictate prices. Prices depend on supply and demand, not government dictates. You will see price controls especially on food. Stock up  on whole grains and beans. Do not buy that overpriced freeze dried junk. Get used to paying 30% of your income just to eat. Get used to not eating what you want to eat, and are used to eating. And get used to not eating out in restaurants, even fast food restaurants. 

Unemployment is over 20% now and not the 10% the government claims. Actually it is worse than 20%, since many people have simply given up on finding a job. It will get worse and go to at least 30%. Maybe higher. There are 5.5 people looking for every available job. Millions of people want to work but just cannot find any.  Countless people have taken lesser jobs just to be able to pay their bills. It is well known how many new college graduates are working at  service jobs just to stay alive. The minimum wage jobs are still available in many areas, but these will dry up and disappear before Christmas. Did the media tell you 40% of all American workers have bottom level low wage service jobs? 4 out of 10 Americans work jobs that teenagers should have. If you’re unemployed find a bad job and pray you keep it. It is easier to find a job when you’re employed than when you’re not. 

Electing Republicans this Fall will change nothing. This is what the “conservative” disin-formation agents on radio and TV are trying to fool you with- false hope. That’s right, Beck, Savage, Boortz, Hannity, Limbaugh, (Alex) Jones, and the rest are just phony pseudo-converv-ative disinformation agents. The Republicans have caused half the damage to this country and the Democrats the other half. They are two sides of the same coin. We have a one party pol-itical system in this country. Republicrats. You vote for Tweedle Dee or Tweedle Dum. Your only real choice is the Libertarian party, and most elections don’t offer any Libertarian altern-ative. Many states simply outlaw the Libertarian party with various rules and regulations. How do you know these “conservative” talk show hosts are phonies? They tell you the Republican party is your saviour and we can “save America” if we all vote Republican this Fall. That will simply maintain the status quo. They are all for the wars of aggression in the Mideast to protect us from non-existent “terrorism”. They never tell you the truth about unemployment or inflat-ion figures. Did anyone you listen to tell you real unemployment is over 20% and getting worse? They never tell you the housing and commercial real estate is going to keep crashing for years to come. Did they tell you the banks now own more houses that all the 300 million citizens? That’s right the bankers own more  houses than the people! They don’t warn you to get out of the stock market before it crashes. They never tell you about hyperinflation and to buy silver as protection.  Did they tell you “quantitative easing” is just hyperinflation and stealing every dollar you’ve ever worked for and saved? They are all just disinformation agents in conservative clothing. Sarah Palin is the princess of pseudo-conservatives. If they run her for president it is because everyone knows she can’t possibly win. For some reason the liberals and media HATE Palin, even though she is just another pseudo-conservative. The entire Tea Party movement has been co-opted and ruined. Palin is the unofficial leader of the entire Tea Party of course. Did those talk show hosts warn you the government is going to take your IRA and 401k and turn it into worthless treasury annuities. Did they tell you they are going to raise the retirement age for Social Insecurity from 65 to 70? That will leave millions of people over 65 without jobs, without money, starving in the streets. That’s right, the retirement age is going to be raised after you’ve been promised Social Insecurity checks at 65 all your life. No, they never tell you the really important stuff. They’re too busy telling you how we must wage war in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, and Iran in the “war against terror”. What a crock! The entire war on terror is a fantasy. 9/11 was an inside job. If you don’t understand that, then just Google “9/11 hoax” or 9/11 fraud” and see the FACTS for yourself. They’re too busy telling you we can “save America” if we just vote Republican this Fall. Baloney! 

The chairman of the Republican Party, Steele, came out and said the Afghanistan was is a hoax, a fraud, and is “Obama’s War”. Remember this is a black man criticizing another black man. The liberals immediately demanded he resign. Notice he did NOT criticize the Iraq war, the

Pakistan war, or the coming Iran war. Give him credit for one out of four anyway. We should bring all our troops home from Iraq, Afghanistan, and Pakistan. Then we should close every single military base outside of America. We spend as much on the military as the rest of the world combined including Russia and China. That’s right, half the world military spending is by the U.S. This is prima facie insanity and cannot continue. 5% of the world population spends 50% of the world military budget!! This is nuts. This is the same 5% who locks up 25% of the worlds prisoners, too. We’re the worst police state on earth and make China and Russia look like bastions of freedom.  

Folks, this is End Times. Don’t kid yourself. Yes, I’m going to lose subscribers by saying this over and over. For the first time in the history of this planet there is no freedom. We now live on one big Prison Planet with no freedom anywhere. Nuclear war is down the road. The sit-uation in Iran could be the kickoff. The Mideast is the powder keg and Israel is the spark.

People around the world have lost their minds and prefer slavery and poverty to freedom and  affluence. America is destroyed after 234 years. All democratic governments self destruct after 200 years. America is over because Americans have lost their souls, lost their senses, and plain damned lost their very minds. Americans elected Obama, Pelosi, Read, Schumer, Boxer, Clint-on, and all the rest of the One Worlders. Yes, there is a plan for a One World Order and a One World Government, and it is almost in place. There is nowhere to go, nowhere to hide. The oth-er countries are even worse than this one. America was the last bastion of any kind of freedom, and that’s all over now. Never before in history have all currencies been worthless unbacked toilet paper. If you want to see tomorrow just take a cold, hard look at today and you can see tomorrow. You don’t have to be a psychic or anything else to see the future. The seeds of to-morrow are right here today. Great events cast their shadows before them. If you can’t see that we’re in End Times now then you’re not paying attention. No, Jesus isn’t coming back. He wouldn’t bother. That’s right he wouldn’t bother. He tried once and you see how things turned out 2,000 years later. The great unwashed masses now look to their governments to be their saviors. Americans now look to Obama and the new Marxist government to be their savior. Nothing fails like government. Try and name one single thing the government has every been successful at, just one. You can’t because there isn’t any. Government isn’t the answer; gov-ernment is the problem. For every dollar you give the government you get back 10 cents in services- if you’re lucky. People around the world now worship government. Every country on earth now is either a dictatorship, communist, Marxist, or, at the minimum, socialist.  

One Year Baltic Dry Index


You probably have never even heard of the Baltic Dry Index. This is the shipping rates for raw materials. This is one of the most important charts in the world, as it very accurately reflects the international industrial healthy and vitality. This one year chart shows it has fallen to a histor-ical low of only 1700 after being well over 4500. This is going to be a worldwide depression. The dismal Baltic Dry Index just cannot be argued with or explained away. 



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