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Late July 2012 Economic Rant -Roger Mason

At this auspicious period, the United States came into existence as a nation, and if their citizens should not be completely free and happy, the fault will be entirely their own. ” ----George Washington

We have a real world actual 30% U.S. unemployment rate!

Worse than the Great Depression. The real unemployment rate is really around 30%, not the ridiculous 10% figure the government trots out. During the Great Depression it was "only" 25%. Well, it is 22% now (source: Williams at, but is actually much worse. Why? Many people have taken jobs they are overqualified for just to pay the rent. Also, many people just gave up even looking for a job anymore, and are no longer counted. There are many other causes such as people on welfare and Social Insecurity disability that are not qualified at all. All this raises the Williams 22% rate to a more realistic 30%. The real jobless rate is at least 30%, and going to 40%. Yes, we will have at least 40% unemployment by the time Romney gets run out of office in 2016. Washington’s real program in the Mideast was revealed by neoconservative warmonger Bill Kristol on television, who had no shame to ask publicly: “What’s the good of nuclear weapons if you can’t use them?” Kristol is another unelected powerful Zionist neocon who has been very influential for many years. That’s why he’s on TV all the time.

Did you hear about House bill HR6083? the "Farm Bill" or FARRM Act? Of course you didn't. Did the newspaper, TV, or radio tell you about it? Of course not. This will further ruin food production in America with government rules, restrictions, and subsidies and perks for special interest groups. Less food will be produced, and food prices will keep skyrocketing. This hurts poor people and the lower class the most, but Congress keeps passing big government, socialist bills like this quietly every week. The public never even hears about them and has no chance to object. As if your elected officials care anyway what you object to. 80% of this will go to feeding people on welfare with the SNAP Program (special nutrition assistance). Did you know many school districts now feed the children breakfast, lunch, and dinner? Then they feed them in summer when school is out. The parents don't have to feed their children anymore. One in six Americans is on Food Stamps. One in six. This makes Cuba, China, and Russia look like democracies. The parasites are killing the host, and the host will soon be dead. The parasites will all starve to death. Sounds good!

Predicting the short term is suicide, but silver and gold are probably headed lower. All the signs point to it. Silver/gold/HUI are all in 30 day downtrends. When you see 30 day uptrends in these three, then we'll see a more convincing bottom. The dollar made new highs (this is inversely correlated) and is headed for 87 cents. We had a 20 month new low in silver on June 28. The commercials now have 153,000 short gold futures contracts. This is over 15 million ounces of gold! They are still net short 14,000 silver futures. That is 70 million ounces of silver. All this points to a break in gold below $1,550 support and silver below $26 support. None of this matters in the long term. A powerful long term correction like this is a perfect base for a blast off in gold and silver prices. Look at the long term, and forget the short term. This is the time to load up on $27 silver. Buy bars and “junk” coins and hold them yourself. No silver stocks, no paper silver (like SLV), and no storage programs. Bullion in your own hands. All paper will be worth paper in the future. Bullion is real.

Wonder why we're broke? We have 5% of the world population, but spent half of the world military budget. We spend 1) 52% of our taxes on war, and 2) half the world military budget. Being a major country, yes, we should spend 10% on the military, but not 52%! We spend over half of our taxes on the military. That means we spend as much as all the other countries on earth combined. That’s insane! We should only spend about 10% of our taxes on the military. This would give us a whopping 42% tax cut, even without cutting all those endless socialist and Marxist big government programs! Imagine a 42% tax cut!!! Then, if we just cut all those big government welfare programs in half (although everyone of them should be eliminated completely) we would have a total tax cut of 66%- or two thirds. If you pay, say $30,000 in taxes every year you would have an extra $20,000 to spend- without being taxed on it. My God, we would live in paradise folks. The main programs to get rid of are Social Insecurity, Unemployment, Medicare, and Medicaid. Then we could institute the Flat Tax and get rid of the IRS.

Legalize drugs and we could shut down 50% of all the prisons and close down most of the courts. Drug gangs and cartels would shrivel up and die overnight. The "War on Drugs" has increased drug use tremendously, and turned America into a police state. If someone commits a crime while under the influence of any drug (including alcohol) they would get doubled penalties. Driving under the influence of anything would be a serious felony resulting in jail time, and not merely fines and revocation. All drugs were legal in America until the draconian 1913 Harrison Narcotic Act. 137 years of legal drugs where people who abused drugs were medical patients, not criminals. Adults have the right to use any drug they want in their own homes.

What about martial law? There are about 1.5 million active military and another 1.5 reservists. Most of them are in the Mideast attacking innocent countries for the One World Order and the Greater Good of Israel. There are less than 1 million left in this country to control 300 million people. That isn't going to go too well for one soldier to order around over 100 people. One of those 100 people just has to get mad enough to shoot him. The military will concentrate in the cities controlling mob violence and the subhumans. This is why the FEMA camps were built. When those Social Insecurity checks won't buy anything, and those welfare checks stop, the dirtbags will riot in the streets. When they ask, "Mah check be in yet?" there won't be a check anymore. The government is already broke. The checks will stop and we’ll have mass pandemonium.

Here is a 40 year chart (courtesy of of housing prices in GOLD. The same would be true in silver. Currently you can buy the median home for 94 ounces of gold or 8,800 ounces of silver. You could buy the median home for as little as 90 ounces of gold in 1980, or as much as 650 ounces of gold in 1970. By the time Romney gets run out of office in 2016 you are going to be able to buy the median home for a mere 250 ounces of silver. That's right. That would cost you $7,000 today. You mean you could get a nice house in four years for $7,000? Yes, if you go out and buy 250 ounces of silver today. The median home price fell from $225,000 in 2005 to the current $140,000, and will keep falling to $100,000- or less! You are going to see a housing crash like the world has never seen before. By the way, you will be able to buy that median house for a mere 16 ounces of gold ($6,000 an ounce) in less than five years. Not 90 ounces like in 1980, but 16 ounces. But that would cost you $26,000 in gold, instead of $7,000 in silver.

We have about 140 homes in America. About 20 million- 1 in 7- are for sale. About 35 million are underwater, and worth less than the mortgage. This figure will keep increasing every day until most all mortgaged homes are under water. There are at least 35 mil-lion people who are unemployed or underemployed. This will get worse as real unemployment goes to 40%. Then there is the undiscussed matter of "shrinkage". People in a 2,500 sq. ft. home will downsize to a 1,500 square foot home. Or move in their relatives to split the rent. People in a 1,500 sq. ft. home will move into a small apartment. More and more people will be living in the same home. More and more Third World standards as American degenerates into a Third World backwater like England. The American Dream is over folks after 236 years. Don’t kid yourselves. There is no recovery of any kind in any way. This is End Times and you need to prepare for it.

Mitt Romney has been on the "conservative" (what a laugh!) radio talk shows. He says three things: 1) I will cancel Obamacare with an executive order, 2) I will use American energy including oil, gas, and coal, so we can be energy independent, and 3) the budget deficit is out of control, and I will solve that. This sounds like Ron Paul talking folks. The problem is he's lying. He won't do any of these things. Listening to him makes you want to run down to the polls and vote for him today. This is why he is actually more dangerous than Obama. He's intelligent, articulate, charismatic, experienced, ruggedly good looking, and has an aura of authority, confidence, and maturity. He doesn't use a teleprompter. Obama has an IQ of 100 on a good day. The media kept trying to portray Bush as “dumb”. Bush graduated from Harvard with an MBA, and had an IQ (like Romney) over 130. He was evil, but very intelligent. If Obama is reelected, he cannot serve a third term and will completely destroy America as we know it. As if there is much left to destroy in the current Marxist, welfare police state we now live in.

Foreign Minister Lavrov of Russia again warned the U.S. our interference in Syria is going to lead to outright world war. They have eleven warships in Syria now. China also warned this would lead to war. The Peoples Daily said “The Syrian situation should be solved by the Syrian people, not outside intervention." China is backing Russia on this one. Folks, if both Russia and China come after us we are going to be vaporized. Most all our troops are busy attacking sovereign nations for no good reason. We're defenseless. Isn't it ironic that the two most powerful communist countries on earth are minding their own business, while we are attacking everyone and spending half the world military budget? World war is on the horizon folks. First Syria and then Iran. America has gone completely insane. The neocons are so psychotic they will actually destroy themselves in a nuclear war. You must understand this. Folks, you need to realize Russia and China have joined together against America. We cannot take on both of them. Syria is none of our business. Let the Syrians sort that out. Iran is none of our business. Iran should be our friend and trading ally. The entire Mideast is none of our business. We are the aggressor here. We are the problem. We are the instigator. We are the World Bully now, not Russia. We need to mind our own business before we start World War III.

Here is a ten year chart of silver. $5 to $49, and then down to $27 in 10 years. Silver has been the best investment on earth, and will continue to be the best investment on earth. Silver will go to $400 and then higher. Silver is four times better than gold. The traditional gold to silver ratio is only 15:1. It is now an irrational 59:1. It will return to the historical, traditional 15:1 ratio. This is why it is four times better than gold. In the future the only financial question will be, “how many ounces of silver do you hold?”

One of the Rothschilds wrote some 200 years ago, “The few who understand the system, will either be so interested in its profits, or so dependent on its favors, that there will be no opposition from that class. While, on the other hand, the great body of people, mentally incapable of comprehending the tremendous advantages...will bear its burden without complaint, and perhaps without suspecting that the system is inimical (harmful) to their best interests.” The people behind the One World Order have been working for two centuries towards a one world government. Finally, they have almost succeeded. The United Nations is their main instrument. Right now the U.N. is busy with an international arms treaty that would take all guns away from Americans. This treaty will not be approved this year, but in 10 years or so you can bet no one on earth will have firearms except the military and the police. By the way, have you noticed the police are now militarized as in Third World dictatorships like North Korea? If you are a member of the NRA drop your membership. The Second Amendment Foundation is another scam. Join the GOA (Gun Owners of America) and support them.

The American standard of living will drop a full one third!

No country on earth will have a high standard of living. Europe, Canada, New Zealand and Australia will also experience a severe drop in their already pitiful standards of living. Eastern Europe will be a poverty stricken Third World morass. With a 40% unemployment rate people will be glad if they can simply eat and keep warm.

McDonalds has been one of the best, strongest stocks in the entire world for over a decade now. It went from $10 ten years ago to $102. It is now only $90. Folks, that is 100% a year profit uncompounded. $100,000 in McDonalds in 2012 would make you a millionaire today. Well, it is failing. It has fallen from $102 to less than $90 in the last six months. At that rate it would be worth nothing in a few more years. McDonalds reflects our economy, and is a very important stock to watch. They are the largest restaurant chain in the world with 31,000 outlets in 119 different countries. This is a “bellwether” stock to watch. California is the bellwether state to watch. As goes California, so goes the nation. This has been true for over 100 years now. The entire state is bankrupt, broke, out of money, full of illegal immigrants, drained by endless welfare schemes. This is our future. Watch California and you’ll see the future for the other 49 states.

Now look at a five year chart of General Electric. Pitiful, One of the largest and most important corporations in the whole world. $44 to $20 in the last five years. Adjusted for 10% annual inflation it is hopeless. When GE fails the whole world economy fails.

The middle class has always been the backbone of America. Now the middle class is dying every day. Third World, socialist, Marxist, and communist countries are characterized by the lack of a middle class. Only 1% at the top and 99% at the bottom. Real unemployment is now up to 30%- worse than the Great Depression. Real inflation outpaces wage and Social Insecurity increases. Family and personal debt are at never before seen levels. Welfare is also at never before seen levels. 100 million Americans are now defined as living in poverty. One in three is now defined as poor. One in three of the elderly are poor when they should be comfortably retired. One in six people eat with Food Stamps. Only 55% of people between16 and 29 have a job. This is much worse for blacks and Latinos. While we have 240 million working age people, only 140 million are working. Only 1 in 4 companies are looking to hire anyone. We could go on all day with facts.

Take ten minutes out of your life to watch this factual video on Obamacare. Why should you take ten minutes to do this? Because Obamacare will ruin your life and you can’t escape it without leaving the country. If you sell your house you’ll be taxed 3.8%. What does that have to do with healthcare? Watch this video so you’ll know just how bad it is. This is what Nancy Pelosi said, “You have to pass the bill to see what’s in it.”

Buy all the silver you can. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty, and buy silver. Dump your house if it is underwater. If you live in a city or in an apartment, then move to the suburbs or the countryside. Be sure you have firearms and lots of ammunition. Be prepared for the future. Store some gasoline (it only lasts a year) and cycle it. Buy whole grains (flour oxidizes) and dried beans and some canned goods. Have a source of water if possible. Buy a generator, even if it is a small one. Common sense tells you to be prepared for the future whether it is a hurricane, a snowstorm, or martial law. Just be ready for anything. Nothing good is ahead of us certainly.

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