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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


August Economic Rant - Roger Mason

"The economy is still in the gravitational pull of the Great Recession. All the booster rockets for getting us beyond it are failing. Home sales are down. Retail sales are down. Factory orders in May suffered their biggest tumble since March of last year. So what are we doing about it? Less than nothing." - Robert Reich (Labor Secy in Clinton Admin). Now Rubin can speak the truth since he isn’t a bureaucrat anymore. He could have added endless other facts such as that 106 Banks have already failed this year. It’s worse than the Great Depression. The Much Greater Depression started years ago; it’s not going to start tomorrow. Housing peaked in 2005, and that was a major marker of this depression. Commercial real estate peaked three years later in 2008 and was another major marker. The U.S. dollar is toilet paper. The stock market is a house of cards. It’s all right there in front of your face if you’ll just look. Yes, you can see tomorrow if you just take a good close look at today.

Have you noticed that young stupid people around the world still wear Che Guevera t-shirts? Go to any college and you’ll see a Che t-shirt. They really think he is some kind of liberation hero. They don’t realize he was a cold blooded murderer who believed in hardcore communism and hated freedom in any way, shape or form. Here is just one quote from him:

Hatred as the central element of our struggle!” raved Ernesto ‘Che’ Guevara in his 1966 Message to the Tricontinental Conference in Havana. “Hatred that is intransigent…hatred so violent that it propels a human being beyond his natural limitations, making him violent and cold- blooded killing machine…We reject any peaceful approach. Violence is inevitable. To establish Socialism rivers of blood must flow… The imperialist enemy must feel like a hunted animal wherever he moves. Thus we’ll destroy him! These hyenas (Americans) are fit only for extermination. We must keep our hatred alive and fan it to paroxysm! The victory of Socialism is well worth millions of atomic victims!” Why do we bring up old Che? Because he is one of Obama’s mentors, one of his teachers, a major inspiration to him. Socialism and Marxism have failed utterly and miserably wherever they have been tried. Yet, the entire world has now chosen to give up their freedom for Big Government in some form. There isn’t a square inch of freedom on this planet now. This is End Times; don’t kid yourself. For the first time in the history of this planet there is no freedom anywhere! One big Prison Planet.


Did you know the Health Care Act was over 2,000 pages and not ONE single senator or representative read the bill?  Nancy Pelosi said, “We have to pass it to find out what’s in it”.

Can you believe that? Not one congressman read the Patriot Act either. They don’t bother to even read the bills now. They won’t read Cap and Trade before that is passed. Every one of these people was freely elected by the brain dead American voters.


Michele Obama has TWENTY staffers for her personal care, including a full time hair dresser
(to straighten her naturally curly hair and make her look white, and to straighten the naturally curly hair of her two daughters to make them look white, too) and makeup artist. Your tax money pays them over six million dollars a year to cater to her narcissism. All the other First

Ladies had no staffers, or only one staffer. That includes Nancy Reagan, Hillary Clinton, and Laura Bush. The Obamas preach one thing and do another. One rule for you and one for them.



This picture speaks for itself.


Higher taxes are coming for EVERYBODY! You’ll see new taxes, increased taxes, and taxes on top of taxes. Huge tax increases are coming for the poor and rich alike.  Socialism and Marxism can only exist with extreme taxation on everyone



Residential and commercial real estate will keep falling for at least three more years.
The average American home will eventually sell for about $120,000. Hyperinflation may falsely raise those prices but it will be $120,000 in 2010 dollar valuation. The banks will soon be forced to turn into rental agents. There are countless millions of empty houses, and they could be rented out instead of allowed to sit empty as targets for vandals. Insurance companies refuse to insure empty homes for good reason. A July Rasmussen poll showed that HALF of American mortgage holders either had no equity in their homes, or were simply under water and should walk away. Most of the other half have very little equity in their homes. As home prices keep dropping they will have no equity or go under water, and the home will be worth less than the mortgage. It’s hopeless and getting worse by the day. Trying to sell your house at any price is almost impossible now. Yet a half million new homes are being built every year. This just makes the situation worse than ever.

"The government cannot give anything to anyone that they have not first taken away from someone else."
You cannot legislate the poor into prosperity by legislating the wealthy out of prosperity.   What one person receives without working for, another person must work for without receiving.


The government cannot give to anybody anything that the government does not first take from somebody else.  When half of the people get the idea that they do not have to work because the other half is going to take care of them, and when the other half gets the idea that it does no good to work because somebody else is going to get what they work for, that my dear friend, is the beginning of the end of any nation.

You cannot multiply wealth by dividing it. 


The coming attack on Iran comes closer every day. There is so much going on and the news-media won’t tell you anything.  We have massive military buildup surrounding Iran ready to attack on command. The Tea Party is now a joke; the new Tea Party Caucus just endorsed the right of Israel to attack Iran. The U.S. will come to a standstill. There will be no gasoline, fuel oil, or diesel. America moves by truck, and the trucks won’t move. That means the stores will be empty, especially the grocery stores. Is all the media tells you every day is that Iran is the biggest threat on earth to us, hate Iran, attack Iran, Iran is evil. etc. etc. etc. They are preparing the sheeple for this. Expect another fake 9/11 inside job to be blamed on Iran. You know, that 9/11 was blamed on Iraq. Another phony 9/11 hoax is long overdue, and will be much worse this time. If you still don’t understand that 9/11 was an inside job, and was not done by Arabs, please Google”9/11 hoax” or 9/11 fraud” and you’ll get endless FACTS that will prove what a farce it was. Martial law will be declared, and you aren’t going to like that at all. There are so many executive orders now you can’t possibly count them. These orders include the right to attack other countries and declare martial law without the consent of Congress. These executive orders have destroyed the Constitution and B ill of Rights and taken away all your freedoms. Quantitative easing really means inflation. Quantitative easing means printing Monopoly money. Quantitative easing means stealing your life savings, everything you’ve ever worked for. It means debasing the currency and massive price increases on everything you need. Ben Shalom Bernanke promised to drop money from helicopters to solve the economic mess. He really believes you can inflate your way out of a crisis. Since the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves) was formed in 1913 the dollar has lost 95% of its value and is now worth a nickel. This is the greatest theft in the history of the world. Massive hyperinflation is coming and only silver and gold will save you. Go to www.inflation.us and sign up for their free newsletters and videos (but don’t listen to their stock recommendations). They are smart and honest people; they realize silver is the best investment in the world by far.



Look at this July photo of Hillary. About six months ago we told you Hillary is dying of cancer. No one else in the world told you that. How can we know this? She is only 62 and had a total face lift and facial reconstruction before the election.  The media refused to admit that. She has literally aged 10 years in only 2 years. She said she will not run for office when her term expires in two and a half years. She is the epitome of a self promoting, power hungry, psychopathic narcissist. She would never drop out of politics unless she was dying. She still wears pants suits because her legs for years have been so horribly disfigured. Look at this photo of her and see for yourself.  Oriental facial diagnosis tells you she is dying, and probably of a female cancer. She is dying folks, but it is much too late. Remember you heard it here first.


The comedians are all government approved liberals supporting the official party line or they wouldn’t be on TV. Leno. Letterman, Fallon, Kimmel, and O’Brien are all typical Hollywood super liberals. Yet they are making fun of Obama and Congress lately. Here are some examples:

The liberals are asking us to give Obama time. We agree . . . and think 25 to life would be appropriate.
--Jay Leno
America needs Obama-care like Nancy Pelosi needs a Halloween mask.
--Jay Leno

 Q: Have you heard about McDonald's' new Obama Value Meal?
A: Order anything you like and the guy behind you has to pay for it.
--Conan O'Brien
Q: What does Barack Obama call lunch with a convicted felon?
A: A fund raiser.
--Jay Leno
Q: What's the difference between Obama's cabinet and a penitentiary?
A: One is filled with tax evaders, blackmailers, and threats to society. The other is for housing prisoners.
--David Letterman
Q: What's the difference between Obama and his dog, Bo?
A: Bo has papers.
--Jimmy Kimmel
Q: What was the most positive result of the "Cash for Clunkers" program?
A: It took 95% of the Obama bumper stickers off the road.
--David Letterman

Q: If Nancy Pelosi and Obama were on a boat in the middle of the ocean and it started to sink, who would be saved?
A:    America !
--Jimmy Fallon


The HUI (basket of unhedged gold stocks) is only 430 on July 28. If it falls below 420 just sell all your silver stocks and put the money in to bullion. If the general stock market crashes the silver and gold stocks may well crash with them. Jason Hommel says only about 600 million ounces of silver are mined each year. Only about 100 million ounces are purchased by investors; the other 500 million ounces are used up commercially. You MUST have silver, and you cannot replace it (except with gold, platinum, etc.) You just can’t go out and mine more silver. There are only about 50 silver mines in the world. Most all silver comes from base metal (copper, lead, etc.) byproduct mining. The entire world is suffering from economic problems, so base metal mining has fallen badly. This means there are only 100 million ounces of silver available every year for 6 billion people. That gives each person a tiny little half gram (half of a small paperclip) of silver. Just stop and think about that. The world population can only buy a tiny little itty bitty half gram of silver every year. The price of silver is going parabolic. When the HUI to silver ratio improves from the current 25 to 1 to about 30 to 1 we are going to sell all our silver stocks and go 100% silver bullion held personally. We are going to sell the stocks for two reasons: 1) The best are in Mexico and this has fallen into anarchy to the drug cartels. 2) In Obama’s Workers Paradise investors will be punished and penalized.



The above is a gold chart, but the very same applies to silver. Only gold and silver are real money as defined by the Constitution. Never forget that. They have held their value for 2,000 years now. All paper money has soon failed. You can’t even use U.S. dollars that were printed over 10 years ago!!!! If you bought gold or silver 10 years ago you would have quadrupled your money instead of going broke with Monopoly money. A gold to Dow or silver to Dow chart would look almost identical. Ft. Knox is empty. If you don’t believe that just Google “ Ft. Knox is empty” and see the endless facts you get. The Dollar has fallen to 82 cents and will keep falling to 50 cents or lower. Your poor old author is massive short dollar futures and has been. The U.S. dollar is being dropped as the world reserve currency. All currencies are toilet paper and that includes the Swiss franc.  You must have real silver in your own possession. No paper silver like SLV and no storing your silver with someone else. Silver is four times better than gold and will return to the traditional 15 to 1 ratio. That could actually give us $6,000 gold and $400 silver.



Here is Obama with one of his handlers. There is no reason on earth for a gentile to wear a yarmulke except to show his subservience. His cabinet appointments are overwhelmingly Zionists. Rahm Emmanuel, for example, is an Israeli citizen whose only dedication is to his home country. It is Israel that decides U.S. policy. Israel doesn’t have the courage to attack Iran by itself, so it’s using America to help them. This could well result in the very destruction of Israel. It is only a matter of WHEN we make the worst mistake in the history of America by attacking Iran. Right now attacking Iraq (and Pakistan and Afghanistan) is the worst mistake we have ever made. The House of Representatives is going to pass Resolution1553, which allows us to attack Iran because Israel wants us to and doesn’t have the courage to do it alone. Make no mistake about this- this coming war is due solely to Israeli influence. Iran poses no threat to American whatsoever, and has no nuclear capability at all, or in the foreseeable future. Iran is a member of the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty and gets regular inspections. Israel is not a member and has never had an inspection. Israel has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons by far in the Mideast, and your tax money paid for them They get far more foreign aid that any other country. Why do they need our tax money? Can’t they stand on their own feet? America has been bankrupt for decades. We should end every penny of foreign aid to every single country without exception. Spend all our money on Americans.


Obama and his friends have issued 1,130,818 green cards to foreign nationals in the last year so they can take away what few jobs there are. The main recipients were Mexico, China, Philippines, and India. The real unemployment rate is over 20% and going to 30% or even worse. There are 5.5 Americans looking for every available job. Again, the liberals are doing every-thing they can to destroy our country in the name of “fairness” and “equality”.


How Many Ounces of Gold Does It Take to Buy a House?



The above chart is from Casey Research and cannot be repaired. It applies equally to silver.  Actually, silver will be much more dramatic than this. It spans the time from 1930 to a projected 2020. You can see in 1930 and 1990 the average American house sold for only 100 ounces of gold.  In 2000 the average house sold for an insane 800 ounces of gold. In 1955 my   parents paid ONE THOUSAND times the price of gold for their modest three bedroom brick home ($35,000 vs. $35).  Believe it or not, the average home will sell for a mere twenty ounces of gold in the next 10 years or less. Probably within 5 years. We’ve been telling you the average home will sell for a mere 600 ounces of silver (which is now worth less than $12,000). Twenty ounces of gold today is worth less than $24,000, and within ten years you will be able to buy the average home. The home price will drop from $180,000 to about $120,000, and gold will go to at least $6,000. When the traditional historical 15 to 1 gold to silver ratio returns that will put silver at $400. Then you can buy the average home for only 300 ounces of silver. Yes, this may sound impossible, but it is coming closer every day. Just look how things have changed since the housing peak in 2005 when all the sheeple thought their homes were really ATM machines they would withdraw money from.


Oliver Stone is an extremely far-left Hollywood Jewish movie producer well known for his propaganda films. You would expect him to be an Israel-firster and staunch defender of all things Jewish. Here is what he said (England’s Sunday Times) when asked why so many Holocaust films were made: “The Jewish domination of the media. There’s a major lobby in the United States. They are hard workers. They stay on top of every comment, the most powerful lobby in Washington. Israel has f****d up United States foreign policy for years.” He said the AIPAC Israel lobby is the largest and most powerful in America, and has “f****d up our foreign policy for years. This is really strange coming from one of the most far left people in Hollywood. Ben Stein is a staunch Israel-firster and said, “Sure the Jews run Hollywood, so what?” So, please send all those “anti-semite” letters to Oliver and Ben. AIPAC is the most powerful lobby in America and controls all the Congressmen. This is why we are in Iraq, Pakistan and Afghanistan and will soon attack Iran. None of these countries poses any threat to us and we should not have one soldier outside of the U.S., much less in the Mideast. We should close every single military base not on U.S. soil. We should bring home every single solider outside of the U.S. This country was founded on the basis of, “friendships with all, alliances with none.” America has now replaced Russia as the World Bully and we are hated around the world for these senseless, immoral wars of aggression.


Below you will see an actual 1961certified copy of Barack Obama’s Kenyan birth certificate complete with his footprint and signature of John Odongo at the Coast Province General Hospital. It is well known he is not a citizen. The constitution was trashed a long time ago. If you can’t see this is End Times then you just aren’t paying attention. We have a radical Marxist foreign national as our president. Every nation on earth is now communist, socialist, or Marxist. One big Prison Planet. Over six billion people have voluntarily chosen slavery and poverty over freedom and affluence. 99% of the American voters chose either Marxism or Neoconism.  They are just two different kinds of slavery. We were the last bastion of any kind of freedom in the world. If you are thinking of running off to some third world cesspool like Costa Rica, Panama, Argentina, Uruguay, etc. please buy a ticket and go there for a week and see for yourself what it is really like. Australia and New Zealand were Socialist Workers Paradises decades ago. That’s why they’re fifty years behind the times. Its End Times folks, and nuclear war is down the road. Iran is going to be the next big issue. The Mideast is the tinderbox and Israel is the spark. Expect another 9/11 hoax anytime so martial law can be declared. What few rights you have will be taken away.


We promised you a long rant this month with lots of charts, graphs, photos and cartoons.




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