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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late August Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Want proof the U.S. is the leading police state in the world far more citizens incarcerated than Cuba, Russia, Red China, and other communist police states? Here it is.....


We lock up an amazing 686 people per 100,000. China has less than ONE FIFTH the prison population per capita than we do. Cuba has less than half our rate. We're constantly told, for example, how evil and despicable Iran is. Their incarceration rate is a fraction of what ours is. Iran only has TWO FIFTHS the incarceration rate. You actually have to commit a crime in Iran to go to jail. Iraq has less than ONE TENTH yet we destroyed their nation to make them "free"??? Canada only has 116, Denmark 63, Finland 64, Iceland 44, Norway 67, Sweden 74, Switzerland 76, and Japan 62. The phony "War on Drugs" alone keeps about a third of our prisons full. If we are the freest country in the world why do we have more people locked up per capita than the worst of the repressive communist regimes? It's a disgrace how out of control our prison population is, and we keep building more and more prisons. The first step would be to legalize all drugs for all adults like it was in 1912 in America. That does not mean you approve of such drugs at all, but admit it is not a criminal matter. All drug dealers would be out of business overnight. That's a fact, they would all be out of business permanently.

Here is the smoking gun folks, This is the actual certificate proving Obama was born at Coast General Hospital in Mombassa, Kenya in 1961. His father was a Kenyan citizen, so he could never be a naturalized American. There is lots of proof he can't cover up that he is NOT an American citizen and cannot legally be president.

He has spent millions of dollars to cover up and hide his past. You can't find out anything about his past- it's all covered up. Not even his college records.  The much touted short form Hawaiian certificate is NOT an actual birth certificate at all. He has absolutely refused to provide a birth certificate. Nothing is going to be done about this. Don't bother to write your senator or congressman. All this was well known when the Powers That Be decided he would be the president. The media was told to make this unknown, inexperienced, NON-citizen the president and they obediently did so. The made him into Saint Obama who would save the country with Marxism and Big Government.
Summers and Geithner let the cat out of the bag, and admitted Obama is going to raise  taxes on everyone but the poor. Someone asked Saint Obama how he was going to pay for nationalized health care, and include almost 50 million more people. He admitted it can only be done by raising taxes. You can take every penny from the top 1% (who already pay most of the total taxes), but 1) it won't accomplish anything, and 2) you kill the golden geese who pay all the taxes. All his campaign promises were lies. The war in Iraq is as bad as ever, and now we're in Afghanistan and going after Pakistan (why Pakistan?),  Iran, and Syria. We're scared to death of a dwarf in North Korea with real nuclear missals for some reason.

Reuters just reported that HALF OF ALL U.S. MORTGAGES WILL BE UNDER- WATER BY 2011. Let that sink in for a minute. Half of all American home owners will walk away from their homes and give the keys to the banks if they have any sense at all. Their house will be worse far less than what they owe on it, and there will be very little equity in it. My god! It gets worse- 89% of adjustable rate mortgages will be underwater by 2011. That's nine out of ten adjustable rate homeowners who should just walk away and go rent an apartment. You know, like they should have in the first place since they can't afford to own a house.  There is no reason to even think about paying off a house  that is worth much less than you owe. That doesn't make any sense at all and is totally irrational. You just give the keys to the bank, walk away, and rent a small house or apart-ment. The banks already have a million unsold homes on the books, and another half million off the books, while the builders keep building. All this talk about home sales rising is LIES. Most all the sales are bank foreclosures at fire sale prices. The banks are hemorrhaging. Home foreclosures are at record highs. CNBC won't shut up about "bottoming housing prices." They won't bottom for two more years.House prices are collapsing, not "bottoming." You want a cheap house? Buy silver, and wait until 2011 when the median house price in this country is a mere $120,000, and silver is $200. In 2011 just 600 ounces of silver will buy the median U.S. home!!! Is that unreal?

We keep telling you the Federal Reserve isn't federal and has no reserves. It is a privately held bank and here are the owners...

Here Is A List Of The Criminal Banks Who Own The Federal Reserve:

-1- Rothschild Banks of London & Berlin -2- Warburg Banks of Hamburg & Amsterdam -3- Lazard Brothers of Paris -4- Israel Moses Seif Banks of Italy -5- Goldman, Sachs of NY -6- Lehman Brothers of NY -7- Kuhn Loeb Bank of NY (Now Shearson American Express) -8- Morgan Guaranty Trust of NY (Levi P Morton - J P Morgan Bank - Equitable Life - are principal shareholders) -9- Hanover Trust of NY (William and David Rockefeller of Chase National Bank NY are principal shareholders.)

Folks, right now the economy is not the Big Threat or even the coming war with Iran. The Swine Flu Hoax is the Big Threat. This virus is man-made, and consists of bird, pig and two human viruses. This was made by a pharmaceutical corporation or bio-warfare lab as there is no other answer. Do not get the vaccine. The vaccine is the danger, not the flu. It is all too obvious. In Greece Health Minister Dimitris Avramopoulos said after a ministerial meeting, "We decided that the entire population, all citizens and residents, without any exception, will be vaccinated against the flu." Who is he to tell everyone to get vaccinated, "or else"? The entire 12 million population of Greece will be vaccinated- or else! Are they going to be shot? Jailed? What? There is no swine flu problem in Greece, yet the government will force 12 million men, women, and children to get a dangerous, untested vaccine they don't need at all. Germany is going to inoculate literally every citizen. One quarter of them will race to line up next month. Let's come out and say it...this is about population control. There will be seven billion people on this earth next year and that is about six billion too many. This earth could be a paradise with only a billion people. The vaccine is meant to impair and kill you. The vaccine is not meant to prevent a pandemic but to create and spread a pandemic. The vaccine will infect you, not save you. Don't kid yourself. This is not about "public health" for God's sake! The government is NEVER there to help you, the government is never your friend, the government is never on your side. Do not get the vaccine, and do not let your family get the vaccine. 98% of the lemmings are going to fight for first place in line to get vaccinated. This is the good news. The 2% who don't want to be vaccinated may just be ignored. Most of them are armed. It would be a waste Of time, energy, and money to try to vaccinate the 2% who don't want it and will fight it.People over 60 will have low priority, while infants, children, and pregnant women will have the highest priority.The military will help administer the vaccine! Fox News reported this. Doctors, dentists, nurses, and pharmacists will all be deputized (given legal police enforcement powers) to help force you to take the vaccine. It will be a series of three injections. Do not get vaccinated for any reason. Nothing is even known about the effects of the new vaccine. It is completely untested. All previous government vaccination programs have ended in disaster but this one will be infinitely worse. These are facts. You need to read up on this, you need to educate yourself, you need to convince yourself you are not going to get this vaccine for any reason. There are countless websites devoted to this deadly hoax. Just Google "swine flu hoax" and you'll be overwhelmed. Infowars, Health Ranger, Dr. Mercola, Dr. Blaylock, prisonplanet, Patrick Jordan, Wayne Madsen, abovetopsecret, rense, dailymotion, nowpublic, and even Kevin Trudeau are all warning about this. Just go to any of these websites to see the facts. Just google "swine flu hoax" and you'll be overwhelmed with facts. Not conspiracy theories, but medical facts. This is about furthering the One World Order through the United Nations, the World Health Organization, the Council on Foreign Relations, the Trilateral Commission, the World Trade Organization, the World Bank and other organizations.                                                   

Beware of people who talk about the dangers of adjuvants. This is pure stupidity. The vaccine is the danger, not minuscule additives. Thimersol (mercury) is no longer used in vaccines, and a mere 25 micrograms was in the vaccine. Squalene is in your body and in your food, and sold in capsules as a health supplement. Anyone who warns about the dangers of squalene is brain damaged. The vaccine is the problem, so don't get sidetracked by this kind of misinformation.

The FDIC (Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation) is broke, bankrupt, out of money. Your bank deposit is not insured. Soon a total of 500 U.S. banks will go under, and almost 100 have already gone under. There will be a "bank holiday" possibly this Fall. Put food, money, water, gasoline, and all necessities aside for at least 30 days. You must have enough Monopoly money to get by for a month. If you live in an apartment you'll be helpless. Do your best to move out of the city into a small house. Iceland just had a bank holiday. We had a bank holiday 80 years ago. You will not be able to get money, cash a check, use your credit or debit cards, or use the ATM. Your bank may go under and you'll lose your entire savings and checking accounts. Remember your accounts are NOT insured and you will never get your money back. Be prepared for this. It could actually happen in September. No one knows until it happens so be ready.

Nationalized health care by itself will destroy this country. Add the Patriot Act, the Bail Out Stimulus Programs, the housing crash, the commercial real estate crash, the trade deficit, the unintelligible national debt, the soon-to-collapse stock market and falling dollar. Hopeless.

Nationalized health care has failed miserably in every country it has been tried in. Always remember the government takes a dollar in taxes and gives you back 10 cents worth of services. McDonald's gives you back 98 cents worth of food and services for every dollar. No one has even read the 1,200 page bill. Your senator and representative are going to approve a bill they haven't even read, and their aides haven't even read. This alone will destroy the country. The majority of Americans are very much against this, but it will pass anyway- after being watered down a little. The majority now longer rules this country and proves we're finished after 232 years. It's over folks. Don't kid yourself.

Prepare for a bank holiday. Don't get the swine flu vaccine. Buy all the silver you can. Sell your IRA or 401k, get out of all conventional investments, and invest in silver bullion and silver stocks. Bullion is best. Buy 1,000 oz bars, 100 oz bars, or just 1 oz rounds if that is all you can afford. Silver is much, much better than gold, and will far, far outperform gold. Look for the current 70 to 1 gold to silver ratio to return to the historical, traditional 16 to 1 with, say a $400 silver price and $6,000 gold price. Silver at $14 is the biggest bargain on the planet, as are the silver stocks ECU, Endeavor, Impact, Great Panther, U.S. Silver, and First Majestic.

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