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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


Late August Economic Rant - Roger Mason

If you still think we have a two party system in this country please look at the above chart.

Carter (not on chart) far outspent all previous presidents and put us into hyperinflation. Pseudoconservative Reagan outspent all previous presidents. Bush Sr. outspent him. Clinton went nuts. Bush Jr. continued the insanity. Obama is now King of the Spenders. The National Debt will be paid in the form of the Much Greater Depression. Each man, woman and child in America owes $200,000. Every family of four (including infants) owes $800,000. It’s hopeless folks. All debts get paid in the end, either by the buyer or the seller. Always.


TriOptima just reported there are $450 trillion in derivatives worldwide.  Derivatives are basically a complex scam based on smoke and mirrors. The whole $450 trillion dollar house of cards is falling apart as you read this. The entire GNP of the U.S. is a mere $12 trillion and is the largest in the world. We can’t even define what a “derivative” is and they have never existed before on the face of the earth. They are all coming unwound as you read this. The entire world economy is collapsing.  There are far more derivatives than the entire yearly worldwide GNP. This is completely and totally insane of course. If you think this isn’t End Times please think again. Just open your eyes and you’ll see the hopelessness of it all.


Look at the chart below. Gold and silver skyrocket while real estate and the stock markets go completely to hell. Only gold and silver will save you and silver is four times better.



Look at the CPI in the last 40 years. Inflation has robbed you of your savings. It will just get worse from here. The second round of “quantitative easing” (QE2) is coming and more Monopoly money will be printed. HYPERINFLATION IS YOUR FUTURE. Food prices will go from 10% of your salary to at least 30%.  Prices on everything (except real estate and stocks) will go to the moon as the dollar continues to collapse. Your author is still massively short the U.S. dollar. The dollar is worthless. “Debt monetization” is another fraud where the government buys and sells to itself. The idea of a “jobless recovery” is too stupid to discuss, but the sheeple continue to lap it up.




Stupid, brain dead Americans wanted ‘free” health care and this is the nightmare they’ll get.

Nothing is free in this world folks but air and sunshine- and the air is polluted. This bureaucratic mess ALONE will bankrupt America. The result will be totally unaffordable health care costs, and almost no health care for anyone. Kind of like Cuba you know. Health care is “free” in Cuba, but there are no doctors, hospitals, drugs, diagnostic equipment, or anything else. But it’s free!



Go to the above youtube.com link and see Obama openly confessing he is not an American and was born in Kenya, and cannot legally be the president of the U.S according the Constitution. It’s no secret. Everyone with a brain knows he was born in Kenya. The entire Hawaii scam is transparent. The One Worlders succeeded in getting a foreign born hard core radical Marxist as president. Now America is collapsing and we will soon have a One World Government. We now live on one big Prison Planet, and there is no freedom anywhere on this earth.



As goes Wal-Mart, so goes the nation. Look at this three year Wal-Mart chart. Now add 10% annual inflation for the last three years. When times are bad people run to Wal-Mart for lower prices. Things aren’t going so well for the Big Box Store are they? Two years ago it was $60.

Adjusted for inflation that would put it over $70 today. Instead, it is barely holding $50 and the future is dismal. If people can’t afford to shop at Wal-Mart, where are they going to shop? THEY AREN’T. They aren’t going to shop- they’re out of money! Have you noticed every week another business in your town closes leaving an empty storefront? Have you noticed your local shopping mall is now filled with empty store fronts and pseudo-businesses, and anything to fill- or pretend- to fill an empty store? The malls will just close along with countless strip malls. Every week it will just get worse and worse. Any talk of a “bottom” or “recovery” is delusional.


The liberals and the media are pushing for electric cars, especially the Chevy volt. Where do you charge these? Half of our electricity comes from coal fired plants, and Obama and the gang hate coal. They want to ban coal in favor of solar, ethanol, and windmills.  The Volt costs over $40,000. The batteries last only five years, cost about $5,000 to replace, and are an ecological nightmare. If just 10% of American families bought an electric car our electrical supply would be completely overloaded overnight and shut down. This is insanity. Half of all the electric car energy would come from coal. The batteries would be a nightmare. Who can afford a little shi**y $40,000 glorified golf cart, when you can get a luxury car like a Lincoln for that price? Liberalism is a mental disease folks. Obama personally touted it as, “the car of the future”. In 2009 his own task force admitted the electric car was not in any way practical or realizable. Actually it costs much more than $40,000 as GM has been heavily subsidized with YOUR tax dollar to produce these abominations. We have 100 years of known oil in Alaska and the Bakken Fields alone. We have 100 years of natural gas. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves. Gasoline can be made from coal for $2 a gallon with the SASOL process. The Germans invented this during WWII, South Africa uses it, and it has been improved immensely in 70 years. “Your” government won’t allow one SASOL plant to be built. The entire “energy crisis” is a scam. “Peak oil” is another scam. It’s all a scam, and the purpose is to control and impoverish you and make you a government drone dependent on Big Government for your very toilet paper.



America has 5% of the world population, but almost half of the world debt. That’s insane of course. The national debt is “only” about 13 trillion dollars officially. What does that mean? It means this equals the entire GNP (gross national product) or entire output of all Americans each year. The bigger issue is that we have over $50 trillion in unfunded liabilities such as Social Insecurity, Medicaid, Medicare, etc. What does that mean? Again, it means every man, woman, child, and infant in America owes $200,000 in debt. A family of four owes $800,000 in debt. All debts get paid either by the debtor or debtee. There is no such thing as an “unpaid debt”. YOU WILL PAY THIS $63 TRILLION DOLLAR DEBT. No, the government isn’t going to pay anything. They don’t produce anything, they just steal from taxpayers. Now tell yourself the Much Greater Depression didn’t start decades ago. The chickens are finally coming home to roost. Reality is finally taking over as it always does.


Quantitative easing means printing worthless Monopoly money. Anyone who talks about deflation is brain dead. HYPERINFLATION IS YOUR FUTURE.  Look at the M2 money stock chart below for the last 30 years. You can see INFLATION is what is happening. You are going to see Weimar-style and Zimbabwe-style hyperinflation that will scare you to death. Only silver and gold will protect you. Silver is four times better than gold. Look for, say, $6,000 gold and $400 silver when the traditional, historical 15 to 1 gold to silver ratio returns as it always does. The government is already cheating everyone on Social Insecurity, Medicare, Medicaid, Food Stamps and the other socialist welfare programs. Inflation raises prices on everything (but real estate and the stock markets!)  but there is no cost of living allowance (COLA) on all the welfare benefits. This means you can only buy, say, 90 hamburgers at Hardees this year instead of 100 like you did last year. Next year you can only buy maybe 80 hamburgers with the same unadjusted welfare check. This is how the government will make YOU pay off the $63 trillion debt- inflate it away. You will pay the bill.


The U.S. has one twentieth of the world population but almost half of the word military bill.

Why? Because now we’ve replaced Russia as the World Bully. We have immoral, evil, wars of aggression against Iraq, Pakistan, and Afghanistan. We’re looking to attack Iran and Syria and God-only-knows what other countries.



You are going to see new taxes, taxes on top of taxes, increased taxes, and you’ll simply be taxed to death. Obama’s promise not to raise taxes except on the very rich was just another one of his countless lies. Socialism and Marxism can only survive by endless taxation. The American standard of living was the highest in the world. It has been falling badly and will continue to fall. Soon we’ll be a third world banana republic without the bananas. You will see the world famous American standard of living decline by at least one third and maybe half.

All democratic countries self destruct after about 200 years. America is 234 years old and is finished, done, through, over. American voters freely and voluntarily chose slavery and poverty via Marxism, when they could have chosen freedom and prosperity.




This is what Paul Craig Roberts has to say: “The answer is that the Israel Lobby, the US military-security complex, and the “Christian” Zionists have succeeded in demonizing Iran. Every real expert knows that an Iranian nuclear weapon would have no function other than deterring an attack on Iran. Ever since the US lost its monopoly on nuclear weapons, after using them offensively and pointlessly against a defeated Japan, nuclear weapons have served no purpose other than deterrence.

The US has no conflicting economic interests with Iran. Iran is simply a supplier of oil, an important one. A US attack on Iran, such as the one advocated by Kuperman, would most likely shut down oil flows to the West through the Strait of Hormuz. This might benefit refiners, who sell gasoline to the West and could charge enormous prices, but no one else would benefit.

Adding to the war cry are congregations of fake Christians. A great number of them, organized by someone’s money under the banner, “Christian Leaders for a Nuclear-free Iran,” has written to Congress demanding sanctions against Iran that amount to an act of war.”

This mad American foreign policy, dominated by dual loyalties, is a destructive force bent on an imperial and perverse allegiance under the Star of David. BATR resident Iranian expert Rev. Mark Dankof demonstrates a rational and balanced perspective. Written during the first Bush administration, Mr. Dankof’s words ring just as true, today.

“The United States cannot reasonably insist upon Iranian submission to IAEA inspection and potential dismantlement of militarily-related nuclear programs without insisting upon the application of the same standard to the government of Israel, its Dimona nuclear-weapons production plant, and its Institute of Biological Sciences and Research in Tel Aviv, among other operations and sites in that country that meet neither IAEA standards nor those of the Non-Proliferation Treaty (NPF). The notion that Tehran has no right or legitimate claim to Weapons of Mass Destruction while the regime of international war criminal Ariel Sharon does, is morally and politically unsustainable.”

War with Iran is just a matter of time. The Mideast is the tinder box and Israel is the spark.

This will be the worse mistake we have ever made and could well start World War III.

Be prepared for any kind of emergency. Store as much gasoline as you can. Store whole grains and beans. Go thru your house and see you have a six month supply of every single thing you use from soap to toilet paper to liquor to whatever else you need.


Buy silver bullion. Do not buy any more silver stocks. Put all your money into actual physical silver and hold it yourself. Do not have anyone store it for you. Do not buy paper silver frauds such as SLV. Buy physical silver and creatively store it yourself. When the HUI to silver ratio improves from about 25 to 1 to about 30 to 1 we are going to sell all our silver stocks and put the money into physical silver bullion. The best silver stocks are in Mexico, but now Mexico has been taken over by the drug cartels and is out of control. Do not buy any silver stocks in Central or South America. Also, under our new Marxist government stock holders will be penalized with high taxes. Marxists steal from the productive to give to the unproductive. Silver is the best investment in the world and has been for a decade now. Silver is four times better than gold and will return to the traditional, historical 15 to 1 ration like it did in 1980 (actually 17 to 1 then).


Electing Republicans this Fall will just continue the disaster. Remember we have a one party Republicrat system in the U.S. Republicans are responsible for half the damage to this country.

Electing Republicans this Fall will just rearrange the deck chairs on the Titanic as it goes down.

By the way, the Islamic mosque at 9/11 is just a scam to divert your attention from the real issues. Glenn Beck, Neal Boortz, Michael Savage, Sean Hannity, Rush Limbaugh and the rest of the disinformation agents have been harping on this for months now. There never was a plan to build at mosque at 9/11. It’s just a diversion to keep your attention off the failing economy, rising unemployment, rampant inflation, falling stock market, worthless dollar, falling home prices, and the insane wars of aggression we keep waging. Vote Libertarian when you can.

Don’t vote for the Lesser of Two Evils. Voting for evil perpetuates evil.


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