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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


September Economic Rant - Roger Mason

"Let it not be said that we did nothing." -Ron Paul

The media will completely ignore Ron Paul as much as possible. He will only get 2% of the vote on a good day. Do everything you can to support him. Do the right thing! Always do the right thing. Support Ron Paul for president. Support the Libertarian Party and all Libertarian candidates. Support freedom. What is coming will not be our fault.


SELL SABINA SILVER (SBB:CA). You should have sold Great Panther (GPR:CA). If you own Great Panther Silver (GPR:CA) silver stock, then sell it. We said that in the last rant. We are selling Sabina Silver (SBB:CA) as well. Sabina has fallen from $8 to $4 in the last three years, while silver has more than doubled. More and more we are moving out of silver stocks into silver bullion you hold in your own hands. The only silver stocks we have left are First Majestic, Impact, and Endeavor. You can sell all your silver stocks now and buy bullion if you want. The silver stocks have performed miserably for over 10 years now. No storage programs, no paper silver, no SLV, no unsafe deposit boxes. You hold your own silver


If we would just require that only tax payers can vote, that would change everything. Imagine if that 50% of Americans who pay no taxes couldn't vote anymore. People who don't pay taxes have no right to vote. 50% of the people in this country pay no income tax. They just sponge off everyone else. The top 1% pays 40% of all taxes. But the liberals say the rich aren't paying enough!!! When this country was formed only white male land owners could vote. Liberals didn't have a chance back then.



Look at this 10 year chart for General Electric. Hopeless, absolutely hopeless. $35 to $15 in ten years. Adjusted for an average 10% inflation this would be an even worse disaster. The financial "experts" like newspaper columnist Malcolm Berko are telling you to buy GE for your retirement. Hell isn't hot enough for bastards like him. General Electric is one of the largest, oldest, and most established corporations in the world. When GE fails, you know the entire country is falling apart at the seams. GE has been a bedrock of America. This is real world proof everything is going totally to hell.


The 17 seals in the helicopter were killed by our own people to shut them up. They were assassinated. Everyone with a brain knows Osama bin Laden died in Tora Bora 10 years ago. The seals would end up talking. If your want proof of this just Google "17 seals hoax". Go to www.prisonplanet.com and read the evidence for yourself. We're talking real facts, and not conspiracy theories. Alex Jones admits they were murdered by our own people to shut them up. Want more proof? Please take the time to hear what Jones says. There is now a House Bill (HR2819) that would imprison any government employee who talks about the bin Laden hoax. We need a bill to shut people up? To stop them from telling the truth? Folks, talk to any Navy seal, and they will tell you no more than six seals are ever allowed to travel together, or even be together for safety reasons. To put 17 of them on a vulnerable helicopter is just too transparent. The whole bin Laden capture was a hoax. Google "bin Laden hoax" and see the facts for yourself. He died 10 years ago at Tora Bora of terminal kidney disease.  That's a known fact.



This is an M2 Money Supply chart showing the explosion of money printed in the last year. Folks, this is explosive. Massive hyperinflation is coming to you! They don't even publish M3 anymore so they can hide what they're doing. M3 is a better indicator, but M2 tells you all you need to know. August 15 is the 40th anniversary of when Nixon made our money worthless. Yes, we had real money 40 years ago. You could turn your paper in for metals. The coins were made of real silver. Today two pre-1965 dimes will buy you a gallon of gas with change! 20 cents for a gallon of gas and you get change when you use real money.


Want to hear the very definition of stupidity. Warren Buffoon, Senile in Omaha, is investing $5 billion dollars in loser Bank of America (BOA). Remember this drooling senile old fool has only made a mere 4% annually with Berkshire Hathaway (BRKA) over the last decade. When you adjust that for inflation Buffoon has actually LOST money. Meanwhile, silver has gone up 80% annually for the last decade. BRKA has gone up about 40% in the last 10 years, but silver has gone up 800% in the last 10 years. Silver has outperformed Warren Buffoon by TWENTY TIMES, or 2,000%! The old fart also bought losers General Electric and Goldman Sachs in 2008. After he invested billions of dollars into these hopeless losers three years ago, they both fell further! They actually collapsed more after his massive support. Buffoon is just a government shill who whores for the big banks. "Don't bet against America" my rear end!



The CDC has reported that almost half the teenage girls in America have already gotten the Gardisil vaccination to "protect them against HPV". This is inconceivable! This is shocking! How can this happen? Any parent who gives their child any vacation should be put in prison, and their children taken away from them. The same goes for any parent who drags their innocent child thru the airport x-ray machines. Folks, the entire vaccination scam is not merely about money. That is incidental. The "powers that be" want all the sheeple to get every vaccination possible to lower the world population from almost 7 billion down to a half billion. Notice all the media advice to get endless vaccinations? Don't do it; don't get any vaccination.



This chart shows the ratio of the HUI gold and silver mining index to the price of gold. For silver it is even worse. The HUI is now about 600 or 1 to 3 against gold at $1,800. The HUI should be at least 1,800 or 1 to 1 against gold. Traditionally silver and gold stock far outperform the metals due to leverage. If a mine can produce silver at, say, $12 and sell it for $24, then they can do much better when they can sell it for $36 and still pay $12 in mining costs. This traditional leverage has not been working for over 10 years now. Just dump your silver stocks and buy bullion if you want to be safe. The best silver mines are in Mexico, but this country is now in anarchy due to the drug cartels. The cartels would all disappear tomorrow if all drugs were legalized for all adults. Remember that all drugs were legal in American (including heroin) prior to 1913, and drug dependence was minimal.


Gold has gone parabolic as of August 19 and will correct. Expect gold to fall from $1,900+ down to under 1,800. Silver has NOT gone parabolic at all, and will keep going to the $50 level. There will be resistance at $50, but once this is broken it is off to Mars to refuel for the trip to Pluto. The Big Bank manipulation of silver on the COMEX is over after more than a decade. You'll see a J.P. Morgan chart further down to demonstrate this. The best time to buy silver is when you have money in your pocket. That really is simple isn't it? (August 31, gold did fall under $1,800 and is now on the way to $2,000. Silver hardly fell at all.)



One of the actual government 9/11 Commission members Tim Roemer admitted on CNN that a MISSILE hit the Pentagon. He didn't mean to admit it, but his mouth outran his brain for a few seconds.  There was no plane. Anyone with a brain knows there was no airplane wreckage or any evidence at all of a plane crash. THERE WAS NO WRECKAGE!  He admitted a MISSILE hit the Pentagon. 9/11 was an inside job by the CIA and Mossad so we would get the Patriot Act and a police state. Not one of the 535 Congressmen (or the President) read the Patriot act before overwhelmingly passing it. Then they renewed it when it expired.  Not one of them read the Health Care Act either before passing it. Both these bills are simply means to turn America into a Marxist welfare police state. 98 out of the 100 U.S. Senators voted for the Patriot Act. Landrieu (D-LA) did not vote. Only Feingold (D-WI) had the courage to vote against it. Feingold is a liberal Jewish Democrat, yet he was the only one to stand up and vote against this act. 98 out of 100 voted for a bill they never read, one refused to vote, and only one voted against it. The House did a little better with 66 voting against it (15%). 12 (3%) refused to vote. 357 (82%) voted for it.


The stock market has been totally falling apart as have the stock markets in nearly every major country of the world. We've seen some extreme downside action, but Jim Stack of InvesTech Research reports that on the August 8th panic the ratio of declining stocks to advancing stocks was 77 to 1, a ratio never seen before in the past 80 years.  The closest incidents were the May 1940 ratio when France fell to Germany; that ratio was 60 to 1.  The second incident was on Black Monday during October 1987 when the ratio was 49 to 1.  In both cases, those hugely high ratios marked a near-bottom, and within one month of those ratios the market was 10% higher." As of August 31 the stock market has recovered to 11,600. If you have an IRA or 401k you must sell it and buy silver bullion and hold it yourself. All paper investments are going totally to hell. The stock market is a delusion held up by media cheerleading and bubble gum.



Look at the fifty (that is a half century) year chart of household debt versus income. Debt is now five times (500%) of how much money people make!!! This is insanity. There is no solution here other than the worst depression this world has ever seen. Fifty years ago people were in debt basically only to pay the mortgage on their homes. That is legitimate and beneficial debt so you can retire with a roof over your head.  This chart alone is proof we are already in the early stages of the Much Greater Depression. There is no hope here whatsoever. All debts get paid every time either by the buyer or the seller. You, the taxpayer, are going to pay this debt. America will be a third world backwater like socialist Europe.





This is a common 1912 newspaper political cartoon. You sure don't see things like this in the mass media anymore. Only on the Internet. They have almost completed their work 100 years later. Zionists (remember Zionists can be Gentile or Jewish) own the Federal Reserve, the entire world media (including Fox News), and the U.S. Congress (except Ron Paul). Joe Biden Michelle Bachmann, John McCain, and Hillary Clinton are prime examples of Gentile Zionists.


Ten years ago (2001) it took 40 ounces of gold to buy the Dow. Now it only takes about 6 ounces. For silver it is even more dramatic, since silver has far outperformed gold in the last decade.  You can now buy the Dow with 280 ounces of silver.  In 2001 it took a whopping 2,200 ounces of silver to buy the Dow!!! Now can you see the power of silver and gold? Did anyone on CNBC tell you these facts? Did Jim "Moron" Cramer bother to tell you this? Did Boortz, Limbaugh, Hannity, Levin, Savage, Beck or any of the other phonies tell you?



Folks, last month we told you that 72 U.S. Congressmen  were in Israel on free vacations courtesy of AIPAC. Actually that is courtesy of your tax dollar. Well, the figure is up to 83 now. That is one seventh of all our Senators and Representatives living it up in Israel, swearing allegiance to Israel, and making Israel endless promises- like promising to attack Iran. There is a very good chance we are going to have another false "terrorist attack" to be blamed on Iran. This one is going to be nuclear folks. No more playing around. This false attack, again, will be done by the CIA and Mossad. How will we know if this is going to happen? Watch the media for heightened anti-Iran rhetoric. Watch the media for more "hate Iran" rhetoric. The truth is that Iran poses no threat to us whatsoever in any way shape or form.  This entire anti-Iran agenda is 100% due to Israel. They want us for fight their wars for them, as we are doing in Iraq, Pakistan, Afghanistan, Yemen,  Libya and soon we'll be killing innocent Syrians. Attacking Iran will be the worst mistake we have ever made. Iranians are ancient Persians and they will retaliate with suitcase nukes, smallpox plagues, or anything else they can do.





 Look at this 40 year chart of gold adjusted for inflation. Adjusted for real inflation the price of gold is only about $200. For silver this is even more extreme. Again, you can buy a gallon of gasoline for two pre-1965 silver dimes and get change!!! Silver and gold are cheap at $42 and $1,830 respectively. Silver is four times better than gold, and will go back to the historical ratio of 15 to 1. Silver will probably go back to the ancient 10 to 1 ratio. That would give us, for example, $6,000 gold and $600 silver. Buy silver bullion and hold it yourself.  Do not buy SLV, GLD, any kind of storage program, use an unsafe deposit box, or buy any other kind of paper silver. Buy bullion and hold it yourself. Sell your IRA or 401k and buy silver. All paper investments will be worthless as inflation destroys the value of the dollar.  Gold Bullion Investment is the latest bullsh*t pushed by CNBC so they can "store" your gold and silver for you. Do not buy paper silver.

J.P. Morgan (J.P. Morgue) is The Enemy. They are the ones who are holding most of the almost 50,000 net short COMEX contracts. Look how badly they have done in the last year. They have been losing billions of dollars for more than a decade by doing this. They lose a quarter billion dollars every time silver goes up a dollar. Every time silver goes up $10 they lost 2.5 billion dollars! No wonder their stock is failing. They have been doing this for over a decade since silver was $5. The question is why? I haven't heard a good answer to that one. Look at this one year chart. JPM has fallen from 48 to 34 and is still falling.


Look at this pitiful five year HUI (gold and silver stocks index) chart. From 300 to 600 in five years while gold and silver have skyrocketed. In the last five years silver has gone up 350% from $12 to about $42. In the last five years gold has gone up 300% from $600 to $1800. The HUI Index however has only doubled from 300 to 600.  The HUI should be at least 1,800, not merely 600. Silver and gold stocks have performed miserably for over a decade now. Obviously, the ONLY place you can get metals is from mines. This has never happened before in financial history.  You should only own IPT, EXK and FR. Feel free to sell all your silver stocks and buy bullion.


Silver dollars have almost disappeared and are commanding big premiums. Suprisingly, a bag of "junk" silver dollars has 750 ounces of silver, and not just 715 ounces as half dollars, quarters, and dimes do. If you want half bags ($16,500) or bags ($33,000) of silver dollars then email me by September 15 for a dealer who has them. This is based on $41 silver basically. Do NOT email me after that as they will be gone. You are paying $3 over spot, but silver dollars are almost gone. I bought a bag to give away as gifts. Buy regular junk bags for $30,000 if you want.


Hurricane Irene was a total media SCAM. Not one inch of U.S. soil was even touched by this. Moron Bloomberg closed down The City for the first time in history for no reason. Irene had degenerated into a mere storm by the time it got past Maryland. The media is still babbling about the "trail of death and destruction left by Hurricane Irene"! What a load of crap. Everyone who had a heart attack was called a hurricane death statistic. Folks, the media lies about the weather now constantly. Every year we hear this hurricane threat nonsense here in North Carolina. The reality is we have a hurricane only about once every decade or less. For almost two weeks now the media has talked about nothing but a non-existent hurricane. It was 200 miles from North Carolina, but the governor declared a state of emergency! It's not just the media and government that is totally nuts; the sheeple are all nuts. All the sheeple ran out and bought milk, bread, eggs (they must love French toast!) and generators. All the sheeple ran around like chickens with their heads cut off for nothing. We stayed on the beach at Oak Island, and had a wonderful and very dramatic weekend. A non-event, a complete non-event.





% Change















Crude Oil/bbl






CCI Commodity Index






Dow Jones Industrial Average*






Case-Shiller Real Estate Index






U.S. Dollar Index













Look at the above chart.  Silver has far outperformed everything for the last 11 years. Gold was second. The stock markets have lost badly when adjusted for inflation. The house prices are totally wrong. Housing is a disaster as is commercial real estate. Silver is the winner.


Patriotism is NOT loyalty to the government. Patriotism is loyalty to the Constitution and Bill of Rights. The sheeple think patriotism is loyalty to, and dependence on, the government. The government is never here to help you. The government is here to CONTROL you. Real patriotism is loyalty to freedom and independence.


Get ready for what is coming. Open your eyes and you can see it for yourself. Pay close attention and you can see tomorrow. Great events cast their shadows before them. Take a good look at what is happening and you can see what tomorrow will bring. Be prepared. Stock up on food, water, gasoline, guns, ammunition, and all possible everyday needs like toilet paper, soap, paper towels, and other such things. The American standard of living will be cut in half.






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