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EMERGENCY September Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Emergency Sept. 8 Rant -Roger Mason It is Tuesday, September 8, 2009. Silver and gold may have made short term tops at $16.80 and $1,008 respectively. They should correct dramatically and very temporarily. The commercials are massively short both silver and gold with 77,000 silver contracts alone. That is one third of a billion ounces! The commercials always win the in short term, and fail miserably in the long term. They will win this last battle, and then lose the war. The commercials have manipulated the price of precious metals for many years now with their massive short positions, and physical gold and silver sales. They have also used the phony ETF’s (paper silver). There is no real silver to back these electronic silver funds, and fools have been investing in them. If silver and gold collapse this week and next week, this is your last good buying opportunity to buy both silver bullion and silver stocks. The stocks should fall in concert with the metals. Again, the six we like best are ECU, Endeavor, Impact, Great Panther, First Majestic, and U.S. Silver. This is the last of the manipulation folks. Reality always wins in the end. Silver made a high today of $16.80 but closed at $16.44. Gold made a high today of $1.008, but closed at $997. This should be the start of the collapse. No one can predict the future. Picking tops or bottoms is a very dangerous game. Any-thing can and will happen with manipulated, volatile markets like this. One can only go on history and probability. There are no certainties here, other than the fact silver and gold are both going to the Moon an then far beyond. You are going to see $5,000 gold and probably $400 silver in the next few years. Silver and gold are the only real money and have been for 2,000 years now. There is no other investment in 2009 you can make other than silver and gold. The current gold to silver ratio is 64 to 1, and will return to the traditional 16 to 11 ratio as it always does. Silver has about five times the profit potential over gold. If silver and gold correct this week and next week, buy all you can even if you have to borrow the money. This will be your last chance. This will be the last of the manipulation and now precious metals will go to their real world prices. If you need to buy physical silver you can go to www.silverseek.com, which is Jason Hommel’s site. You can also use Apmex, or Gaithersburg Coin in Maryland.

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