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Late September 2012  Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

Well, the entire country was totally absorbed in "Hurricane" Issac. This was a mere tropical storm that was technically classified as a hurricane for less than 12 hours. Anything to keep your mind off the real issues folks. Make up fake crises to keep the sheeple from realizing the entire economy has fallen off a cliff. Every day you'll see more fake crises to keep your mind off the real issues.

CNBC is busy telling people to buy Facebook stock. What a joke! This farce has fallen 50% since it was put on the market. You sure won't hear CNBC, Fox or any other station telling you to buy silver, or even gold. Got to keep that house-of-cards stock market up. The stock market is held up by bubble gum, false hope, and plain damned stupidity. Anyone invested in the stock market will go broke, and deserves to go broke.

We should not have one soldier outside of America. We should not have on single military base on foreign soil. We have a multi-trillion dollar military budget which accounts for HALF of the entire world military spending. 1.6 million American troops are stationed at over 1,000 bases in 153 countries (including 80,000 in Europe, 36,000 in Japan, and 30,000 in Korea). This is total insanity of course. The Mideast is not our business. Our insane, evil wars of aggression will cause this country to collapse.

HOW TO YOU GET RICH? Very simple...

buy value and hold for the long term

buy and hold and add on dips

be right and sit tight

never trade, never trade, never trade

Buy silver bullion and hold for the long term. Add on dips. You are right, so sit tight.

Never even think of trading. When silver goes to $400, or better, you'll be laughing all the way to the bank. Meanwhile, your stupid sheeple "friends" will be starving in the streets wondering why the gummint isn't "helping them".

This is a six year food stamp chart. Look what has happened with food stamps after Obama took over in 2008. They have doubled. The parasites always destroy the host. There are so few employed, tax paying Americans now, we cannot possibly support the 50% scumbags who get a gummint check every month. That's right, half of Americans get some kind of gummint check monthly. ONE IN SIX AMERICANS GET FOOD STAMPS. And you think this isn't End Times? There should be zero food stamps. These never existed until 1965, and it was a tiny, miniscule program at the time. Like all gummint programs, it grew like cancer until now one in six Americans eat for free.

The government is bankrupt, and soon all these welfare programs will end. That is when you'll see the scumbags riot in the streets and burn everything down. That is when we'll have martial law and the FEMA camps will fill up. That is why Homeland Security bought 1.4 billion hollow point bullets to kill our own citizens. And 2,500 military grade domestic armored vehicles marked "police/rescue". That is 50 for each state.

Now look what happened to welfare recipients after Obama got in to office. Folks, the government is broke and can't keep up these endless welfare programs. Soon, these monthly checks will end, and the scumbags will riot in the streets. Look at this chart of Social Insecurity disability recipients. Again, Look what happened after Obama took office.

As goes California, so goes the nation. California leads the nation in restricting guns. They have the worst gun laws going. They ban certain guns, ban some types of ammunition, and even ban gun magazines!!! This will happen all over the country until the guns and the ammo are taken. You cannot have an effective police state until you take the guns away. We are the only civilized country in the world with any kind of gun freedom. Will Americans lie down and give up their guns like the wimpy Australians did? Of course they will! Just like they walk thru those x-ray machines at the airport. Why has Homeland Security purchased 1.4 BILLION hollow point bullets? This is enough to kill every American citizen- including babies- 4.6 times. The Obama administration is going to use the U.N. Arms Treaty to ban all guns in America.

The Russians have pulled out of Syria! This is as surprising as it is confusing. They have a port in Tartus, but have taken out their warships and soldiers. Are they just going to roll over and let the Americans destroy Syria? That's doubtful, but why did they pull out? This will just encourage the neocons to go after Iran. Both China and Russia have promised to defend Iran against U.S./Israeli agression. Romney has promised to make the American military the strongest in the world, so that no one will dare defy us! The communists have always accused America of "imperialism". Well, it wasn't true until recently when we have tried to destroy the entire Mideast for the Greater Good of Israel. The answer to all this lies in the formidably intimidating tactics of the pro-Israel lobby in Washington. Thomas Friedman, the New York Times columnist, spoke for a growing number of observers last year when he wrote that the US Congress was effectively “bought and paid for” by Israel’s lobbyists. This cannot be an "anti-Semitic" statement since the New York Times is totally Jewish owned (Sulzbergers) and Friedman is Jewish.

Putin is stockpiling gold and now has the fifth largest gold hoard in the world. China is stockpiling both silver and gold and freely selling it to citizens at cost. Iran is stockpiling gold. America has no gold. There is no gold in Fort Knox. There is no 8,000 tons. It was taken out decades ago. A total thorough audit is mandated by federal law, but none has been done in over fifty years now. If you don't believe this just Google, "Fort Knox is empty" and you'll see this is true. The U.S. dollar is green toilet paper and has no worth at all. Again, Fort Knox has not been audited in over 50 years because it is empty.

Do not see D'Souza's movie 2016. It is a total scam and whitewash. It is exactly the opposite of what is advertised on the "conservative" radio and TV shows. This is not only a waste of time, but total disinformation. D'Souza claims, for example, Obama was born in Hawaii and won't support Israel. Total disinformation folks. Avoid it!

Here is Laura Bush on the left and some dumpy homeless black woman on the right. Oh, wow, it's our First Lady Michele. She looks like a no-class welfare queen. Of course she has no class whatsoever. She just spends your money on luxury vacations for her and her entire family.

Speaking on behalf of all Israeli people and powerful Jewish lobby in U.S., Israel P.M. Netanyahu ordered U.S. to attack Iran as soon as possible. Addressing the Knesset he declared angrily:

“We are tired of U.S. duplicity and complicity in its treatment to Iran. The mullahs who control Iran are insane and want to attack Israel. If U.S. doesn’t send its military to occupy Iran, Our Lord The God will be very angry about it .How can patriotic Christian Americans not obey commands given by Our God The Lord ?”

So, Netanyahu is demanding we attack Iran or God will punish us. What an a**hole!

Netanyahu came to America and Obama said he was "too busy" to see him, but went on

the David Letterman show? What is going on? This has never happened before. Israel controls the U.S. Congress lock, stock, and barrel except for Ron Paul. Is the military finally tired of fighting evil wars of aggression in the Mideast for Israel? Are they finally waking up?

Don't vote for Mitt Obama or Barack Romney. Vote for Gary Johnson or write in Ron Paul. Never support evil by voting for- what you think-is the lesser evil. Who knows if Mitt Obama or Barack Romney is the lesser evil?

"The world today has 6.8 billion people... that's headed up to about 9 billion. Now if we do a really great job on new vaccines, health care, reproductive health services, we could lower that by perhaps 10 or 15 percent. Learn more: http://www.naturalnews.com/029911_vaccines_Bill_Gates.html#ixzz25Ltr23fL

Bill Gates let his mouth outrun his brain during a public speech. He admitted the One World Government people are purposely trying to kill off billions of people with vaccines. Notice they give vaccines to poor African children who have no food to eat. Vaccines are expensive. Food is cheap. If liberals like Gates, Buffett, Soros, Clintons, etc. really loved the poor, they would give the BIRTH CONTROL programs. That is the real answer to poverty more than anything else- birth control programs. Most all poverty is simply due to having children you cannot support.

Look at this group of Nazi anti-semite, anti-Zionist racist Jew haters!!! They are Nazis aren't they? Wow, these aren't Nazis at all- they are orthodox Jews who hate Zionism. They are good, sincere Jews who believe in the Torah and believe in Jewish traditions and history and want to preserve their culture, their race, and their religion. They don't want a One World government, to kill Palestinians, attack Iran, own the Federal Reserve, control the world media, or anything of the kind. Don't confuse Judaism with Zionism. Remember, "you don't have to be Jewish to be a Zionist". Joe Biden said that. Just ask Bill and Hillary. Non-Zionist Jews are victims of Zionism, just like all gentiles are. How many innocent Jews were killed on 9/11 by Zionist Neocons in the Mossad and CIA?

59% of the federal budget will go to evil wars of aggression in the Mideast. We spend HALF the world military budget when we only have 5% of the world population. And you don't think this is End Times? It is. Just pay attention. Just stop and think about this- we spend as much on our military with 5% of the population as the entire rest of the world including Russia and China. Spending 10% instead of 50% would be reasonable. That would mean a reduction of 80% in military spending- and a huge rise in the standard of living for Americans.

The two headed montster. No matter which head you vote for you get the same monster.

Mitt Obama or Barack Romney are just different puppets for the same powers that be.

McDonalds has been one of the absolute best performing stocks in the entire world for the last decade. In only 10 years it went from $10 to over $100. This is basically impossible to get returns like this over such a long time. The party is over though. McDonalds has fallen badly almost one fifth in just a few months. When McDonalds fails the country fails. This is the much successful restaurant chain on the planet. If you can't afford to eat at the Golden Arches you just can't afford to eat. It fell from 100 to 90 already.

Seen those endless TV ads for the wonders of the Chevy Volt? The owners never buy gasoline- as if they are driving for free all day. No one talks about the $38,000 SUBSIDIZED price. Subsidized by you the taxpayer. You can buy a Cadillac SRX SUV for that price! How about that massive, huge $5,000 battery that needs to be replaced every five years. It's an ecological nightmare as well. How about that 25 mile range before it needs re-charging? How about the fact the air conditoner doesn't work, nor does the heater. They draw massive amounts of electricity. This is just a glorified golf cart for $38,000 with no resale value. Folks, this is not an "electric" car at all- it is a COAL car. It runs on COAL. 70% of American electricity comes from coal, and liberals hate coal. We have 1,000 years of known coal reserves here in the U.S. Without coal power we would live in caves. You can make gasoline, diesel and jet fuel from coal with the SASOL process for $2 a gallon. "Our" government won't allow one SASOL plant however. The Germans invented this over 70 years ago, and the process has been vastly improved. We have no energy problem at all.There is no energy shortage whatsoever. We should have small local SASOL plants in every state. We would not need one drop of foreign oil. We have 100 years of known oil reserves and another 100 years of natural gas. Solar, wind, and biofuel power are asinine! All three of them have proven to be total failures all over the world. They cannot work and never will work due to the very nature of them.

Trying to talk sense to a liberal is like trying to pick up the clean end of a turd. After Obama has destroyed this country for four years, half the voters will still vote for him to destroy it another four years. Liberalism is a mental disease. Liberals are mentally ill. If you can just understand that, then you'll know why the always do the wrong thing.

26,000 teachers are striking in Chicago and 400,000 children have nowhere to go during the day now. They also cannot eat because the government feeds them now. This is the third largest school district in America. Illinois is second only to California in being bankrupt. They are one billion dollars in debt- just for their school system, and that grows every year. Yet the teachers want more money and ZERO accountability. Did the media bother to tell you the average teacher in Chicago is stupid, uneducated, ignorant, incompetent, and unable to teach any kind of basic education? They refuse any kind of evaluation test because they know what they are. Did the media tell you their average salary is $71,000 plus massive gummint benefits? And they retire for life after a mere 20 years? They only work 10 months a year anyway. Start at 21 and retire at 41 in luxury for life at taxpayer expense. Chicago children educated in "public" (that is, government) schools are notoriously uneducated, and unable to get jobs or function in society. They are on a par with Washington, DC and Detroit public school children. Notice the private, Catholic, and Jewish schools have none of these problems. Isn't that funny? They are doing very well. The children get a fine education, the teachers get paid a fair salary and everything is just fine. We should end all government schools and universities. The taxpayer should not be in the education business. If you want to have children then pay to educate them. Private schools are doing great folks and they don't take your tax money.

Smart black people who work hard, pay their taxes and voted for Obama, now realize they were conned. They got change all right. America was turned into a Marxist totalitarian poverty stricken welfare police state almost overnight. They know the economy is in the toilet, inflation has skyrocketed, their standard of living is down badly, welfare of all kinds is up dramatically, and America has gone completely to hell during Obamas almost four year reign of Marxism. Voting for someone simply because he is the same color as you are is beyond stupid. Barack and Michele have nothing but contempt for other blacks and have done their best to destroy the black community with endless welfare and entitlement programs.

The American dollar is thru as the world reserve currency. History proves it. You will see hyperinflation that will take your breath away. Countries around the world are dumping the dollar.

Folks, for years we've been telling people that Obama is a Kenyan citizen who certainly was not born in Hawaii. We've been telling people an illegal alien is president. Well, we would like to apologize for all this. The real birth certificate has finally been produced and proves beyond any doubt he was really born in Hawaii. Our apologies.

Remember George Orwell in his book 1984 said the government would call day as night, black as white, and up as down. Inflation is sinful, it is theft, it is a hidden insidious tax on everyone. There should be no inflation at all ever. There is only one cause of inflation, and that is printing unbacked paper "money". Now inflation is called "Quantatative Easing" and "stimulus", and is a good thing somehow. Ben Shalom officially announced QE3 on Thursday. The Fed print even more green toilet paper 24/7.

The sheeple will cheer that the government is printing money green toilet paper, taxing them secretly, and destroying the American dollar. Load up on all the physical silver you can at $34. No paper silver, no storage programs. You must hold this yourself. Silver is four times better than gold. Yes, silver is going to $400 and probably a lot higher. America is going to Hell with the rest of the world. For the first time in the history of mankind there is not one single currency of value in the world. For the first time in the history of mankind there is not one square inch of freedom in the world. One big Prison Planet. Now can you see this is End Times? No, Jesus is not coming back and the Four Horsemen of the Apocylypse are not going to ride thru the sky. This will be the worst depression the world has ever seen. This will make the Dark Ages look like fun.

In less than four months, on January 1 you will get a 3.8% sales tax when you sell your house. This was in the "Health Care" bill. What does taxing your house have to do with your health? The entire Health Care bill is just another step towards a Marxist totalitarian police state while the sheeple cheer and vote for Barack Romney and Mitt Obama. Obamacare will bankrupt America along with our military spending.

It's pitiful how so many people think Faux News is the "real deal" and a "conservative" channel. There is nothing conservative about them. Zionist Rupert Murdoch owns it, and is an Israeli citizen. What is conservative about that? Judge Napolitano got canned when he started telling the truth. So did other employees.

Did you know Italy banned all cash transactions over 50 Euros ($65)? That is a warning to us folks- capital controls. Right, in Italy you cannot sell ANYTHING over $65 for cash now. It must be a check, money order, credit card or other paper payment. Heck, it's not this bad in Cuba, North Korea, or Myranmar (formerly Burma). This is your warning of what is coming to America.

Silver skyrocketed from $28 to $34 in two weeks, so load up. This is the last train out. We'll see $50 silver by Christmas and at least $100 silver in 2013. The HUI is finally up to 500. See you in October. Yes, this has been a 13 page rant instead of the usual 6 pages. Lots of fun cartoons and great graphs and charts. Silver is on fire- buy it this week.








































































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