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Fast With us in 2019 -Roger Mason

Ideally, everyone who reads this newsletter is fasting one day a week, from dinner to dinner (or lunch to lunch. or whatever) on water, every week. You simply miss breakfast on your fast day, since you should only be eating two meals a day. If something comes up on your fast day, just fast one day earlier, or one day later. Every month please join our two day fast. This is always the last complete Friday to Sunday of the month. So, you’ll eat dinner on Friday, and then eat dinner again on Sunday. (Or you can choose Thursday to Saturday if that is more convenient.) You CAN do this!  You can work up to it if you can’t do it at first. That is twelve two day fasts a year. Soon, short term fasting will actually be enjoyable and meaningful. For one week fasts you can go to a spa or fasting center. These fasts will add quality to your life as well as longevity. Yes, you will live better and longer if you do this.

Here is the schedule for 2019 (last Friday to Sunday):

  • January 25-27
  • February 22-24
  • March 29-31
  • April 27-29
  • May 26-28
  • June 28-30
  • July 26-28
  • August 23-25
  • September 27-29
  • October 25-27
  • November 29-31
  • December 27-29

The idea of going without food for 48 hours terrifies some people. Actually, the idea of  just going a mere 24 hours without food terrifies a lot of people. If going without food for two days intimidates you, just do the one day fast on these dates. If you can do 24 hours, you can do 30 hours. If you can do that, you can do 36 hours. Finally, you can work up to 48 hours without any discomfort. You’ll actually start to enjoy short term fasting. If you can fast, you can do anything! Also, read the Fasting is Powerful article. All the world's spiritual teachers fasted regularly.

FASTING IS THE MOST POWERFUL HEALING METHOD KNOWN. Fasting is a part of the Old and New Testament, and all major religions originally. Unfortunately, this has been abandoned by nearly every one of them. Even Ramadan is merely going without food for 16 hours during the day, then eating all you want at night. Catholics now eat meat on Fridays. Mainstream Christians don’t include fasting, even though it was a basic teaching of Jesus. That’s right- it was a basic tenet in the New Testament. Fasting was one of Buddha’s “three secrets”. Herman Hesse told about this in his book Siddhartha, the story of the Buddha.

Fasting will make you stronger physically, mentally, emotionally, and spiritually. Fasting will help you be healthier, bolster your immunity, detoxify your body, resist disease, lose weight, save money, feel better, and live longer. The “live longer” part is the best. That’s quite an impressive list of benefits. Our weekly one day fast is on Saturday (Friday evening to Saturday evening), so we don’t bother with breakfast on Saturdays. We just eat two meals a day; you should, too. This gives us more time and energy to do all the things we want to do. You can choose any day you want. You can change the days to fit your schedule. The important thing is to fast every week faithfully. Then please join our monthly two day international fast. Fasting is not “starvation”. You can easily go for two weeks on water and get healthier every day. You should take all your natural hormones while you fast. You don’t need to take your other supplements however. You can if you want to though. This is a good time though to take acidophilus, FOS, and glutamine to strengthen your digestive system, while it is empty and not digesting food.

Really good books on fasting have been written by Paul Bragg, Patricia Bragg, Alan Cott, Joel Fuhrman, Dave Williams, Herbert Shelton, Lee Bueno, Norbert Kriegisch, and Eve Adamson. Please take the time to read at least one of these books, so you’ll understand just how powerful, proven, and effective this really is. Their dietary advice is not as good as their fasting advice, however. Just take their fasting advice.

Fasting will literally change your life. Just think of the fact you’ll be giving your body a rest 52 days a year with the weekly fast. If you add the two day monthly fast, your body will be able to rest 64 days a year- or more than TWO MONTHS every year. The cumulative effect here is amazing. Please fast with us in 2019. People from around the world will be fasting together on the above twelve dates. Please join us.

Be sure to read the article Seven Steps to Natural Health under “S”. Diet is everything. Diet cures disease. Along with diet, proven supplements are powerful. Natural hormone balance is essential. Do not take prescription drugs. Exercise regularly, even if it just walking daily. End any bad habits like coffee or desserts. Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man, and is one of the seven steps.







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