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 Doctors Cause Prostate Cancer! -Roger Mason

For years your author has been telling men not to get any standard medical treatments for prostate disease, including drugs, surgery, and radiation. There are four main drugs given to men with BPH (enlarged prostates)- finasteride (Proscar®) and dutasteride  (Avodart®) to reduce alpha reductase, and the muscle relaxers Hytrin® and Flomax®, that have nothing at all to do with the prostate. Men should never, never, never take any of these drugs, as they do not help at all, and have serious side effects. You actually end up worse by taking them. You cannot poison your way to health. Covering up the symptoms, and ignoring the causes is insanity.

The media headlines told you, "Finasteride Reduces Prostate Cancer Risk". Exactly the opposite is true. Published research proves this. A study done by the famous Norris Cancer Center at the University of Southern California (British Journal of Cancer, v. 78, 1998) studied  real men with BPH. The Norris Cancer Institute is a classic, allopathic organization that is most reluctant to criticize traditional medicine like this. The study occurred fifteen years ago, yet the media never covered it. This is the only place you're ever going to read about it. Why doesn't the media tell you the truth? Your doctor does not know about it, and won't read it if you give it to him. This was a classic double blind study where half the men were given a mere 5 mg of finasteride, and half were given placebos (sugar pills). This study was reviewed and approved by the University of Southern California, School of Medicine Institutional Review Board.

In only one year the men who got the finasteride had almost 800% more prostate carcin-oma (specifically "adenocarcinoma")!!! That's right folks, almost 800% more prostate cancer tumors in only one year. God only knows what would have happened if they had kept taking the poison. What would have happened after five years?

The men who took the finasteride lowered their PSA levels by a full 48%. They literally cut their PSA levels in half, but got almost eight times the cancer tumors! For years we’ve been telling men not to even bother getting a PSA test. Your PSA  is almost meaningless, and can be very misleading. Read the article PSA Doesn't Work. Well, here's the proof- the PSA was slashed in half, while the cancer rate sky-rocketed almost 800%. The PSA can easily be raised or lowered by a variety of factors. The PSA is an inaccurate and unreliable diagnostic test plain and simple. It should be abandoned.

Also the serum DHT (dihydrotestosterone) level was lowered by 67%. That's sound great, right? Well, the problem is that serum DHT has nothing to do with BPH, prostatitis or cancer. That's right, serum DHT is meaningless, as proven by numerous studies. Lowering your blood level of DHT does nothing. The problem is DHT BINDING to the prostate, not how much is in your blood. Having youthful levels of real testosterone helps prevent the DHT from binding to the prostate. Taking beta-sitosterol also helps prevent DHT binding to the prostate.

Another study was published in the prestigious New England Journal of Medicine (v 349, 2003) saying the very same thing. The doctors were studying the long term effects of finasteride on men with BPS. The side effects were so bad the study had to be stopped! They were getting high grade cancer tumors from the drug. Dr. Scardino, chief of urology at Sloan Kettering Cancer Center said, "this does not seem to be an attractive agent for chemoprevention of prostate cancer". Kind of an understatement don't  you think? Men are dying of cancer and he feels it is "not attractive". Such studies are rarely ever stopped, and only when the results are too dire to continue.

If you have prostate disease of any kind, or want to prevent having it, you have to change your diet and lifestyle. You have to take animal FAT out of your diet, especially the saturated fat in meat, poultry, eggs, milk, and dairy products. When you read my book The Natural Prostate Cure you'll see an international chart based on billions of men showing that animal fat intake is second only to age in causing prostate cancer.

Take the 20 proven supplements. Balance your basic hormones. Fast every week. Exercise regularly. Drop any bad habits like coffee. Don't take prescription drugs. Read the article Seven Steps to natural Health. Remember that diet is everything.

Also read Macrobiotics for Everyone. Read The Natural Prostate Cure. These two books are all you need.




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