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Gerson Diet Doesn't Cure Cancer -Roger Mason

In 1958, a Jewish doctor named Max Gerson wrote a book called "A Cancer Therapy".  In 2001 his daughter wrote "The Gerson Therapy". This regimen claims to cure all manner of deadly illnesses including- but not limited to- all cancers, TB, diabetes, migraine, arthritis, heart disease, AIDS(!), epilepsy, hepatitis, liver cirrhosis, lupus, Lyme disease, MS, osteoporosis, etc. Quite a claim, huh? Too bad none of it is true. Folks, it is books like this that gives natural medicine a bad name, and medical doctors and other cynics a good laugh. He faked TB cures with doctored x-rays and using people who never had TB in the first place. There is still a Gerson Institute and a Gerson Clinic in Mexico. Let's take a look at what this "therapy" actually comprises.

First of all, you are to eat 17 to 20 pounds of fruits and vegetables every day by juicing them and drinking 3 quarts or more of the juices. One may note that 3 quarts of juice weighs less than 7 pounds. This means that 10 to 13 pounds of valuable fiber and other nutrients are thrown in the garbage by juicing your food. Is is prima facie asinine to try to force this much juice down your throat every day. Read the article Juicing is Not a Health Practice.

Coffee enemas are another of the pillars of this "therapy". No, I didn't make that up late at night high on illegal chemicals- you are supposed to take SEVERAL coffee enemas every day! Just pull up to Starbucks, get three 12 ounce cups with no cream and sugar, let them cool off!, and pump them up your rump. Do that 3 or 4 times a day and you could run up quite a bill at 2 bucks a cup. You might not want to choose the pricier Jamaican Blue Mountain or Hawaiian Kona for your enemas though. Maybe you could save money at Dunkin Donuts. Why not cream and sugar with that? Latte? Cream or skim milk? Mocchachino? Poor people can just use house brand grocery store bulk coffee. Read the articles Coffee Is Making You Fat and Caffeine is Poison.

Folks, seriously anyone who promotes coffee enemas is psychotic and should be in prison. All fruits are allowed without exception. This includes tropical juices and highly acidic citrus juices, which European people should not be eating. Tropical foods are meant for tropical people living in their native tropical lands. Therefore people of African descent living in America should no longer be eating such fruits as bananas. Even such people in their genetic homelands should not be eating more than about 20% fruit anyway. All this is covered in my book Macrobiotics for Everyone.

All vegetables are allowed without exception. This includes tropical varieties as well as Nightshades, and ones with high oxalic acid levels. Again, only tropical people living in tropical areas should be eating vegetables native to those areas. This is how the Natural Order has designed our foods for our particular climates. Nightshades include potatoes, tomatoes, eggplants and peppers generally. These contain high levels of toxic solanine and other alkalolids that cause serious sick-ness and debility when eaten over time. Read Macrobiotics for Everyone to learn more about this. One basic staple of the diet is called "Hippocrates Soup"- not that Hippocrates sat around eating Nightshades. It is comprised of large amounts of tomatoes and potatoes, with very high amounts of toxic solanine and tomatine. Vegetables high in oxalic acid like spinach and Swiss chard should be eaten only occasionally in limited amounts. Oxalic acid binds with calcium to form kidney and other stones. You cannot eat any dried beans or legumes at all according to Gerson. Beans and legumes are basic to our diet and should be eaten daily along with whole grains. One of the most nutritious and healthful foods we have are beans and legumes, yet these are banned for some reason or other. All soyfoods are banned as well. Soy is a staple in all Asian countries for good reason and soy milk is an important part of a natural kitchen. Soy isoflavones are a very basic and proven supplement with many documented benefits. The Okinawans are the healthiest, longest lived people on earth and eat 12% soyfoods in their diet. The healthiest, longest lived people on earth eat the most soy foods. Read Soy is Good Food.

The worst, most allergenic, harmful food on the face of the earth is milk and milk products, be-cause of the indigestible lactose (milk sugar) and cancer promoting casein content. All adults of all races are lactose intolerant and lack the enzyme lactase after the age of three. Yet yogurt, cottage cheese, pot cheese, and buttermilk are freely allowed. Recipes are even given using these allergenic foods. Eating dairy products will GIVE you cancer, not cure it! Milk is THE most allergenic food of all, yet they recommend dairy foods. Read Milk is Gonna Kill You.

Asinine supplements are suggested like bee pollen, royal jelly, overdoses of vitamin C (2,500% of the RDA), niacin (1,500% of the RDA), 600 mg of CoQ10 (that could get expensive), castor oil (not a health supplement at all), Laetrile (what a hoax!), and the use of large amounts of pork or beef thyroid without any testing for your blood levels! Taking 325 mg (5 grains) of dried thyroid with both T3 and T4 without testing for deficiency is not only dangerous, but could be deadly. He recommended an insane 56 mg of iodine daily which is about 400 times the RDA! 400 times the RDA every day? Gerson was clearly insane. Why continue? If someone tells you they are curing cancer with the Gerson diet, just look forward to their funeral and send flowers. The world was a better place when he died at only 77 years of age.



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