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Balance Your Hormones -Roger Mason

Medical doctors, including endocrinologists, generally know almost nothing about your hormones. This includes gynecologists, naturopaths, holistic, and life extension doctors. You will never be healthy unless you maintain youthful hormone levels throughout your life. There is overwhelming published, international research on the benefits of natural hormone supplementation, but almost none of this is used in medical practice anywhere in the world. Amazingly enough, endocrinolologists are almost as incompetent as general practitioners, even though this is supposed to be their specialty. Expensive life extension clinics aren’t well versed in this, although they claim to be experts. Men have 12 basic hormones, but really only need to test seven. Women have 15 basic hormones, but really only need to test eight. You can easily and inexpensively balance all of them (except for growth hormone which costs about $1,800 a year). You are always looking for the youthful levels you had at the age of thirty. My book Macrobiotics for Everyone talks about each of these in more detail. Let’s go over all of them.

Testosterone- yes, women need this as much as men, even though they only have one tenth the amount. Use a saliva test kit to test your free testosterone, not your bound or total. Over 90% of American men over 50 are low. All men over 60 are low. Some women can actually have too much testosterone (androgenicity), and only diet and lifestyle will lower it. If you are low normal (or worse) just use transdermal (only 20% absorbed), sublingual, or make your own DMSO solution. Use transdermal or DMSO on thin skin like your inner wrists, neck, or abdomen. NEVER use injections or oral forms. Read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend. Men need about 3 mg (4 mg of enanthate) a day in their blood, and women about 150 mcg (200 mcg enanthate) if they are deficient. You can buy testosterone inexpensively and legally on the Internet for your own use. Read New Ways to Use Testosterone in our library, as well as You Don’t Need a Prescription and Androgen Resistance. Sublingual and DMSO are best. Men ideally want about 100 level (85 or more would be just fine) on ZRT kits, and women about 40. You can do this for $35.

DHEA- is vital for longevity. Use a saliva kit to test for DHEA or DHEA-S (sulfate). Some men and women can actually over-secrete this. If low normal or worse, men can take a 25 mg tablet and women a half tablet (12.5 mg). If your level is excessive, only diet and lifestyle will lower it. The published research on the benefits of DHEA supplementation is overwhelming. This is a very important and basic hormone to balance. Never use this unless you prove to be low. Men want about 6 on ZRT kits and women about 3. Androgenicity (high testosterone and DHEA) is common among women now. You can do this for $35.

Pregnenolone- this forgotten or “orphan” hormone is the most important brain and cognition hormone we have. Our levels fall after the age of forty and then stabilize. Men over 40 can generally take 50 mg and women 25 mg. Use PS 100 mg and flax oil along with this for better brain metabolism, and to help prevent senility and Alzheimer’s. Even internet blood test are expensive, and their range is so wide as to be meaningless. There are no current saliva tests in 2022. Ideally you would test this, but it isn't necessary if you are over the age of 50. Go to an online lab without a doctor like,, or if you want one.

Melatonin- falls from the time we are eighteen, until it almost disappears in our seventies. Melatonin has powerful anti-cancer, life extension, anti-oxidant, and many other dramatic properties You can test at 3:00 AM with a saliva test kit. These are hard to find though. You cannot test this with blood outside of a sleep clinic. Men can take 3 mg and women half tabs (1.5 mg) if they are low normal or worse. People do not over secrete this, although a very few people over 50 still have youthful levels. If you are over 50 you can take this without testing.

Thyroid T3 and T4- Test your free T3 and free T4, not your T3 uptake or TSH. You can use an inexpensive online testing without a doctor. You must be midrange! Your doctor or endocrinologist has no idea what they are doing here. If low normal or worse, try 50 mcg of generic Synthroid (T4) if your L-thyroxine is low, and 12.5 mcg of generic Cytomel (T3) if your triiodothyronine is low. Increase these doses if you don’t get midrange levels. Do not accept mere “in range” levels. (Add high and low range and divide by 2 to get midrange.) These are bioidentical hormones, with no side effects whatsoever when used properly. Retest after thirty days to see if this is the right dose. Some people have hyper levels, which can only be lowered with diet and lifestyle. You can buy these legally and inexpensively from Mexican online websites. Use Google for sources. Read the article You Don’t Need an Rx. Do not use Armour® pig thyroid, as it has both T3 and T4 combined in a 4:1 ratio. Buy inexpensive generics such as Sintrocid and Tiromel. Read the Thyroid article.

Growth Hormone- falls from the time we are eighteen until it almost disappears in our seventies. There are no saliva tests, and cannot be measured with a single blood test. IGF-1 levels do not accurately measure GH. You really have to go by RESULTS here, especially if you’re over 50. More lean body mass, less body fat, better cholesterol profile, better mood, more energy, and stronger immunity are what you should expect within 6 months. Normally it is injected, but you can technically use sublingual GH in DMSO. 1 mg equals 3 IU. Use 1 IU (0.33 mg) daily. This will run about $1,800 a year! You can still get GH legally on the Internet. Don’t even think about GH until all your other hormones are done. GH is as overrated as it is expensive. Don’t confuse expense with effectiveness. Just because morons in Hollywood use this doesn’t mean you should. It must be refrigerated after diluting, then only lasts two weeks. It is destroyed if you merely shake or stir it! (The 191 amino acid strand is easily broken.) The bottom line is this is very overrated and optional.

Progesterone- is important for both men and women. Women should read my Natural Health for Women, and men The Natural Prostate Cure. Use a reliable transdermal cream on thin skin with at least 1,000 mg USP micronized progesterone per two ounce jar. Premenopausal women can use it two weeks every cycle. Postmenopausal women can use this any two weeks of the month. Men can use 1/8th teaspoon five days a week. You don’t need to test this, and saliva won’t test progesterone accurately because it is fat soluble and needs a blood serum (not plasma) test. You don't need to test.

Insulin- You can test insulin at online clinics such as You should have a level of 5 or less. The average American is over 8. You can also test insulin resistance inexpensively with a one draw GTT (glucose tolerance test). The GTT is the gold standard here. You drink a cup of glucose, wait two hours, and have your blood sugar measured. Look for 20 points less than what the doctor will suggest. Your fasting blood sugar level should be 85 or less, not 100 or less. Buy a $20 non-coded blood sugar meter at the drugstore or on eBay.  If you have blood sugar problems, you can cure them naturally as long as you have an operant pancreas. Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. Your fasting blood sugar must be 85 or less. If it is, you probably are fine. Remember that number- 85 or less. You can test both insulin and insulin resistance to really get a good profile.

Cortisol- is the stress hormone. Ideally you want to do a four saliva sample test  in a 24 hour period at 9/1/5/9. If you have high cortisol only diet and lifestyle will lower it. High cortisol levels are pretty epidemic is Western societies due to stress. Low cortisol can be raised by Cortef® ( cortisol aka hydrocortisone) tablets. You can use the ZRT kits for this. Testing cortisol is just not important.

Estradiol (E2)- is the strongest, and most dangerous, of the three basic human estrogens. American women generally have excessive- not deficient- levels. Low estradiol in women is basically non-existent, even after a hysterectomy. American men over 50 also generally have excessive levels. Only diet and lifestyle will lower estradiol. Women can measure all three estrogens with a ZRT saliva test kit. Men only need to do E1 and E2. You want low normal levels like rural Asian women. Low normal is best, not normal. If the range is, say, 0.5 to 1.7 you want 0.5. 50 mcg sublingual in oil would be the correct dose, but you simply will very rarely find women low out of range. Read the article Estrogen in Men and Women.

Estrone (E1)- is a powerful and potentially dangerous estrogen. See all the above information on estradiol. Only diet and lifestyle will lower excessive estrone levels. Women should read my Natural Health for Women, and men The Natural Prostate Cure. Very, very few women are low. Low normal levels are best. If the range is, say, 1.7 to 5.0 you want 1.7. Never take any oral estrogen pills. The rare women who is low, out of range, can use sublingual drops or transdermal creams. A woman could use 100 mcg sublingual in vegetable oil, or a half gram of a 0.1% (100 mg/100 g cream) transdermal cream daily.

Estriol (E3)- is the forgotten or orphan estrogen, even though it comprises over 80% of human estrogen. It is also the “good” or beneficial estrogen. Women who are deficient should use sublingual or transdermal (on thin skin), never oral, estriol. Men don't need to test this. Doctors have no idea what estriol is, and chain pharmacies cannot even special order it. Find a good estriol cream on the Internet with 0.3% (150 mg per 2 oz jar) for about $20. Use a half gram of this. You only need 1 mg a day. High normal is best, like rural Asian and vegetarian women. Studies prove all overweight women are low. That's right- all of them. Read the two estriol articles in our library.

Cholesterol- is the precursor to all our steroid hormone. Make sure your total cholesterol is about 150. Most American adults have levels of about 240. Make sure your triglycerides are under 100. Diet and lifestyle keep your cholesterol and triglycerides low (under 100). Total cholesterol and triglycerides are the best predictors of CHD health. Heart and artery disease is the biggest killer of all. Read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs.

You will never enjoy the best of health, or live out your years fully, unless you keep your basic hormones at youthful levels. There are never any side effects when using natural hormones in proper ways. Natural hormone balance is easy, simple, cheap and no doctors are needed. Now you can do it all with saliva, blood spots, and online labs inexpensively.







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