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How to Help Your Children -Roger Mason

Many  readers of this column are parents or grandparents, and are concerned about the health of their children and their children's children. Today, American children are doing worse than ever healthwise. In some counties one in four is on psychiatic drugs like Ritalin to control them. One in three will grow up diabetic. This is inexcusable. Thirty years ago you saw maybe one over-weight high school child per class. Now obesity is epidemic regardless of their socioeconomic status. Go to a European country, especially an eastern European country, and you won't see this. Go to an African or Latino country, and you won’t see fat children. Their diets are nothing to brag about either. Food is simply too expensive in these countries to get fat on- most people simply can't afford to be fat. We have the cheapest food in the world, and the most variety of food in the world compared to our income. No one beats America, and that's both our blessing and our curse. Even poor people on welfare can afford to be as fat as they want. America is the most affluent country in the world. Even welfare recipients are overfed and obese! America is the fattest country on earth and 1 in 3 adults is obese. Another 1 in 3 is overweight.

The best thing you can do for your child is FEED THEM WELL. Not with the USDA Food Pyramid, not with Wonder-If-It's-Bread, not with fast food, not with school lunches, not with Got Milk?, and not with 160 pounds of sugars every year. Even private and religious schools feed the children junk food. Feed your children well, and give them the supplements they need. Read the Supplements for Younger People article.

The first thing to do is get your child off milk and dairy products.
No more milk and no moredairy products. Find a brand of soy/rice/almond/oat/flax milk that they enjoy. Use the non-dairy cheeses that melt and taste like dairy cheese. The next thing is to get your child off sweets and desserts. In rural Asia generally desserts are unknown, and just not part of the meal. This is a good custom to follow- no desserts. No more refined foods, white bread, white rice, white pasta, and white flour.

You think your child won't change? Realize your child WILL do as you do. Who's running the house anyway? Children hate to be told, "Don't do as I do; do as I say". You hated that when you were growing up. They will do what you do. Do not buy junk food and sodas or keep them in your house. If there is no soda pop, ice cream, cookies, and cake how will they get any?

Pack their lunch. Better yet, have them pack their own lunch the night before. The public (ie. government schools) school lunch program is an abomination that causes poor health and all manner of disease. The private schools don't seem to be doing much better, either. Have them pack their own lunch before they go to bed, and be very generous in giving them the healthy foods they need to really enjoy themselves. Make sure they get a thermos of hot soup, stew or chili, good whole grain sandwiches, brown rice with veggies, fresh salad, fresh seafood, fresh fruit. Their schoolmates will positively envy them, while they look at mystery meat, glue gravy, instant potatoes, canned vegetables, and junk dessert. Maybe the local hoodlums will hold them up for their lunch instead of their jacket and running shoes the next time.

What about supplements? Children and teenagers need supplements. Actually, they need them more than we adults, since they are still growing. They can take adult doses of most of these. Which supplements will really help them and which ones do they need at such a young age? Teenagers, 80 pounds or more, can take adult amounts of supplements. Under than they can take half doses. Please read the article Supplements for Younger People in our library. We now offer a packet of the eight supplements people under 40 need with 39 vital nutrients. 39 vital nutrients for people under 40.

Flax oil 1 gram is a good choice since they are surely low in omega-3 fatty acids. Buy refrig-erated and keep this in your refrigerator. Flax oil is a better choice than fish oil

Beta glucan  supports their immunity, so they'll get less colds and flu. Read my booklet What Is Beta Glucan? 200 mg or more.


All Your Minerals® with 20 vital elements in the amounts they need. You aren't going to find another mineral supplement on the face of the earth to match this. You get free All Your Vit-amins®. The huge supplement corporations refuse to put out a decent mineral supplement be-cause they have large advertising divisions, not research departments. This contains the full RDA of all the 13 vitamins with a special absorbable form of B-12. Give them half doses if they are under 80 pounds. Give them extra vitamin D 200 IU if they are under 80 pounds. in addition to the All  Your Vitamins® when they are not in the sun. 400 IU extra is they are over 80 pounds.

Natural vitamin E only 100 IU if they are under 80 pounds. 200 IU if over 80 pounds (one 400 IU every OTHER day).

Buy refrigerated acidophilus with 6 billion units and keep this refrigerated.  FOS 750 mg to help the acidophilus. Very important for their digestion. You don’t need to give them half doses of these either. You can buy separate L-glutamine and give them one gram (2 X 500 mg) daily.


Children do not normally have hormonal problems either too high or too low. Do not give your children prescription drugs of any kind. Whatever problem they have can be cured naturally with diet and supplement. Giving them prescription drugs will just poison them, and worsen their health. Millions of children in the government (“public”) schools are on amphetamines like Ritalin  (especially boys)! This is criminal. This does not occur in the private and religious schools.  Taking drugs for a cold or flu, for example, is an exercise in stupidity. There are no effective anti-viral drugs. If your child has a blood sugar problem of any kind this can be cured naturally with diet and supplements (type 1 diabetes can be greatly improved and insulin needs lessened dramatically). Read my book The Natural Diabetes Cure. If your child has cancer they can be cured naturally instead of butchered, poisoned, and irradiated until they glow in the dark. They will just die from this anyway a few years later after untold suffering. If your child is overweight or has high cholesterol, this can be cured by eating better foods and taking these few supplements. Attention deficit and hyperactivity the same way. PREVENTION is the best medicine, and good diet and lifestyle prevent disease. They don’t need to be drugged up and poisoned.

This has to be a family affair.
Everyone in your family has to eat whole healthy foods. If your child doesn't like broccoli or asparagus for God's sake don't make them eat it. They'll just dislike it worse than ever. Cook your meals in varied and international styles so they are delicious and enjoyable. Natural food is much better tasting than junk food. They will do what you do. Be an example to them.


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