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High Fat Diets Will Kill You -Roger Mason

The media is fond of telling everyone that low fat diets are useless for preventing cancer and other diseases. You will even see fake "studies" in medical journals claiming high fat diets do not harm our health. One example is the Journal of the American Medical Association. This disinformation was based on a twelve year study of 48,835 elderly women (50 to 79) in the Women’s Health Initiative Randomized Controlled Dietary Modification Trial- with an additional 51 published references.

How can such a study be wrong? Very simply- they didn’t eat a  low fat diet. THEY DID NOT EAT A LOW FAT DIET! A low fat diet means less than 20% fat calories, with mostly vegetable oils. Not saturated artery clogging animal fats. They didn’t eat better foods. They were SUPPOSED to eat a 20% fat diet but didn’t. The average American eats 42% fat calories, almost all of which are saturated animal fats. The doctors claimed the women lowered their fat intake to 24%, but the facts showed otherwise. The women merely took the skin off their chicken, drank skim milk, ate low fat cream cheese, bought lower fat hamburger,  and other superficial changes. They still ate all the beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, eggs, milk, cheese, butter, and other high fat foods they wanted.  That’s in addition to all the margarine, white bread, sugar, cakes, pies, cookies, and other junk foods. And that’s in addition to the same amount of cigarettes, alcohol, coffee, and toxic prescription drugs. And none of them exercised one bit more. Big surprise they didn't lose any weight.

Folks, a low fat diet means 20% or less fat calories, mostly vegetable oils. Eating more fat than that simply isn’t going to help you. Going from 40% to 30% isn’t going to make any difference at all in cancer rates. The ideal is 10%, and some cultures actually normally eat a diet this low in fact. Yes, it is practical to easily eat all the delicious foods you want and take in less than 20% fat calories just by making better food choices. A low fat diet means 20% fat calories or less and mostly from vegetable sources. That’s what a low fat diet really means- 20% or less and mostly from vegetables.

Want proof the women didn’t eat a low fat diet? They started 12 years ago with average total cholesterol levels of 221 mg. 12 years later they still had total cholesterol levels of 221. This is a terrible figure. If they had reduced the fat in their diet their cholesterol would have fallen in parallel. Your total cholesterol should be about 150 (yes, 150, not 200 as the doctors will tell you), not over 220. If they had cut down on fat intake these levels would be much lower. You can’t run levels like that on a low fat diet.

Want more proof? Their triglycerides averaged 140 mg at the beginning. Twelve years later they were still at 140. Your triglycerides should be under 100, not at 140. If they had cut down on fat these levels would have fallen dramatically. Basically it is saturated animal fats that raise your cholesterol and triglycerides.

Their blood sugar level did not change from 98 mg after 12 years. Your fasting blood sugar should be 85 or less. The insulin levels stayed at 10 IU after 12 years. This is not a desirable level and indicates insulin resistance. All of this proves they really made no changes at all in 12 years. This is typical of such fake "studies".

A very suspicious thing about this study (after reading every word of it) was that the actual foods they ate were never discussed! Isn’t that a little strange that the foods they ate weren’t listed? The whole point here is DIET, yet they don’t discuss what foods the women ate! Why didn’t they spell out what these women actually ate? Now for the real proof. The Women’s Health Initiative involved a mere ten thousand women who did not document their fat intake reduction at all and continued to eat red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods.

Look at the chart below based on BILLIONS of women worldwide. This is incontestable, inarguable proof that eating fat is the main cause of breast and other cancers. You can find very similar statistics for prostate cancer, ovarian cancer, uterine cancer, colon cancer and cervical cancer. The women in Asian countries like Thailand, Japan, the Philippines, Mexico, El Salvador, China, Viet Nam have very, very low rates of breast cancer. They simply can’t afford high fat diets. They can’t afford to eat a lot of beef, pork, lamb, chicken, turkey, duck, eggs, milk, cheese, and butter. Often, these foods are not even a part of their culture anyway (Asians rarely eat any dairy products for example). There many other similar published studies going back decades showing this.

On the other hand, the women in every single industrialized Western country have the highest rates of breast cancer in the world, because they eat more fat- especially saturated animal fat. America, Canada, Australia, New Zealand and all of Western Europe have the highest rates of breast cancer in the world. They are also the fattest and have the highest levels of estrogen (estradiol and estrone). These are the most affluent nations, and eat the most red meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products overall. No one else on earth eats 42% fat calories except Americans (and a handful of Eskimoes who have a very short life span, no technology, and no written language).

Again, the media tells you that the moon is just the sun at night. Please remember that the media hates natural health, and is paid for part and parcel by the medical association and the pharmaceutical corporations.

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