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Julian Whitaker is a No Role Model -Roger Mason

Dr. Julian Whitaker has a website at He sells a newsletter Health & Healing for $49.95. Our newsletter is free. He runs the Whitaker Wellness Clinic for very high fees. He sells overpriced supplements on his website- 50 mg lipoic acid for $13.99 (we sell 400 mg for $9.95), ALC for $42.99 (ours is $13.99), cheap, unstable ubiquinol BioactiveQ (fake CoQ10) for $62.99 (ours is real, expensive, stable ubiquinone  for $19.99),  a useless Blood Pressure Program for $89.99, an advanced Memory Pro-gram for $62.99, a Forward Gold Prostate Program for $94.99, and worthless saw palmetto for prostate problems. He tells you to take massive overdoses of 5,000 IU of vitamin D. He says coffee is a health tonic ,and serves it at his Wellness Clinic. He is supposed to be living legend folks. His ads call him, “the foremost authority on natural health in the world”. Just look at what he promises you…

Would you like to cure prostate cancer in 2 weeks just by drinking your own urine? You can cure breast cancer, too. Just send Julian $49.95 and learn how. Read Cured: The Cancer Breakthroughs We’ve Been Waiting For. He calls this "gene therapy" or "Pro-lotherapy". How is drinking pee, "gene therapy"? You think your poor old author is drunk today don’t you? You think I’m just making all this up to be mean. Well, let's quote from him, "Prostate cancer routed in two weeks by astonishing new gene therapy". If you think this is a joke, just type in “angioplastons” on your favorite search engine or “Dr. Stanislaw Burzynski” and you’ll see this is not a joke. Burzynski claims you can cure cancer and other diseases by drinking extracts of your own urine. They’re both nuts.

How would you like to cure diabetes in three days? Just send him $49.95 for "Reverse Diabetes Damage". He claims, "Permanent diabetes damage reversed in just three days." How do you do this? Just go to the drugstore and buy some vitamins and minerals. That's all. Then you can go to Hardees and eat a monster burger, fries, and a shake.

Dilantin® (phenytoin) is a dangerous and very toxic drug that epileptics take to control seizures. It causes brain damage, mental deterioration, severe psychiatric problems, and even outright psychosis. He calls this a "remarkable medicine with many valuable benefits". Is this guy nuts or what?

We all know back pain is epidemic in American society. How would you like to cure back pain with corn syrup? Still think old Roger is still drunk and being mean, don’t you? Well, let’s quote him again, “4 out of 5 bad backs cured for good by corn syrup”. Our local grocery store has corn syrup for only $1.49 a bottle, so run down and get yourself a case. Just read The Sure Cure for Back Pain for only $49.95.

 Want to lose weight? Just eat more chocolate. Watch his video Chocolate for Weight Loss. Cure Lyme Disease in 72 hours and get a 50% improvement in 2 hour. How? Just overdose with vitamin C.  Need joint replacement surgery? You can avoid that in only four weeks with his Magic Remedy. You can almost instantly improve macular degener-ation. Emphasis on the word, "instantly". Reverse chronic lung damage in just14 days. He loves "chelation therapy". This means he injects EDTA (mayonnaise preservative) in your veins. Sounds like a plan, right? Injecting food preservaitves.

How about some more magic overnight cures? You can cure your cataracts without surgery with Magic Eye Drops. You can almost instantly improve macular degeneration. Emphasis on “instantly”.   Do you need joint replacement surgery? In four weeks you won’t need that.  Reverse chronic lung damage in just 14 days. Cure Lyme disease in 72 hours and improve it 50% in just 2 hours. How? Just overdose on vitamin C. Just poison yourself with overdoses of vitamin C, acidify your blood, ruin your health, and cure Lyme disease in just three days. Miraculous!

Wouldn’t Michael J. Fox have loved to know that “Parkinson’s tremors disappear 20 minutes after nutrient treatment”? I mean poor old Michael is dying because he won’t buy Julian’s book Dr. Whitaker’s Most Astonishing Speed Cures. Only 20 minutes and $49.95 to cure old Michael Fox.

Tired of spending hours in the gym working out, sweating, straining, killing yourself just to stay fit and build up your muscles? You don’t need to do all that anymore. Just read Dr. Whitaker’s 8-Minute Miracle: The New Exercise Revolution. This “8-minute miracle rebuilds shapely muscle even into your 90s!” And “Postmenopausal women made their bodies 15 to 20 years more youthful.” Isn’t that great? 15 to 20 years in just 8 minutes Wow! Think about all those hours you’ve wasted at the gym.

Folks, Julian Whitaker is fat as a pig and his health is shot. He looks like Ted Kennedy on a bad day. Imagine what his cholesterol and triglycerides look like! Imagine what his blood sugar metabolism is like! Imagine what the inside of his arteries look like! Imagine what shape his heart is in? Why in the world would anyone with a brain take health ad-vice from a fat man in bad health? My god! Why do thousands of people listen to him when he can’t even do anything for himself? He sets himself up as a poster boy for natural health. He’s the male equivalent of Suzanne Somers. (Read the Somers articlesfor a good laugh.) P.T. Barnum would have loved him.

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