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Mike Adams the Health Danger  - Roger Mason

This started out as a simple article exposing Adams as a know nothing about both natural health and the political/economy situation. The more you read, the more you see. He is a lifetime scam artist, and has been at this game for a long time. It gets a lot more complex folks, a lot more complex. He calls himself the “Health Ranger”, and runs the Natural News website. The problem is he knows nothing at all about health, natural or otherwise.

Did you know Natural News is based offshore in Taiwan? As Truth Publishing aka New Target dot com. He lives in that backwater sh*thole Ecuador (sometimes).. He tells people to emigrate and move down there to, "enjoy the good life"! He has owned a long list of scam websites including,,, etc. etc. At the fake Consumer Wellness Center he was selling scam search engine and spam software. He was selling his worthless Health Intelligence Files for $995. He claims 7 million views a month. Good luck with that number. Problem is his readers are all low I.Q. morons. All quantity and no quality at all. Wikipedia exposes him as a total charlatan with 47 citations

He probably does gets a  million hits a month from stupid people. He is highly ranked on Alexa. This is more proof that to be popular, you just have to tell people what they want to hear. There is no shortage of stupid people to go to websites like his. In 1999 he opened Y2K Newswire to swindle people. He sold them fake Y2K protection under a pseudonym. Anyone with an I.Q. over 50 knew Y2K was a non-event. In 2011 he said Fukushima would poison the world with radiation. Of course he sold things like potassium iodide to protect you from non-existent "dangers". Fukushima was only a danger to a small area of Japan. In 2014 he offered a fake herbal remedy to cure the Ebola virus. No comment needed on that. In 2007 he promised to open a 501c3 non-profit charity to help pregnant women. Nutrition for Expectant Mothers (NFEM) never opened of course.

He is a pseudo-libertarian, and is against vaccines and GMO foods. That’s an extremely short list of attributes. He hangs out with disinformation agent Alex Jones. He’s been on the Dr. Oz TV show (read the article Dr. Oz is in the Ozone.) He has a fake closet sized analytical lab, and pretends to be a legitimate scientist. He claims it is a “university level laboratory”. He calls it the Natural News Forensic Food Lab. He also claims to have a college degree, but refuses to tell people where he got it! Seriously, he refuses to name the college he never went to.

Adams should be in jail for the overpriced garbage he sells to fools. He’s big on total crap like chorella, spirulina, colloidal silver, astxanthin, coconut oil, chia seeds, vitamin B17, whey protein, maca root, and kombucha. He has really pitiful paid ads on his site as well. He pushes Dr.Brownsteins Actalin® junk thyroid supplement with worthless herbs. He'll sell you 1 oz. of "Nascent" Iodine for only $35.95. He is very vague about proper diet, and not clear at all about what you should eat and not eat. He's a carnivore.

He’s so stupid he thought Sandy Hoax was a real mass murder. He said Adam Lanza did it because he was on psychotropic drugs. Well, Adam had been dead for years, and no one was killed at Sandy Hoax. In fact the school had been closed for years.

He is right in line with the neocons, and wants endless wars in the Mideast. He demonizes Putin and Russia, and wants nuclear war yesterday. He says the zika virus may go pandemic and kill millions. The zika virus has been around for decades, and has killed no one. He blames this on genetically modified mosquitoes. What a nut case!

To cure erectile dysfunction in men Mike recos fo-ti, horny goat weed, ginseng, detox, arginine, biotin, cayenne, vitamin E, no alcohol, gingko, and a “natural diet”. That certainly defines stupid. What is a “natural diet”? Meat is natural, Dairy is natural. Sugar is natural .Eggs are natural. Poultry is natural. Now go read Male Sexual Dysfunction at to see  how to really cure ED with diet and lifestyle. He sells over-priced organic coffee, and tells you coffee is a health food (read the Caffeine is Poison article). Opium, cocaine, and morphine must be health foods as well.

If you want a good laugh, go to to see a satire of him. It really is funny and well done.

A lot of time and effort went into this short article, for the simple reason there is a mountain of evidence on the Internet exposing this quack. Why waste any more time on some-one like this? It’s all about money for Mike, and he is very rich. P.T. Barnum would just love him.

















































































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