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Non-Dairy Milks -Roger Mason

Fortunately, people are turning away from dairy milk and other dairy products. Finally, many realize that dairy is full of toxic lactose and casein. Read the article Milk Will Kill You. The grocery store shelves everywhere are stocked with non-dairy milks. This is a wonderful thing, and most surprising. There is now a choice of soy, almond, rice, coconut, hazelnut, cashew, flax, hemp, and oat milks. Sesame, walnut, and pecan are not offered for some reason. The American Dairy Association is having a collective heart attack! Good. In 2017 the ADA banned the terms "soy milk", "soy cheese" and "soy yogurt". They are a most powerful lobby.

Let's go over them...

Soy milk was by far and away the leader until recently. Now soy has dropped to about 30% of non-dairy milk sales. This is a shame. Many soy milks are delicious, and taste much better than dairy milk. Only buy organic, as most soybeans grown today in America are GMO. Even Wal-Mart sells organic soymilk in plain, vanilla, and cocoa. Much of this drop in sales is due to the ridiculous and asinine disinformation by people like Dr. Mercola and the Weston Price Foundation. Read the articles Dr. Mercola and Weston Price Foundation. Soy is your best choice, as it is actually nutritious, and contains a good amount of soy. Read the Soy is Good Food article.

Almond milk is a misleading scam, as there are almost no almonds in it. You might get about 6 almonds per cup- if you're lucky. How to they get away with this? By saying "almond milk" is the leading ingredient, and not listing how many almonds are in there. It's actually almond water, not milk. Almonds are very expensive. Almond water is made by shaking almond paste with water. There are almost no almonds in almond water.  You get no protein, fiber, oil, almond meal, or anything else. The expensive almond oil is removed, sold at $12 a pint, and replaced with inexpensive sunflower oil. Almond milk is really just sugar water thickened with carageenan (seaweed extract) and lecithin, with some calcium carbonate, potassium citrate, sea salt and vitamins. The recipes vary.

Coconut milk is a another abomination. First of all, coconuts are a tropical food that should be eaten by tropical races living in tropical areas. Nature has a plan, and that plan includes eating foods that match your race and environment. It is made from a water extract of coconut meal. Again, this is mostly sugar water with thickeners and coconut flavoring. This is a shame, as coconut cream is thick and creamy. It's all about profit.

Hazelnut milk is just like almond milk- almost no hazelnuts. The price of hazelnuts is very high, and you just cannot afford to put them in there. You cannot make a good water suspension of any nut, or seeds like sesame and flax, due to their high oil nature. Same thing for cashew milk- almost no cashews. Tastes great though.

Rice milk is a good choice, but it is not made with brown rice. Even Rice Dream® uses "partially milled brown rice". Why aren't they making this out of real brown rice? Rice is very water soluble, and makes a good non-dairy milk.

Oat milk is also a good choice, and contains lots of whole oats. It is naturally thick because of the high beta glucan content, and very nutritious. This didn't go over very well with most people, as it tastes distinctively like oats. You can find this in health food stores.

Flax milk sounds wonderful. Ideally, this would be a really great non-dairy milk. Unfortunately, flax does not mix well with water. This is not going over well in the marketplace. If new technology could make a good flax milk, that would be great.

Hemp milk is a watery foul tasting abomination. This is a product of the potheads, who see hemp literally as a religion.

You can buy unsweetened varieties of these non-dairy milks if you want. These do not taste very good, and are best used in cooking. A little sweetener is necessary to make any of them palatable for drinking.  Forget the non-dairy creamers, as they are loaded with sugar! You shouldn't be drinking coffee anyway. You don't need to put creamer in tea either.

You can easily make your own non-dairy milks at home in minutes for almost nothing. However, they will just not turn out like the professionally made milks. Use soy flour for soy. Use brown rice flour for rice. Use oat milk for oat. Grain and bean milks should be cooked. Use canned coconut cream for coconut. Use flax seed for flax. Use tahini for sesame. Seed milks should also be cooked. Use nut butters (pecan, walnut, etc.) for nut milks, not ground nuts. (Peanuts are too allergenic.) You must add a thickener like xanthan gum or carageenan. You can buy thickeners cheaply on the Internet. You can also add powdered lecithin, and a little corn, or other mild vegetable oil like safflower or sunflower.

To make almond milk, for example, just add a tablespoon of almond butter to a pint of water. Add a tablespoon of your favorite sweetener, a teaspoon of lecithin, (no oil needed for nut milks), a quarter teaspoon of carageenan or xanthan gum, a pinch of salt, and blend for 30 seconds. For grain milks add a tablespoon of oil. You can do this in three minutes for less than 25 cents. You must shake before use however, as the commercials have sophisticated, ultra-high speed blenders. Adjust the recipe as you wish. This is as easy and convenient as it is economical. Use Google to find endless recipes for any non-dairy milk you want.

There is no reason to drink dairy milk with all these choices. Read the Milk is Gonna Kill You article.


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