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Pain Medication-Roger Mason

People are generally completely uninformed about pain medications. Doctors are almost as completely uninformed. Pain medication is a blessing for the TEMPORARY relief of pain, or for people who are dying and suffering. All drugs were legal in America for almost 150 years, until the Harrison Narcotic Act of 1913. There was not even an age limit! Heroin, morphine, opium, cocaine, amphetamine, hashish, and marijuana were inexpensive, over the counter drugs. Only about 3% of Americans had a dependence problem. They were marginalized people, not criminals. There was simply no reason whatsoever to pass this act. All drugs should be legal for adults. Period. That’s right- all drugs for all adults. Anyone who commits a crime while under the influence of any drug (including alcohol) should get doubled penalties. People with drug problems are medical patients, not criminals. This would put an end to drug cartels, most organized crime, most gangs, and would empty the prisons overnight. One third of the courts would close down, and one third of the lawyers would be out of work as well. Police would be free to arrest real criminals. It would also take all the profit, false allure, and fake glamour out of illegal forbidden drugs. Drug dependence is Boring with a capital B. Countries like the Czech Republic, Mexico, and Portugal that have legalized drug possession have seen a FALL in drug addiction and drug abuse. That's right, any drug legalization results in less drug use, not more. They should fully legalize drugs, not mere possession. All drug dealers would be out of business overnight.

Headache is the leading cause of pain. If you have a headache, or other minor pains, try an ice pack. If that doesn’t help, try a heating pad. One or the other should help you very much. Only real world experience will tell you whether hot or cold helps relieve your pain. Aspirin is not toxic, if you take one or two , and only occasionally. It is simply the acetyl derivative of salicylic acid from willow bark. If you have regular headaches, or other pains, your body is telling you there is a problem you need to address. Americans swill down literally tons of aspirin every year. 

Countless millions of clueless Americans also swill down acetaminophen like candy.  This drug is so toxic, so poisonous, and so so dangerous, it should be outlawed. Warning labels are not enough here. Acetaminophen (aka paracetamol) will turn your liver into pudding. This is sold as Tylenol® and Anacin®.  Another dangerous poison is ibuprofen. This is sold as Advil® and Motrin®. This is also toxic with many side effects. This should also be outlawed for human or animal use. Naproxen (sold as Alleve®) should also be avoided. Google the side effects of these three to see how toxic they are.

If you have stronger pain, there are only a few good prescription options, and all are natural opiates or opiate derivatives. Codeine 60 mg is not strong, but is effective for mild pain. It has a “ceiling”, so if you take, say, 200 mg it will not be any more effective than 60 mg. The most you can take is about 60 mg AM, and 60 mg PM. Codeine is sold over the counter in many countries with no problems at all. The fact it is a prescription drug is ridiculous. It was sold over the counter in America in the 1960s with no problem. Never buy codeine with aspirin, acetaminophen, ibuprofen, or any other filler. Codeine cough syrup is very effective, and safe for palliative relief. It has little euphoric effect.

Hydrocodone 10 mg is six times stronger than codeine, and much more euphoric. This is just codeine with a hydrogen atom. In November 2013 you can finally buy (expensive) Zohydro® without acetaminophen. Do NOT use Vicodin®, which is full of toxic acetaminophen. Hydrocodone (as Vicodin) was the most commonly prescribed prescription drug of all, by far in America. People are ruining their health with the acetaminophen in Vicodin®.  Zohydro®. is very expensive for no reason whatsoever.

Oxycodeine 10 mg is also six times stronger than codeine, and just as euphoric as hydrocodeine. It is just codeine with an oxygen atom. You get euphoria plus energy. This combination makes it potentially addictive for weak minded people. This is the best pain killer known, and most people actually prefer it to morphine. For some reason, this is only sold in a very few countries. This is the best overall pain medication known to man. Believe it or not, this was invented in 1914, and only recently has become so popular. For almost 100 years it just sat on the shelf. Oxycontin® is high dose oxycodeine, up to 160 mg (!) for terminal patients. Percoset® is full of toxic acetaminophen for no valid reason at all. 

Morphine 30 mg was considered the gold standard for pain relief, but most people prefer oxycodeine, due to the enhanced euphoria and feeling of energy. Morphine is usually given to people with more serious pain. Morphine does not work for some people, as they lack the enzyme necessary to metabolize it. Morphine is good for people who do not want the extra energy and euphoria, just pain relief. Using it intrarectally is 50% more effective. This route does not work with any other pain medicine except morphine and it's derivatives.

Hydromorphine 4 mg is known as Dilaudid®, and more than seven times stronger than morphine. This is just morphine with a hydrogen atom. It was invented in 1924. This is usually prescribed for more serious pain. There is really no basic difference between morphine and hydromorphine except dosage. It is also 50% more effective when used intrarectally.

What about heroin (diacetyl morphine) 5 mg itself? This is a fine pain killer, and no more addictive than morphine. This is used in Europe, but not in the U.S. It makes no sense at all to outlaw heroin as a pain medication. The only problem is that it cannot be taken orally. That does make it impractical. Never inject any drug unless you are in the hospital emergency room. Use opiates orally. Heroin has been demonized for no reason at all. The fact it must be injected makes it very impractical however.

Oxymorphine aka oxymorphone 5 mg (Opana®) is similar to hydromorphine, but for some reason is rarely used in the U.S. This is just morphine with an oxygen atom. This has also been available for almost 100 years. This is a shame it is used more, as it is very strong and very effective. This just proves the ignorance of medical doctors to not use a safe and effective drug like this. This is very underutilized. 50% more effective when used intrarectally.

Opium tincture is known as Paregoric®, but it very diluted and weak. Opium powder is not used in America for pain, and concentrated opium (Pantopon®) is almost never used. There are too many harmful alkaloids in unconcentrated opium to use safely. You do not want to take these alkaloids. Paregoric is sold over the counter in some countries with no problems at all. It was legal in America until the 1960s.

What about the synthetic non-opiate drugs like Tramadol®, Demerol®, fentanyl, methadone, ketamine, and propoxyphene? Don’t use these, since you have more effective, less toxic opiates to use. Tramadol® is weak and toxic. Demerol® is very effective, but more toxic than real opiates. Fentanyl is best used as an anesthetic for surgery. Patches are available. The Russians use it as a military aerosol to incapacitate crowds. (The problem is many people die when it is used that way.)   Methadone is very toxic, and should not be used. Ketamine is a deleriant anesthetic drug with psychedelic properties. The ketamine patches do not cause disorientation. Propoxyphene (Darvon®) is toxic and simply should not be used.    

This leaves morphine, Dilaudid, and oxycodeine for most people. Serious pain can require morphine or hydromorphine, since oxymorphine is rarely used. This is a short but effective list. Do not let the doctor, in his ignorance, dictate your pain management. Demand real opiates with no fillers. 

For pet lovers, the same is true for our beloved companions. Codeine is weak and rather ineffective. This again leaves oxycodeine, morphine, and dilaudid  as the only real choices. Veterinarians are stupid beyond belief, and will give your beloved pet ineffective Tramadol® and other such drugs.  Demand proper pain medication if your pet needs it, and find a new vet if he won't do it. Some pets cannot metabolize morphine.

All the above refers to short term use in minimal doses. With regular or long term use this picture changes totally. The side effects are terrible over time. Higher and higher doses are required, with less and less effect. Your entire digestion system is destroyed from one end to the other. Men become hopelessly impotent. Women lose their libido. Normal sleep is impossible. Chronic coughs are normal. Skin conditions arise. Headaches become regular. There is a long list here of serious problems with long term use even in the smallest of doses. Opiates are for temporary use and for the terminal.

The drugs laws have turned America, and most of the whole world, into police states. America has 5% of the world population, but 25% of the world prison inmates!!! One third of American prisoners are locked up for drugs. The drug laws make pharmacists, doctors, and pharmaceutical companies rich. Opiates would literally cost no more than candy bars if legalized. Again, pain medication is for the TEMPORARY relief of suffering, unless you  have an incurable chronic condition, or are terminal. You need to be educated about pain relief because your doctor certainly isn't. In 2019 opiate addiction has taken over most American cities. The "solution" of course will be to put more people in prison. The War on Drugs has increased drug use exponentially, and turned this country into a police state. The fake "Opioid War" is just another way to turn America into even more of a police state.