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pH Disaster -Roger Mason

In 2016 the pH diet has almost disappeared. Another silly fad. People finally realized just how stupid the whole idea was. There is a still a book sold called The pH Diet by Robert Young that was behind all this. The book is too ridiculous for words folks. Tony Robbins, the self help guru, was promoting Robert and his pH diet. This shows you how blind, otherwise intelligent people, can be at times. Tony is a very impressive person, but a total flop when it comes to health. Whole grains are the very foundation of a good diet, and should be your principle food. Robert, however, tells us that life giving whole grains such as brown rice are "mucus forming", and "acid forming". Sure thing. The idea of not eating grains is diametrically opposed to reality.  What does he want you to eat? He loves peppers (Nightshade), tomatoes (Nightshade), lemons (acidic), and avocadoes (tropical and full of fat). Nightshade vegetables (including potatoes and eggplants) contain large amounts of toxic solanine and other poisonous alkaloids, but he hasn't figured that out yet. He puts lemon juice on most everything he eats! How is highly acidic lemon juice going to make your body alkaline? He never quite explains that.

He wants you to "drink your greens" and juice your vegetables. Juicing is not a healthy habit, because all the valuable fiber is removed when you juice vegetables. Common sense tells you to CHEW your vegetables rather than liquify them with a machine and drink them.  Please read Juicing Is Not a Health Practice in our library. He thinks tofu is a health food, when tofu is the "white bread" of soybeans, and has most all the nutrition removed. Read the article  Tofu Is Not a Health Food in the library.

He goes by the theory of "food combining" which was promoted by two pretenders, the Diamonds, decades ago. This was originally based on Herbert Shelton's writings. Herb fell over prematurely from some dread disease after foolishly following his own health advice. The Diamonds are anything but a living example of natural health and vitality. Macrobiotics has always stressed that our body should be alkaline, and our blood should measure about 7.4 on the pH scale (1-7 is acidic and 7-14 is alkaline). You cannot determine your alkaline balance with saliva or urine, as blood is the only accurate indicator. You maintain this natural alkalinity by eating whole grains, beans, most vegetables (not Nightshades or tropical vegetables like taro root), no more than 10% local temperature fruits, and l0% seafood if you don't want to be a vegetarian.

To his credit Robert says not to eat the fats in meat, poultry, eggs and dairy.

He also points out that fruits are basically water and sugar, with very little nutrition, and contribute to acidity in our bodies. So, why does he sprinkle lemon juice on everything? Please read the article Fruits Have No Nutrition. He also exposes spirulina and chorella as useless. He also points out that the official government RDA of 1,000 mg daily for calcium is absurd, as only people who hog down endless amounts of allergenic dairy products could ever meet this requirement. Please read my book The Minerals You Need to learn how you only need half this amount of calcium. He points out that peanuts are one of the top ten leading allergenic foods. So, the guy isn't all bad.

If you want a really good laugh, take a look at his supplement program. Is he recommending scientifically proven supplements such as beta glucan, vitamin E, PS, soy isoflavones, FOS, acidophilus, L-glutamine, lipoic acid, flax oil, glucosamine, CoQ10, DIM, beta-sitosterol, and the full complement of minerals (magnesium, calcium, iron, selenium, copper, chromium, iodine, molybdenum, zinc, manganese, vanadium, boron, silicon, strontium, germanium, tin, nickel, cesium, gallium, rubidium, and cobalt). Well, not quite. Hydrogen peroxide (yes, what you bleach your hair with), noni juice (I swear I'm not making this stuff up!), colloidal silver (look it up in his book yourself if you think I'm just being mean), olive leaf (he's serious, he's actually serious), rhodium, iridium, gold, osmium, ruthenium, palladium, and platinum. Poor Robert is nuts.

How can people read crap like this and take it seriously? In 2016 this book has disappeared into obscurity and Robert probably fell over dead from taking his own advice.


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