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Lose Weight (2016) -Roger Mason


Just make better food choices. Make better food choices and you'll never be  hungry.

Americans have the cheapest and most plentiful food on earth. This is one basic reason we are also the fattest people on earth. Affluence has always resulted in obesity and poor health. We only spend about 10% of our income on food, and eat like royalty. Go to any other country, and you will see how expensive food is compared to the average paycheck. In Canada, all of Europe, Australia, and New Zealand food is very expensive compared to the average paycheck (more like 30%). Only in America, can you go to a $6.99 lunch buffet and get all the delicious food you can eat. Only in America, do you see bargain prices on everything in the grocery store. Only in America, do we eat like kings and queens for 10% of our income. The empire is collapsing and this will all end. Then we’ll be paying 30% for our food, like everyone else.

It's not possible to eat much less food, as the hunger instinct is stronger than the reproductive instinct. You can go all your life without sex, but try to go 24 hours without food. Calorie restrict-ion is based on better food choices, not going hungry. Read the article Live Longer for Free. Will power is an illusion, and hunger will overpower the best of intentions. Is it really possible to eat all you want and actually lose weight? Yes, it is. Just make better food choices. Read Dean Ornish's Eat More, Weigh Less, Terry Shintani's The Hawaii Diet, or The Good Carbohydrate Revolution, Susan Powter's Stop the Insanity, Gary Null's Get Healthy Now, or  my Macrobiotics for Everyone. Read any book on macrobiotics. It's not how much you eat- it's what you eat. DON'T EAT FAT! Fat has almost twice the calories of protein or carbohydrates. Fat, not food, makes you fat. Many rural Asians, like China, actually eat more food than we do, but have no obesity problem. They eat less actual calories. Yes, they work more physically, but they eat grains, vegetables, beans, seafood, and fruits basically. Animal products are only a small portion of their diet, as they just cannot afford them. They simply cannot afford to eat rich, fatty animal foods. Urban Asians are more affluent, and tend to adopt Western foods- and get fatter.

Hormone balance is vital here. Test and balance all your basic hormones, especially if you are over 40. This would include melatonin, pregnenolone, DHEA, testosterone, estrone, and estradiol.  High estradiol or estrone can make you gain weight. Women should include estriol. Have your thyroid T3 and T4 levels checked as well. A low T3 or T4 thyroid level can cause you to pack on the pounds, as well as increasing your appetite. Make sure your fasting blood sugar is 85 or less, to see if you have insulin resistance. Get a one draw GTT (glucose tolerance test) if it is over 85. Growth hormone is an overrated vanity that must be injected, and will cost you about $1,800 a year. If your endocrine system is unbalanced, gaining weight may not be completely your fault. Remember that all our hormones work together in harmony as a team, so all of them should be tested and balanced as much as possible. Read the Balance Your Hormones article. This is easy, simple, cheap and requires no doctor.

Diet is everything. Your basic staple is whole grains. Learn to use whole grains as your staff of life. Beans are also a staple food. Most vegetables (no Nightshades though) are a staple. You can eat 10% seafood if you like. You can eat 10% local (not tropical) fruits as well.

A one day fast every week on water from dinner to dinner will give you 52 fasts every year. This will give your digestive system a much needed rest every week, get the toxins and poisons out of your system, and allow your body to strengthen any weaknesses. Fasting is the most powerful healing method known to man. Yes, you can easily fast for 24 hours every week. Read the two fasting articles under F. Healthy digestion is important. Weak digestion per se can cause weight gain. Read the article Good Health Begins with Good Digestion. You need strong digestion.

Eat a bowl of hot soup at least once a day before your meal, and preferably twice a day, to lose weight. Make this a way of life. Hot watery food like soup, and even stews and chowders, fill you up on less calories. To give one example, you could eat a box of Cheez-Its® crackers with 2,560 calories- which wouldn't get you thru the day. Or you could eat ten cans of Progresso chicken rice soup with only 1,800 calories- which you probably couldn't finish in a day. You can go on a soup only diet for a week, and it certainly doesn't need to be the famous cabbage soup diet. Get a soup cookbook from your local library. You can make delicious soups without meat, poultry, eggs, or dairy products.

You can lose weight by taking dangerous stimulants like amphetamine, cocaine, and ephedrine, but you'll end up a nervous wreck after a week, and suffer from paranoid schizophrenia after a month. The prescription drugs for weight loss are also useless. Do not take any prescription drugs, as they will ruin your health. Diet and lifestyle are the answer to lifelong slimness. No diet aids work; always remember that. Do not drink coffee, guarana, yerba mate, or energy drinks. Any form of caffeine will wreck your blood sugar balance, raise your insulin level, and cause you to gain weight. Read the articles on caffeine and coffee under C.

You must exercise to stay slim. Ideally you want to join a gym or have a home gym. Walking is the best exercise of all. Running and jogging can cause joint and ligament damage. A combination of aerobic and resistance exercise is best. Exercise raises your beta endorphin levels, which make you feel good all the time.

You can go on a ketogenic or Atkins/Paleolithic/Mercola diet, and eat no grains, beans, or other carbohydrates. You’ll suffer from the disease condition "ketosis"- which the diet is named after. When a diet is named after a pathological condition, doesn't that tell you some-thing? You will lose weight in the beginning, but not after the first month. Have you even seen anyone continue to lose weight on such a high fat, meat, poultry, egg, and dairy product diet? Your cholesterol will skyrocket, your insulin will rise, and the cancer cells in your body will be celebrating all this insanity. Anyone who goes on an Atkins-type diet has a death wish in the first place, and no common sense at all. The same is true for gluten free diets.

What can do you? You can MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES- that's what you can do. Americans eat twice the calories they need, twice the protein, eight times the fat, and 160 pounds of various sugars. We live off of red meat, poultry, eggs, dairy, milk, white bread, white pasta, white rice, white flour, chemicals, coffee, alcohol, and an endless array of junk food. Women only need about 1,200 calories daily, and men about 1,800. That isn't much is it? That's all we need to be healthy and happy biologically. We only need about 15% protein and 5% fat calories for ideal health. We wonder why we lead the world in coronary heart disease, diabetes, hypertension. and almost every form of cancer. The answer is obvious. You can eat all you want and never be hungry, and never have to deny yourself if you simply MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES. Your food can be fun, tasty, creative, delicious, and satisfying if you'll just eat whole natural foods and learn some basic recipes from cookbooks. You do not have to deny yourself or go hungry at all.

Start eating two meals a day rather than three. We don't need three meals a day. Eating three meals a day is totally unnecessary. Breakfast is not "your most important meal", and you can do without it completely. Or you can eat breakfast and skip lunch every day. Eat two meals a day. Don’t eat out much. Take your lunch to work. Eat in Asian restaurants when you do eat out. Eat hot and cold whole grain cereals and whole grain breads for breakfast. Dinner is your main meal, and you don't have to be a vegetarian. Eat 10% seafood if you want. Don’t eat meat, poultry, eggs or dairy products. Eat brown rice and whole grain pasta with lots of beans and green and yellow vegetables. Get international cookbooks, and see how easy it is to make delicious, highly flavored vegetables. You can actually eat more, enjoy your meals immensely, and lose weight, while never going hungry and eating all you want, if you just MAKE BETTER FOOD CHOICES. Please read my book Macrobiotics for Everyone, and you'll see how you can enjoy your food, eat all you want and stay slim and healthy. The secret to calorie restriction is making better food choices, not eating less food.

The last thing to do is print out the article Seven Steps to Natural Health in our library. Do all seven steps with no excuses. Diet is everything. Diet, supplements, hormones, exercise, fasting, no Rx drugs, and limit or end any bad habits.





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