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Resveratrol Is Rubbish -Roger Mason

Resveratrol (3,5,4 trans-hydroxy stilbene) was discovered about 70 years ago. It’s hardly new. You see everyone selling resveratrol, so it must be good stuff, right? If so many people are buying it, then it must work, right? Wrong! It doesn’t work, never did work, and never will work. Science proves it is worthless. Some websites call this a “Miracle Supplement”. They claim, “Resveratrol Cuts Risk of Prostate Cancer Up to 60%,” and, “Helps Prevent Blood Clots and Stroke,” and, “Attacks Cancer Cells,” and, “Dramatically Increases Life Span,” and “ Reduces Risk of Coronary Disease,” and “One Way to Stop the Flu”. The Life Extension Foundation (read the Life Extension article) said, “Findings from the published scientific literature indicates resveratrol may be the most effective plant extract for maintaining optimal health.”  It would be great if any of this was true, but it isn’t. Morons like Dr. Oz praise this as a Magical Cureall (read Dr. Oz is in the Ozone). Even if it did have any value- which it doesn’t- it is exogenous, and would only have minor and very temporary effects. It isn’t found in your body or in common food, only grape skins (not the seeds or the juice), mulberries, and peanuts basically. It is not in your food or in your body. Read the article Endogenous and Exogenous. This is a waste product from the wine industry. Grape skins were fed to pigs before the crooks figured out how to sell it to the naïve and gullible.

There is not one valid animal study, much less a human study that shows any value at all. Any positive "study" you might find is simply a paid advertisement in a second rate journal.  Resveratrol is only 30 cents a gram wholesale ($300 a kg). A bottle of 60 X 100 mg, for example, only contains 6 grams, or $1.80 worth, of actual resveratrol. Yet  this sells for up to twenty bucks??? Twenty dollars for $1.80 worth! Pig feed for $20 a bottle?  Resveratrol has been around for seven decades, and there is still no science behind it. If  his had any real value at all, we would have had published human decades ago. We are the only supplement company in the world who refuses to sell this junk. Young Again doesn’t sell rubbish.

Folks, there are no Magic Supplements to cure what ails you. Diet and lifestyle cure disease, not Magic Anything. Supplements are only one of the Seven Steps to Natural Health (please read the article Seven Steps.) People under 40 only need about eight supplements (read Supplements for Younger People), and people over 50 need about twenty (read Serious Supplement Program). People over 40 also need hormone balance (read Balance Your Hormones.)            

Quackwatch ( is no friend of ours, but they did expose reservatrol as a worthless promotion. Sirtus Pharmaceuticals is behind all of this basically. They are a subsidiary of the huge megacorporation GlaxoSmithKline. They sponsored a human study in 2010 on SRT501, a patented  (you can’t patent natural molecules) slightly modified form of resveratrol. The study had to be halted due to kidney damage in some patients!!!

Johns Hopkins University studied 783 adults, and published the results in JAMA Internal Medicine v. 174 (2014). Their  resveratrol metabolite concentration levels were measured. They clearly found resveratrol had no health benefits at all. In fact they suggested people not waste their money on this. Resveratrol had, "no association with inflammatory markers, cardiovascular disease, cancer, or all cause mortality". The analysis of 783 real people proved this is worthless.

Resveratrol is a useless scam. For ten years now we have been the ONLY ones in the world to tell you it doesn't work, and has no health benefits. Pleases read the article Garbage Supplements in 2014 at to see what other junk is being promoted by crooks. Most people just not have discovered this, so it still continues to be a successful product for those who don’t know any better. Remember, any company that sells resveratrol is a scam outfit that only cares about your money, not your health and well being. We care about your health and well being.

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