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Dr. Stephen Sinatra-Roger Mason

Under "D" in our library you'll see a list of shamless charlatan "natural health" doctors. Sinatra is one of the worst.  He is a hard core allopathic (treat the symptom and to heck with the cause). He is just another vacuous, egotistic, greedy, narcissistic, self-promoting blowhard who wouldn't know natural health from ear wax.  

He calls himself "America's #1 integrative cardiologist". What an arrogant moron.  He changes the name of his newsletter regularly. Now it is "e-news". Sinatra pretends to promote natural medicine instead of prescription drugs, surgery, and radiation. Quite the opposite is true. His dietary advice is exactly the opposite of what is healthy. He knows nothing about hormones and almost nothing about supplements. When you don't know what you're talking about, it takes a lot of hubris to write your own monthly natural health letter.  

He sells a variety of extremely overpriced junk to the fools who go to his website. The confusing part is how he finds so many fools to buy this crap severely inflated prices. Visit his website to see how really bad it is. He gets terrible reviews on the Internet, especially on Amazon. Just go to

He wrote as asinine book The Great Cholesterol Myth. Also the companion book The Great Cholesterol Myth Cookbook. He is too incompetent to write his own books so they are "co-authored". That is a trade term for having someone else write your books for you. These books are too stupid for words. He claims high cholesterol doesn't predict heart and artery disease! Yes, he's that ignorant. Please read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. Cholesterol is THE main predictor of CHD health along with triglycerides, CRP, uric acid, and homocysteine. Worldwide epidemiological (population based) studies prove this overwhelmingly. High cholesterol is also an excellent predictor of other diseases from diabetes to various cancers. He also advo-cates eating meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products. These are the only foods that contain cholesterol. He is telling people to eat the very foods that cause all manner of disease, not just heart and artery conditions. He also claims saturated fat doesn't matter. The sheeple lap this up because they want an excuse to eat all the animal foods they want. He is 69 (2016), looks terrible, is fat, and his eyes are squinty and look permanently shut. Hardly a poster boy for natural health.
While he does advocate some good supplements like CoQ10, alpha lipoic acid, N-acetyl cysteine, beta glucan, and others, his prices are hideous. Obviously, you have to tell people some valid facts to write a newsletter and have any credibility at all. 
You start seeing the problems when Stephen tells you chocolate is good for you, and, "Why physicians are starting to eat chocolate". Now folks, we would all love to see some studies showing us that chocolate is good for us. That would be wonderful. Maybe we could dig up some that says alcohol is good for us as well. What about coffee? How about cocaine? Or morphine and oxycontin? He actually says, "Researchers have just discovered that chocolate has more benefits than disadvantages". He goes on to say it improves blood flow, has disease fighting antioxidants and the phenylethylamine in it is euphoric. That “study”, of course, was just a paid adver-tisement by a chocolate manufacturers association. He defines "quack".
He was forced to stop selling his, "natural alternative to Viagra®". He was selling the South American herb Muira puama and wild oats (Avena sativa). These won't help your sex life one whit. These wouldn't help you if you took them by the pound. Men, if you have a potency problem you can bet that more than 90% of it is PSYCHOLOGICAL. Read the article Male Sexual Performance in our library.  If you feel you have a physical basis for lack of sexual ability try testing your DHEA and testosterone levels. If low bring them back to the levels you had when you were 30 and virile. Try losing weight, exercising, and eating well. Knock off addictions like alcohol, prescription drugs, smoking, and coffee to get your health back.  Good sex equals good health. You can't have good sex if you're not healthy. Good sex also equals good relationship. Happy couples have good sex. 
He was also forced to stop selling Poly-MVA as a Magic Cure for cancer. It was finally exposed in 2006 as a complete fraud. He told his readers they didn't have to change their diet, take proven supplements, balance their hormones, fast, exercise, or drop any bad habits (like coffee)- just take this totally overpriced, completely unproven, unnatural supplement, and your cancer will disappear while you're shoving more hamburgers down your throat. 
He goes on to tell you that women can balance their estrogen and progesterone without using actual hormones! You just take these rare Chinese herbs instead. Yeah, right Stephen. What a moron? How did he get through medical school? His stupidity knows no bounds.
He is a big fan of the books Grain Brain and Wheat Belly. He doesn't want you to eat gluten, whole wheat or other whole grains. He thinks meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products are health foods! He's that stupid. No one ever explained that all adults have a universal allergy to lactose and milk proteins like casein. We could go on and on about his almost complete lack of knowledge regarding natural health but why bother? 
Avoid this quack like the plague!





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