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Komen Race for the Cash - Roger Mason

One in eight American women will get breast cancer!

You’ve seen those fat cows driving around in their gas guzzling SUVs with pink ribbons on their bumpers. Let’s all “race to cure cancer”. What a crock! Any woman who supports Komen is a brain dead moron. What does “cure” mean? Cure means to deal with the very cause of your illness, not cover up the symptoms. You can’t butcher, poison, or irradiate your way to health. 99% of all women with breast (or any other) cancer run to the doctor, grovel at his feet, throw money at him, and get their breasts cut off. Radiation and chemotherapy usually go along with this insanity. Then the poor woman goes thru life declaring herself a proud “survivor”. They are really just victims...professional victims. Their entire quality of life is ruined after this. Yes, cancer can be cured naturally. You can cure cancer with diet and lifestyle.

This is a typical Komen Fat Cow Parade.


Do you know what Susan Komen is really about? Money! Money and more money. They pull in almost $400 million a year from suckers. Only 13% of this goes to research. They paid their past president, Hala Moddelmog, almost a half million a year in salary! They have 124 affiliates in 50 different countries, and 100,000 brain dead volunteers. It’s about medical doctors, pharmacists, surgeons, hospitals, and pharmaceutical corporations. This isn’t about women’s health, or anything else about health. They never talk about diet and lifestyle. It’s about promoting the medical profession.  Like they need more money. You don’t cure anything by butchering, poisoning, and irradiating people. They just make the medical profession richer. Komen is always shoving, “early detection is the best protection” down your throat. What a lie! Early detection is next to useless folks. PREVENTION is your best protection, not detection. An ounce of prevention is worth ten pounds of cure. Let’s say that again in big black letters:


Prevention means healthy diet and lifestyle. Our American high fat diet causes breast cancer. Eating meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods cause breast cancer. Eating sugar of any kind causes breast cancer (read the Sugar is Sugar article). One in eight American women are going to get breast cancer. Isn’t that frightening? One in eight. This only happens in America though. Go to rural Asia and try to find breast cancer. Or cervical, uterine, or ovarian cancer. It’s rare in rural Asia. Why? It’s rare because of their diet and lifestyle, that’s why. They don’t stuff 42% saturated fat calories in their faces every day, that’s why. They don’t stuff 160 pounds of sugars down their throats every year, that’s why. They don’t swill down twice the calories they need, that’s why. They don’t eat twice the protein they need, that’s why.

Every woman in America should read Robert Kradjian’s book Save Yourself from Breast Cancer. It’s out of print, but you can get it at any public library by request. His findings are very, very simple- saturated fat causes breast cancer, plain and simple. Let’s repeat that…saturated animal fat is the basic cause of breast and other female cancers. Americans eat 42% fat calories, and almost all of these are saturated animal fats. These only come from meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy foods.

Go to the website to see what a total crock this is. They don’t talk about prevention. They don’t bring up diet one time in their very long list of risk factors. They don’t bring up saturated fat one time, even though that is the main cause. Doesn’t this tell you everything you need to know? They claim red meat, dietary fat, high insulin, and dairy foods have nothing to do with breast cancer! The international research shows exactly the opposite.

Would you like to have an almost zero chance of getting breast cancer (and the laundry list of other cancers)? Stop eating meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy. Stop eating any form of sugar including honey and agave. That’s how. Reduce your saturated animal fat intake to basically nothing. Eat 10% seafood if you want. If rural Asian women come to the U.S. and keep their native diets, they still don’t get cancer. If they adopt the American and fast food way of life they get the same, or even worse, rates. The same is true of rural African women. By the way, African men in America have the highest rates of prostate cancer in the world from the American diet, but almost zero in Africa. Breast and prostate cancer are mirror images of each other. Both are caused by high animal fat diets.

Ladies, please read my book Natural Health for Women. This explains diet, supplements, hormones, and even fasting. Then read Macrobiotics for Everyone to learn about the whole grain based diet. The money Komen gets supposedly goes to “research” for more surgery, more radiation, more drugs, and more chemotherapy. You are never going to cure cancer, or any other disease, in a million years by butchering, poisoning, and irradiating people. Ray Charles can see that much. A pox on pink ribbons!!!

Look at the cancer causing products embossed with pink ribbons that push this crap...fried chicken, chocolate candy, yogurt, cupcakes, and God know what else. Now you see pink ribbons on all kinds of non-food products as well. This is called “cause marketing”, and benefits the companies that use them over the actual “charity”. It’s all about the money folks...the Susan Komen race for the money.



(Thanks to Mike Adams, the for this little bit of humor.)


Don’t buy any product with a pink ribbon on it. Just remember that prevention is your best protection.


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