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SOD (superoxide dismutase)  Realities -Roger Mason

We have two major, powerful antioxidant enzymes in our bodies- SOD and glutathione. As we age, our blood and tissue levels tend to fall, and our antioxidant protection diminishes. It is easy to raise our glutathione levels by simply taking NAC (N-acetyl cysteine). For some reason, this works much better than taking glutahione itself. Unfortunately, we have no practical way of raising SOD. The oral tablets sold are a scam. SOD cannot be taken orally, and the supposed SOD comes from melons!!! It is also measured in mg, which is not possible. Science proves oral SOD breaks down in the stomach. Plasma levels of SOD can be diagnosed with ELISA testing, but this is not necessary at all.  Real SOD is synthesized, known as "Zn/Cu SOD" complex, and costs about $1,200 a pint. It is meant only for cosmetics. It is measured in PIU (pyrogallol inhibition units) and not mg or IU. It also has a preservative. This means you cannot make your own intranasal, sublingual drops, or in DMSO. Doctors could give you injections, but they don't even know what SOD is, much less how to administer it.  This would also be expensive, inconvenient, and done by injection. It would also have to be done every week, yet it needs to be done every day, as the SOD metabolizes quickly. The FDA, in their infinite wisdom, bans transdermal DMSO solutions, and nasal sprays for hormones and vital supplements like SOD. If the FDA allowed these, we could inexpensively raise our levels and be healthier. Nasal spray, sublingual drops, and DMSO solution should be sold over the counter without a prescription. Even the life extension clinics do not offer SOD injections. Your author has the largest, most extensive, and most comprehensive file on the published literature of the world on SOD.

Why don't the pharmaceutical corporations at least make injectable SOD? Sublingual drops would also work. They don't even offer doctors vials of injectable SOD solutions.There are excellent topical uses for SOD, however, for our skin. We used to sell SOD cream with 50,000 PIU  of Zn/Cu SOD per two ounce jar. We also offered an SOD spray with 50,000 PIU per two ounce bottle. There was little demand for them, so we had to drop both. There is very good science on the value of topical SOD for better skin metabolism. This includes burns, wounds, wrinkles, aging, sunburn, and even hair growth. No one else on earth sold real SOD products like these.

Is there any other way to raise our plasma and tissue SOD levels? Yes, by a total program of diet and lifestyle both your SOD and glutathione levels will be much higher. Eat well, take the proven supplements, balance your basic hormones, drop any bad habits, don't take Rx drugs, exercise regularly, and fast every week. Also you can take a flax oil supplement. Instead of taking a 1,000 mg softgel, buy bulk refrigerated Barleans high lignan flax oil and take a half teaspoon (2.5 grams) every day to raise your SOD (Natural Re-search v 17, 1996). Read the article Flax Oil is Amazing in our free library. We could all be using SOD supplement internally, but the FDA prevents that.


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