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Suzanne Somers is an Airhead-Roger Mason

We really shouldn't waste time on someone like this. However, millions of poor, clueless naive old cows actually read her many books. You know, the same ones that watch Dr. Oz. Men can't stand her. In her unending crusade of narcissism, Suzanne pretended to write over twenty books. Actually, she pays someone to ghost write her books, since she is far too stupid to write them. With her obviously low I.Q. she brags she, "was always ahead of the curve waiting for everyone else to catch up", and that she, "has always been on the cutting edge" of such things as natural healing. She is chronically obese, dying of cancer, had a complete hysterectomy, has massive radiation damage, and suffers numerous health problems from her insane ketogenic, Paleolithic, caveman diet. As to her castration she says, "I have no regrets over it." No regrets over being castrated? She is dying at 67. She eats meat, poultry, eggs, and dairy products, but won't get near whole grains. No beans or legumes either. She eats at least 50% saturated artery clogging animal fats. She eats at least four times the protein she needs. And gets endless plastic surgery. She has spent well over $100,000 so far on endless procedures, plus liposuction. She's still fat and homely. Yet, she sets herself up as a poster girl for natural health! The Life Extension people think she’s a saint. She is constantly on the cover as an "inspiration" for natural health.  What is natural about HRT, surgery, hysterectomy, radiation, and prescription drugs? That shows how clueless they are. Read the Life Extension Catalog article. She has completely gone over the edge into serious psychosis. Words fail in describing how bad  her books really are. It would be very illuminating to see her blood lab results for estradiol, estrone, estriol, cholesterol, triglycerides, uric acid, homocysteine, CRP, blood sugar, creatinine, and other parameters.

For years she injected mistletoe extract (Iscador) in a desperate attempt to stop her cancer growth. That’s psychotic behavior. She takes 20 mg of melatonin instead of 1.5 mg (3 mg for men). She took HRT (horse estrogen) for years, which was a major causes of her cancer.  She also uses “nanotechnology patches”. These are so asinine and ridiculous, no attempt will be made to describe them, or what they are supposed to do. Magic Cureall Patches for psychotics. Her claims include statin drugs, "make a lot of sense". Sea salt is 97% minerals and 3% salt (actually it's 99% salt and 1% minerals). Take 10,000 IU of vitamin D daily. Soy, corn and wheat are the three major food allergens. Dairy foods are good for you. Have two bowel movements a day. Chelation therapy is of great value. Eat chocolate daily. Stem cell technology is The Answer to our epidemic disease rates. You get the idea.

She promotes a real rogues gallery of know nothing, clueless, self-promoting incompetent charl-atans as "natural health experts". These poseurs and quacks recommend an endless list of Magic Supplements to cure your illnesses, including SAMe, chlorophyll, PQQ, fisetin, apigenin, lacto-ferrin, vinpotecine, pterostilbene, Irvingia herb, green coffee beans, cinnamon, oral SOD, asta-xanthin. pomegranate, resveratrol, R-only lipoic acid, B-6 overdoses, bromelain, saw palmetto, nettles, calcium-D-glucarate, Zyflamend, rhodiola, St. John's Wort, lycopene, vitamin C over-doses, and reishi mushrooms. She even recommends dangerous toxic drugs like Deprenyl and iboprofen.

She has written the worst books on natural health and weight loss ever printed, including Eat, Cheat and Lose Weight, Ageless: The Naked Truth about Bioidentical Hormones, Get Skinny on Fabulous Food, Slim and Sexy Forever, Bombshell, Breakthrough, Ageless, Knockout, Eat Great, Lose Weight, The Sexy Years, Fast & Easy: Lose Weight, Somersize Desserts, After the Fall, Somersize Chocolate, Somersize Appetizers, Somersize Cocktails, and Keeping Secrets. Men won’t read her books, but countless naïve women read them and believe in her as some kind of Hollywood Health Authority.  Ageless is about natural hormone balance, but she knows nothing at all about how to measure or use bioidentical hormones.

She is a tragic figure as revealed in her book After the Fall. She had a very traumatic childhood, her alcoholic father was abusive, her mother was a screaming neurotic, she's dyslexic, had a shotgun marriage at 19, her son almost died, her 2005 Broadway debut was laughed at by the critics. Her 2013 TV show The Suzanne Show is too inane for words. Her TV shows have been embarassments such as She's the Sheriff and Three's Company. This is the Queen of the Butt-master, the Thighmaster, chocolate bars,  junk jewelry, and other TV infomercial crap. She is an insatiable narcissist, whose only desire in life is to get her homely aging face on TV. Everything she has ever done is eminently forgettable. The real question here is why millions of lonely women with empty lives see her as the Hollywood Star Health Expert. She has ruined countless  millions of lives. She is still ruining them.


Here is a photo of the actor Mickey Rourke in a blond wig at 200 pounds in 2013.



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