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Statin Drugs  -Roger Mason

This column has repeatedly emphasized that lowering your total cholesterol is THE most important thing you can do to prevent and cure coronary heart disease. CHD is the leading killer of Americans because of our high fat diets and unhealthy lifestyles. Americans commonly run cholesterol levels of about 240 with similarly high triglyceride levels. This should be about 150, and triglycerides should be under 100. Cholesterol and triglycerides are the two most important diagnostic indicators of heart and artery health. The other three are uric acid, CRP, and homocysteine. Get all five of these tested at an online lab like without a doctor inexpensively.

Lowering your cholesterol and triglyceride levels is very easy to do naturally, and you should never consider using drugs to do this. Even if you have genetically high cholesterol, you should never consider using toxic statins or other poisons to lower your blood fats. You obviously cannot poison your way to health.

Your total cholesterol level should be about 150 mg/dl, not the usual 200 figure you generally hear from the media. Rural  people in Asia, Africa and Latin America generally have levels of about 150. Why? They simply can't afford to eat lots of meat, eggs, poultry, and dairy products. You'll hear misinformed fools (like the Life Extension Foundation, Sinatra, etc.)  telling you that, "cholesterol doesn't count", and that low cholesterol is "dangerous" and causes strokes! This is too ridiculous to even consider. Read my cholesterol book to find out the facts. Look at the billions of poor people around the world who normally maintain low cholesterol and triglyceride levels, and you’ll see that strokes are a rare occurrence. Yes, there are some people who eat a high fat diet, but have serious liver and gall bladder problems that prevent them from making much cholesterol. Therefore they have an artificially low cholesterol level due to being ill, despite stuffing fat in their face, being overweight, and not exercising. Look at the chart on page 9 of my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs. This is from the famous MRFIT study which proved your ideal cholesterol level is about 150. The higher your cholesterol the sooner you die.  This is based on tens of thousands of real people. Please read this so you'll know how to lower blood fats naturally with better food choices, proven supplements, and even by balancing your other hormones (cholesterol is, in fact, a hormone). No one else on earth is going to show you published scientific evidence that your hormone balance is important to your cholesterol level.

Want published scientific proof that you shouldn't take statins? There was a major study done called the Antihypertensive and Lipid-Lowering Treatment to Prevent Heart Attack Trial Lipid Lowering Trial (ALLHAT-LLT). Two reports were published in the Journal of the American Medical Association (vol. 288, 2002). They proved that statins do NOT lengthen your life at all. There are NO benefits to taking them! Yes, they can lower your cholesterol artificially to some degree, but this is an artificial situation with serious side effects. These statin drugs are so toxic and dangerous that you must have your liver function monitored every 90 days. Statins literally turn your liver into pudding.

They used the phrase, "It's your life- be there" to promote their toxic poison. Yet, lifespan is not extended at all! There are no benefits at all. Not only do you pay atrocious amounts of money for these poisons (when they literally cost pennies to manufacture), but you ruin your health, have a lower quality of life, and get no benefits in the end. In one study they concluded, "Pravastatin did not reduce either all-cause mortality or CHD significantly when compared with usual care in older participants with well controlled hypertension and moderately elevated LDL-C." All-cause mortality was basically the same for the statin group and the control group that took no drugs. The second study concluded, "Despite a 28% reduction in low-density lipoprotein cholesterol (LDL-C) from baseline in the pravastatin treatment group, the trial failed to show a benefit in either the primary outcome (all-cause mortality) or the key secondary out-come (combined nonfatal myocardial infarction (heart attack) and fatal coronary heart disease." Statin drugs don’t work, they don’t help you. They make you worse- and poorer.

Make better food choices and cut down or cut out red meat, poultry, eggs and dairy products (even low fat and no-fat dairy products). Taken proven supplements and please read my book Lower Cholesterol Without Drugs.


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