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Wheat Baloney - Another Bad Book -Roger Mason

Wheat Belly is a new book by Dr. William Davis. This is one of the worst diet books ever written. Words fail in describing this abomination. His thesis is that all your health problems will be cured if you simply stop eating wheat. Eat beef, pork, sausage, pepperoni, chicken, turkey eggs (read Eggs are Bad Food), dairy foods (read Milk Kills), sour cream, cheese, and endless desserts sweetened with artificial poisons. He actually touts toxic sucralose (read Splenda® is not Splendid)! The fact that people in America eat almost zero whole wheat in their diet seems to escape him. Americans eat only about 1% whole grains, and almost no whole wheat. The bread is white, the cereals are white, the flour is white, the noodles are white- it’s all white flour in America. It also seems to escape him that Americans eat twice the calories they need, 42% fat calories (mostly all saturated animal fats), 160 pounds of sugar they don’t need, and twice the protein they need, and almost no exercise. This is the cause of obesity, not eating white flour. Davis admits the old historical wheat was a healthy staple, but claims all the modern breeding has made it a “toxic poison”. He claims whole wheat raises blood glucose more than white sugar. He says wheat raises estrogen levels, and causes gynecomastia in men. All skin problems, including baldness, are due to wheat. All mental problems, including schizophrenia and autism, are due to wheat. Whatever disease you have is caused by eating wheat! He's obviously completely nuts. He says, “Our society has indeed become a whole grain world.” How can that be true when Americans eat a mere 1% whole grains, and less than ½ of 1% whole wheat? Folks, all grains, all crops, all vegetables, all fruits, all livestock have been bred over the centuries to improve them. Everything we eat today is a far better hybrid of what people ate centuries ago. Everything. We are NOT talking about the very recent abomination of genetic modification (GMO) of course. He is also a True Believer regarding the ridiculous Glycemic Index (read Glycemic Index is Goofy). Anyone who claims, “Oatmeal will cause blood sugar to skyrocket” has a mental disease.

The Northern Chinese eat, grow, and import more wheat than any other country. Whole wheat is the main dietary staple for the rural Chinese. Wheat is used in noodles and steamed buns mostly. They have far better health than we do. He then completely misquotes a great book The China Study (read the article China Study) to "support" his stupidity.

Prove all this to yourself. Take all wheat (barley and rye) out of your life for a month. You will see there are no benefits at all. None, zero. Of course, you should take all the re- fined white wheat out of your life, along with white rice. Taking wheat out of your life won’t make you feel better, your digestion won’t improve, your health won’t improve in any way, and you won’t lose an ounce of weight. The idea of losing weight by taking wheat out of your diet is asinine. Try eating 50% whole grains rather than 1%. Stop eating 160 pounds of various sugars every year (read Sugar is Sugar). Stop eating 42% fat calories. Eat half the calories and half the protein you now eat. Make better food choices, and you can eat all you want, lose weight, and never be hungry. Fat makes you fat, not food per se. “Use oils generously” he advises. “Eat meat and eggs” he further advises. “Eat dairy products” is more inane advice. Consume oils, meat, eggs, and cheese in “unlimited quantities”. He wants you to eat all the nuts you want, and says, “You cannot overdo nuts provided they are raw.” Folks, nuts are 90% fat calories, and only used as a garnish, not a staple food. Dark chocolate is a “healthy snack” that is good for you.  What a moron. We can only hope and pray chocolate is a health food! Why not alcohol, coffee, cigarettes, opium, and cocaine? Then we’d really live in an ideal world! He claims gluten intolerance and celiac disease are outright "epidemics". Read the article Gluten Free Insanity in our free library. The fact is, gluten intolerance is a rare condition- if it exists at all. People diagnosed with “celiac disease” really have IBS, diverticulitus, Crohn’s disease, colitis, and similar digestive issues. None of which have anything to do  with gluten.

Davis blathers on to say wheat is a major cause of obesity because it, "raises your insulin levels more than white sugar or Snickers® bars". He also says it is an “appetite stimulant”. He claims wheat is an addictive “exorphin”,  just like heroin and morphine. He actually compares wheat to opiates, and says you go into withdrawal when you stop eating wheat. This clearly defines psychosis.

“Many people are enslaved by wheat and are wheataholics.” That’s a quote folks. He belongs in a mental institution along- with the people who follow his advice.  He says replacing white flour with whole wheat is simply “less bad”, and still extremely harmful. “Forget everything you’ve learned about, ‘healthy whole grains’…the need for healthy whole grains is pure fiction.” The truth is whole grains should be at least 50% of your diet. He doesn’t like beans and legumes either, and says they are as harmful as whole grains. Davis belongs in a mental institution for his own good. Let’s repeat something…Americans eat about 1% whole grains, and less than 0.5% whole wheat. Americans have eaten wheat as a staple for over 200 years now. Our health problems are due to eating 42% saturated fat calories, twice the protein we need, twice the calories we need, refined grains rather than whole grains, and 160 pounds of various sugars every year. That is the problem!

Instead of whole wheat pasta, whole wheat bread, whole grains, beans, and legumes, he wants you to eat carrot cake, cheese cake, dark chocolate mousse, chocolate fudge, and ginger cookies. Sweeten them with toxic sucralose. "Moron" is an understatement. The sad thing is not that a preposterous, stupid, asinine book like this was written, but rather than millions of morons will read it and take his advice. Of course Davis will fall over dead prematurely from following his own deadly advice. The royal road to success is telling people what they want to hear. Tell people what they want to hear, and they will cheerfully follow you through the gates of Hell.


Isn't it funny that old William is clearly overweight? Look at that double chin. One must be a very good example of health if you want people to believe in what you write.



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