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Dr. McDougall is an Allopath- Roger Mason

You can take the doctor out of medical school, but you can't take the medical school out of the doctor. There isn't one single medical doctor out there who really understand natural health. John McDougall is a nice person, and does some good in the world, but he's just a medical doctor who happens to eat vegetables. He is obsessed with being a vegan. It is easy to have mixed feelings about McDougall. The bottom line is that he is still a practicing allopath. He preaches against statin drugs, for example, but then prescribes them for some of his patients.  

On the surface he has some things in common with real natural health. However, he uses Nightshade vegetables as staples, including potatoes, tomatoes, peppers, and eggplants. It seems he can't cook without tomatoes. He doesn't realize these are full of toxic solanine and tomatine. One should avoid all Nightshade vegetables. He uses tropical fruits and vegetables freely, as he doesn't realize Nature intended these for tropical people in tropical lands. He regularly uses sugars  in his cooking, and includes desserts as central parts of your meal. Folks, agave syrup is simply expensive sugar. Read the Sugar is Sugar article. Why does he keep calling whole grains and legumes, "starches"? In fact his main book is, The Starch Solution. He even sells t-shirts that say, "starchivore".  Starch is something you do your laundry with. The term "starch" includes white rice, white flour, and white pasta! He's clueless about hormones, supplements, and fasting.

It becomes obvious his patients are not curing serious diseases like diabetes, cancer, epilepsy, lung disease, liver disease, etc. by following his advice, or even going to his live-in clinic. They are merely losing weight, ending indigestion, not being constipated, lowering their cholesterol, lowering their blood sugar, or clearing up their complexion. I wrote to McDougall personally, and suggested that he add macrobiotics, proven supplements, natural hormone balance, and fasting to his clinic protocol, so his patients could cure their serious diseases like cancer. This would certainly be good for his practice, and for his name and reputation. I offered to put him in touch with my non-patients and their licensed medical doctors to verify that they did, in fact, cure their cancer. The medical profession is a brotherhood, after all, and it would seem he would welcome the chance to talk to a fellow doctor. Instead of welcoming this chance, he became very defensive. He did not want to talk to men who cured cancer, or the doctors who oversaw their cures and could verify them. He had no interest at all in hearing about such a thing. He does not believe any serious illness can be cured naturally. He believes drugs, surgery, chemo, and radiation are the means to cure serious disease. He told me if he or any of his loved ones had cancer, they would immediately get the traditional allopathic medical treatment of surgery, radiation, chemo, and drugs.

He refers to his patients as, "Star McDougallers". Rather narcissistic, as well as awkward. His idea of a "success" story, for example, is some poor woman getting both breasts cut off, being irradiated, getting chemotherapy, and taking toxic drugs, while eating vegetables and losing weight. If that's a success folks, I'll take a dignified demise with morphine instead. He actually called a horrible disaster like this a, "success", and said she, "won her battle against cancer". No, she didn't win anything. She covered up the symptoms, ruined her health, and completely destroyed the quality of her life. When the chemo and radiation kick in she'll be living in Hell on Earth. Such people then proudly declare themselves, "cancer survivors". They are not survivors- they are victims! Victims of the cancer industry. He doesn't believe in natural health at all; he believes in allopathy and covering up the symptoms of disease- while eating vegetables..

McDougall openly states in his columns that testosterone is a basic cause of prostate cancer. That's how clueless he is about hormones. I  sent him dozens of published studies copied from international medical journals proving that exactly the opposite is true. These prove conclusively  that LOW testosterone is a major cause of all prostate disease, and men with low testosterone should raise their levels. He again became very defensive and said,  "the evidence shows otherwise." What evidence? He said that he would not take testosterone or give it to any of his patients. 95% of men over 50 have low testosterone, and badly need to supplement it. Probably a third of women over 50 could use testosterone supplementation as well.

McDougall doesn’t sell any supplements on his website, for the simple reason he doesn’t believe in taking them.  He hates natural supplements. He actually says, "Just to be on the safe side, don't take supplements." That defines stupidity. However he avidly recommends aspirin to support heart health! Go figure. He does sell tapes, certifications, foods, seminars, trips, and live-in programs at extortionate rates. He wants $715 just to go to his 3 day seminar, and you don’t get a hotel room for that price! For the price of his trips to Costa Rica you could party in Paris like a rock star. And that is based on double occupancy. God only knows how much it is for singles. Want to spend 10 days at his California clinic? Just cough up $6,000- plus airfare and transfers of course. One of the major goals of the clinic is to get you on less prescription medication and less expensive medication. Less medication? Some high standards there, right? How about NO medication? Talk about brass testicles! He sells a "Starch Solution Certification Course" for $795. Want to be starch certified for only $795? What a deal! He has even lowered himself to begging for money to fund his research. Why doesn’t he pay for his own research? This man is a multi-millionaire, and has absolutely no need of money. He should have a charitable trust, and be giving money away, not groveling for more. Why doesn’t he devote himself to educating people about healthy eating, instead of devoting his life to making even more money he doesn’t need? Why is he so greedy? Why is he begging for donations? Our website is not for profit, and the money goes to the Young Again Foundation 501c3 trust. We get no salaries, take no donations, and have no trust property. as we certainly don’t need the money. We live on $50,000 a year if you want to know. Young Again is a calling, not a real business. Please look at our prices to prove that to yourself. Our .org website has 10 books, 150 articles, and 2 newsletters for free.  We’re here to make you healthy, not take your money.

You just can't take the medical school out of the doctor. No matter how much they claim to believe in natural health, natural medicine, and natural healing, THEY ARE STILL DOCTORS AT HEART. This was very saddening to learn that Mc Dougall simply does not believe in curing serious disease naturally. This man is simply an allopath who eats vegetables.

People write in and ask for recommendation for naturopaths, holistic doctors, and life extension specialists who will help them get well naturally. THERE AREN'T ANY FOLKS! Be your own doctor, cure yourself, and heal yourself. No one can help you but yourself. Take responsibility for your own health, your own life, and quit trying to put it off on medical professionals. None of them are any good. Doctors are good for mechanical surgery (e.g. torn ligament), diagnosis (sometimes), and trauma- and plastic surgery. That's a short list.  Read the article Be Your Own Doctor.



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