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Dr. McDougall is an Allopath-Roger Mason

There are very few medical doctors we recommend for the books they write. This would include Dean Ornish, Robert Pritikin, and Terry Shintani (Gary Null, Nathan Pritikin, Susan Powter, and Michio Kushi are not medical doctors). These are nice, sincere people who are promoting healthy diets and natural ways of living. Some of them have clinics and treat people. We used to recommend John McDougall as well, until taking a closer look at him. It is easy to have mixed feelings about McDougall. You can take the doctor out of medical school, but you can’t take the medical school out of the doctor. Just like Dr. Dean Ornish. He’s just a medical doctor who happens to eat vegetables. He is obsessed with being a strict vegan.


He is obsessed with a pure vegan diet, but he freely uses Nightshade (tomatoes, potatoes, egg-plants, and peppers) vegetables. These are full of toxic solanine. He also uses citrus and other tropical fruits. He uses sugars regularly in his cooking including white sugar, brown sugar, pow-dered sugar, agave syrup, honey, and molasses. Desserts are a staple of his program. What do chocolate cake and chocolate brownies have to do with natural health? Take the concept of “des-serts” out of your life. All vegans are sugar addicts, and he is typical of that. He insists on call-ing whole grains and beans “starches”, and people who eat them “starchivores”. He sells starch-ivore T-shirts. His main book is The Starch Solution. He sells a “Starch Certification Course” for $795. Want to be starch certified? Starch is what you do your laundry with. The correct term is “whole grains”. It seems he has never heard of fasting, even though it is the most powerful heal-ing method known for thousands of years.

After a while, it became obvious that his patients were not curing serious diseases, like cancer and diabetes, by following his advice, or even going to his live-in clinic. They were merely losing weight, lowering their cholesterol, or clearing up their complexion. I wrote to McDougall per-sonally, and suggested that he add macrobiotics, proven supplements, natural hormone balance, and fasting to his clinic protocol. Then his patients with serious diseases could cure themselves. This would certainly be good for his practice, and for his good name and reputation. I offered to put him in touch with my non-patients and their licensed medical doctors to verify that they did, in fact, CURE their cancer. The medical profession is a brotherhood, after all, and it would seem he would welcome the chance to talk to a fellow doctor.


Instead of welcoming this chance to improve his practice, he became very defensive. He did not want to talk to men who cured cancer, or the doctors who oversaw their cures and could verify them. Isn’t that strange? Plain and simple, he does not believe any serious illness can be cured naturally, especially cancer. He believes drugs, surgery, and radiation are the means to cure dis-ease. He said if he or anyone in his family had cancer that is what he would do- butcher, poison, and irradiate them.

He calls his patients “Star McDougallers”. Rather clumsy as well as narcissistic. Your author has non-patients who cure THEMSELVES. His idea of a "success" story is some poor woman getting both breasts cut off, getting radiation, taking chemotherapy, and using toxic drugs. All while eat-ing vegetables and losing weight. That's a success? He actually calls a total allopathic disaster like this a “success”, and said she, "won her battle against cancer". No, she didn't win anything. She’s a loser, not a “survivor”. She covered up the symptoms, ruined her health, and destroyed her quality of life completely. When the chemo and radiation kick in, she'll be living in Hell on Earth. Such people then proudly declare themselves "cancer survivors". They are not survivors- they are victims! Victims of the cancer industry. He doesn't believe in natural health at all; he believes in allopathy and covering up the symptoms of disease. All while eating vegetables of course. He simply does not believe serious illness can be cured naturally. Even at his live-in clinic they are only curing minor problems.

He is completely clueless about hormones
. People over 40 generally have serious hormone im-balance. He just has no clue at all about natural hormone balance. McDougall openly states in his columns that testosterone is a basic cause of prostate cancer. That proves how ignorant he really is. I sent him dozens of published studies copied from international medical journals proving that exactly the opposite is true. He again became very defensive, and said, “the evidence shows oth-erwise”. What evidence? He said that he would not take testosterone or give it to any of his pat-ients. I even offered to send him a free, two hormone saliva test kit to test himself for testosterone and DHEA. He didn’t want it! He didn't want to learn anything new- especially from a mere (my God!) layman with no medical degree. He is a licensed medical doctor who has no idea at all about hormone balance! What did he learn in medical school other than how to make a lot of money?


He hates natural supplements! He’s not merely clueless about supplements, but is totally against taking them. McDougall doesn’t sell any supplements on his website, for the simple reason he doesn’t believe in taking them. He actually says, “Just to be on the safe side, don’t take supple-ments.”  This defines stupidity. However, he avidly recommends aspirin to support heart health! He also prescribes toxic prescription drugs to his patients. Go figure.


He does sell tapes, seminars, trips, McDougall foods, and live-in programs at extortionate rates.  He also has an active medical practice. He wants $400 just to go to his short seminars. You don’t even get a hotel room for that price! For the price of his trips to Costa Rica you could party in Paris like a rock star. How about a week in Hawaii for $4,295??? Oh, you don't get airfare for that- you have to pay your own airfare! And that is based on double occupancy. $8,590 for a couple? Over a $1,000 a day! How about 10 days at his clinic for $5,560. Pay your own airfare of course. Folks, the finest 5 star cruise ships will give you a 10 day cruise for $250 a day with exotic ports and endless entertainment- and all the vegetables and brown rice you can eat.

One of the basic goals of his clinic is to get patients on, “less medication” and “less expensive medication”. What lofty goals! How about no medication at all? He has even lowered himself to begging for money to fund his research on natural diet. Why doesn’t he pay for this himself with all his millions? This man is a multi-millionaire, and has absolutely no need of money. Why doesn’t he devote himself to educating people about healthy eating, instead of devoting his life to making money he doesn’t need? Why is he so greedy? is a not-for-profit website, as we certainly don’t need the money. Young Again is a calling, not a real business. Please look at our prices to prove that to yourself. The profits go to our 501c3 charitable trust. Our .org website is pure non-profit. A free library with 10 books, 150 articles, and two news-letters. We’re here to make you healthy, not take your money. The Young Again Foundation is a pure trust that takes no donations, pays no salaries, and has no trust property.

You can take the doctor out of medical school, but you can't take the medical school out of the doctor. No matter how much they claim to believe in natural health, natural medicine, and natural healing, THEY ARE STILL DOCTORS AT HEART. This was very saddening to learn that Mc Dougall simply does not believe in curing serious disease naturally. He believes in prescription drugs, surgery, radiation, and chemotherapy. This man is simply an allopath who eats vegetables.

People write in and ask for recommendation for naturopaths, holistic doctors, and life extension specialists who will help them get well naturally. THERE AREN'T ANY FOLKS! Be your own doctor, cure yourself, and heal yourself. Read Be Your Own Doctor. No one can help you but yourself. Take responsibility for your own health, your own life, and quit trying to put it off on medical professionals. None of them are any good. Doctors are good for diagnosis (sometimes) and trauma- and plastic surgery. That's a short list.

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