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You Don't Need A Prescription -Roger Mason

Libertarians are fond of saying that all drugs should be legalized for all adults. This was true from the time America was started, until the Harrison Narcotic Act was passed in 1912. Before 1912 anyone could walk into a drugstore and buy heroin, morphine, opium, and cocaine for pennies. Addiction was not common. Why shouldn’t any adult (please note the word “adult”) be allowed to use the drug of their choice in their own home? Why make criminals out of people who want to take a drug that is not legal? Many states and Washington, DC have basically legalized or deciminalized marijuana. Now they can put real criminals in their overcrowded jails. Holland, Mexico, and Portugal long ago legalized drugs for personal use, and now drug use is down. You can buy opiates like oxycodeine over the counter in Mexico now. You can buy marijuana and magic mushrooms in Holland. California and Oregon are trying to legalize mushrooms. The false allure and enticement has been taken out of drug use. Committing any crime at all under the influence of drugs would not only result in severe penalties, but enhanced penalties for being under the influence when the crime was committed. For example, there would be no probation, for any reason, for driving a vehicle while under the influence of any drug, especially alcohol. There would be no exceptions whatsoever. You would go to prison for a substantial time. Period.

All prescription drugs should be available over the counter. Only doctors and pharmacists are preventing that. The pharmaceutical corporations would not lose on this. People who live in border towns such as Laredo, TX or San Diego, CA, have always known they can cross the border into Mexico to get any prescription drug they want. You can legally bring these back into the United States for  personal use without a prescription. “Personal use” generally means about a two month supply or 50 doses. Yes, this includes GH, opiates, and steroids. No, this does not include nonprescription drugs like cocaine, and marijuana. You must declare these at the border however. Failure to declare can result in a prison term.

Many people are not on the Internet, or are simply not aware that you can get any prescription drug you want legally, for your own personal use (up to 50 doses), without a prescription online. Under U.S. Code 21, Section 331 you are allowed to legally import any prescription drug without a prescription for your own use. Just call your local U.S. Customs office and request a free copy of document CF4790 Know Before You Go (page 28 and 29). In late 2006 the U.S. government illegally did their best to stop Internet sales of prescription drugs. They also stopped credit card companies from making such transactions. You can still find testosterone and GH if you search on Google. T3 (try Tiromel) and T4 (try Sinthrocid or Levoxyl) are very easy to buy. You can buy estriol cream in America without a prescription for $20. Very few women need estradiol or estrone, and these are hard to find. You do not want to buy dangerous body building steroids.

Why should you pay a doctor $100 for an office visit, and then another $100 to $150  for each hormone test?  Then you pay extortionate prices at a compounding  pharmacy to get the hormones you need. A pharmacist will literally charge you $100 for $2 worth of testosterone. Is that right or fair? First of all, you can saliva test most hormones for about $35 without a doctor. We now have blood spot thyroid T3/T4 kits. You can use online labs like inexpensively without a doctor. Even endocrinologists, gynecologists, naturopaths, and life extension doctors are woefully ignorant about how to test and administer hormones.

If you are low in testosterone (men or women), you can order liquid testosterone and make your own cream or gel, nasal spray, sublingual solution, or transdermal DMSO solution. Sublingual or DMSO is best, as they are 99% absorbed. Men can do this for about $3 a month, and women can literally do this for twenty-five cents a month! Please read my book Testosterone Is Your Friend, and the article New Way to Use Testosterone. Compare this to a doctor’s office fee, blood test, and prescription price. Doctors and pharmacists legally cannot sell DMSO solutions of anything.

If you need T3 or T4 you can get generic bioidentical T3 and T4 for a fraction of the price from Mexican and other online pharmacies. You don’t need name brands like Synthroid® and Cytomel®. Very few people can use Armour® as it is a 4:1 mix.

If you are over 50, you can use GH without testing. This is the very last hormone to consider. Don’t even think about this until all your other basic hormones are balanced. GH is merely expensive because it is a difficult to make 191 chain amino acid. The problem here is the expense, instability, and fragility. Merely shaking it will destroy it. It lasts one week under refrigeration after reconstituting it with water.  It will cost you at least $2,400 a year, and is injected. You can use it sublingually in DMSO 1 IU daily though. This is not a Magic Hormone because moron movie stars use it.

You don’t need a prescription, and you don’t need to live in a border town. If you are on the Internet, you can get the natural bioidentical hormones you need inexpensively and legally. Do not use testosterone, estriol, T3, or T4,  without testing your levels first. In 2018 it is getting harder to find mail order sources of testosterone and GH. T3 and T4 are sold with no problems. Opiates must be brought back in person. You can always bring these back when you travel if you simply declare them. Always obey the law and declare these. Never play with U.S. Customs.

Read the article Balance Your Hormones to learn how to do this properly.


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