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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


March 2013 Economic Rant -Roger Mason


"There is all the difference in the world between treating people equally and attempting to make them equal. While the first is the condition of a free society, the second means a new form of servitude." — Friedrich von Hayek

Well forks, nothing good is happening certainly. 2013 should be the year of the Big Staged Event that ushers in martial law. This will make the 9/11 hoax look mild in comparison. It has been 12 years now and this is very, very overdue. Be prepared!


For example, this could be the next fake 9/11 to usher in martial law. here all the top five U.S. nuclear carriers docked together for no good reason at all in Virginia. Military policy DEMANDS this never happens, that they never be grouped together like this. This makes them very vulnerable. It is an ideal setup for the CIA and Mossad to blow them up, blame the Iranians, attack Iran, declare martial law, and start World War III.

The federal Internet tax is coming. It is called the "Marketplace Fairness Act". George Orwell would be proud of them. Imagine the billions of dollars in tax money the feds will get. The tax itself is not the only problem though. Collecting taxes for 50 states, plus Washington, DC and territories like Puerto Rico and sending them check every 90 days will ruin businesses! And put many into bankruptcy. The logistics of this are terrible. Imagine what kind of shopping cart you would have to design to even handle this. And the extra employee(s) just for the taxes. It's coming. The government is broke and will steal every penny they can. Be clear about the fake "Fiscal Cliff" drama... the Republicans are asking for a mere 2.5% cut in FUTURE spending and the Democrats are asking for no cuts. We need to cut the federal budget a full 50% to accomplish anything. All this drama is completely and totally meaningless. We went off the Fiscal Cliff decades ago.

There are no budget cuts at all- it's just a big lie.

States like Minnesota and Missouri and trying to pass anti-gun bills like California and New York have. For years we have been begging you to get a semi-automatic rifle (AK-47 or AR-15) and all the bullets you can afford. It's too late now. It will cost you $2,500 for a good rifle. Ammo has gone up 500%, and that includes .22 caliber bullets. You can still get high capacity clips if you look. It's better to have one gun and 1,000 bullets, than 1,000 guns and one bullet. More and more, ammunition will be restricted and banned. You should also have a 12 gauge police-style pump shotgun, a .38 revolver, and a 9 mm semi-automatic pistol with large capacity clips. Yes, Glock is still the leader. A Ruger 10/22 rotary magazine .22 rifle is still well worth buying. Yes, large cap magazines for it, too. You can even buy a drum magazine.

Nobama bragged that the totally restrictive gun laws in Chicago were the "blueprint" for federal gun bans. Well, Chicagoleads the nation in gun crimes, as does Washington, DC, and New York City where they also ban guns, bullets and empty magazines! Law abiding citizens in such cities are not able to defend themselves against criminals. Criminals love these laws, as it protects them and punishes the average person.

This is a 50 year chart from 1963-2013 showing the hopeless collapse in home prices:

Here's your media touted housing recovery! What a crock. You can't give houses away now. Below is a 37 year chart proving housing peaked in 2005. Here are the collapsing housing prices to match the collapsing sales:

You want to know how bad things really are? Rand Paul is the least worst of all 100 U.S. Senators. He just confirmed Zionist John Kerry as Secretary of State, saying that Kerry is, "an honest man". He also said, "An attack on Israel is an attack on the U.S." And he is the least worst folks. Americans get the government they damned well deserve. The problem with America is Americans!

The liberals are going to institute universal preschool for 4 year olds. It isn't enough to brainwash them from the age of 5 anymore in the government indoctrination centers. This includes the state universities our taxes pay for. If you can't afford to send your children to private, Christian, Catholic, Jewish, or Muslim schools, then don't have children. Don't ask other people to pay for your kids to go to school. Don't send them to government brainwashing centers to be turned into mindless, unthinking sheeple.

Cyber Intelligence Sharing and Protection Act (CISPA is back. Internet freedom cannot be tolerated as this is the last bastion of truth in the world.)

On Feburary 19 on a Facebook Town Hall meeting Joe Biden actually compared semiautomatic rifles to "flame throwers and fighter jets". Yes, he actually said that.

We know that Sandy Hoax, NJ was a staged event. There is OVERWHELMING evidence of that. Well, this cop Chris Dorner was another fraud. At first it seemed like a cop-gone-overboard story. We may never know the truth, but we do know the whole story stinks, and they burned down the cabin he was in to destroy any kind of evidence. Why do you need to burn down a cabin after you kill someone? Look for more staged events like this every month. It is probable that the Big Event will happen this year to usher in marshal law.

A CNN poll showed 48% of Americans expect an outright depression in 2013


Warrren, Senile in Omaha, Buffett is still cheerleading for the stock market, telling the sheeple to, "invest in America", and "don't bet against America". Well, Buffett is quietly selling the stocks in his worthless Berkshire Hathaway (BRK-A) stock. Other billionaires like Paulson and Soros are also quietly dumping their stocks. They know what's coming.

This is a fascinating and very valuable chart. The same applies to silver. This proves gold and silver will soon take off. The red line shows gold (and silver) rose dramatically in Japanese yen over the past six months. The blue line shows they fell in U.S. dollars. Gold and silver are going up in the real world. Silver and gold have been in a 19 month slump now. That makes they a better buy than ever. The entire world is falling apart, nothing is getting better, and gold and silver have been the only real money for 6,000 years now. Yes, it has been disappointing, but the fundamentals are better than ever. Just remember that and go buy all the silver bullion you can get your hands on.

Look at this ten year chart of gold. The same applies to silver. Ten years of price history proves that when the standard deviation percent falls to a -2 level, it is a BUY. This should be the basic bottom in metals after 19 months of manipulation. The HUI must

recover and go back over 400. The commercials dramatically cut their net short COMEX gold and silver positions on February 22. We need to see a net short silver position get down to 30,000 and then 20,000. The manipulation will be over when that happens. On February 22 the Big Banks lowered the net gold shorts a stunning 28,571 or 18% and their silver shorts a stunning 8.841 or 19%. They still have 37,956 net silver shorts. To make a point, if they did this for merely three more weeks silver and gold would take off for the moon. This is huge folks. After more than three decades of manipulation it is going to be over soon. Silver and gold will take off for their real free market prices. The commercials sold 2.5 years of silver production (376,301 contracts) or 1.9 billion ounces in one day to push the price down last week. This can't continue due to 1) physical demand worldwide, and 2) we're almost completely out of silver. No, the mines cannot even think of supplying the current demand. No, there is no substitute for it. Silver is down to $28 and falling. This is a wonderful buying opportunity.

Major chains and corporations are closing their doors every day.

Best Buy will close 200 to 250 stores.

Sears will close 175 to 225 Kmarts and 100 to 125 Sears stores.

J.C. Penney (JCP) will close 300 to 350 stores.

Office Depot will closes 125 to 150 stores and merge with Office Max.

Barnes & Noble will close 190 to 240 stores.

Gamestop will close 500 to 600 stores!

Office Max will close 150 to 175 stores and mere with Office Depot.

Radio Shack will close 450 to 550 stores and may go out of business.

Would you like to take a nice cruise? The cruise lines are literally going broke. They can't give away cabins. You can go to websites like or and get five star cruises for 50 to 75% off every day. Don't choose anything less than a five star ship, and don't waste your money on six star ships. The cruise lines will soon go bankrupt, and the huge luxury liners mothballed. Choose the best lines like Azamara, Oceania, Princess, Holland America, and Celebrity, and nothing less than a five star rated ship.


More and more you will see vitamins and nutritional supplements restricted and banned so the pharmaceutical corporations will have no competition. Did you know that America is the only civilized country in the world you can even buy nutritional supplements? They are basically banned in Canada, Australia, New Zealand, all of Europe, and Asia. Mexico and South America have some freedom, but little interest in them.

In 1942- 71 years ago- Franklin Delano Roosevelt signed an executive order that incarcerated 150,000 people without a trial, hearing, appeal, or anything else. He was the father of American socialism. This time you can expect maybe 15 million people to be incarcerated in FEMA camps when Obama (or his successor) signs an executive order.

Here is the man who says toxic genetically aberrational GMO foods are the same as regular foods. He refuses to even require them to be labeled. You cannot avoid GMO foods because of this. Vitamins supplements are dangerous, but pharmaceutical drugs are safe. Monsanto wants to own patented rights to all the food we grow and eat. They have a very good start so far. They have their own man in office now.

Yes, Adolf did say this, but he was warning the German people about gun control. He never "took the guns" or "registered the guns". Quite the contrary, the 1938 National Socialist Gun Act GAVE GERMANS FREEDOM TO OWN FIREARMS, after the Weimar Republic took those rights. Obviously, Adolf wanted a fully armed citizenry. He was overwhelmingly elected twice by popular vote, and had the full support of the great majority of the people. Common sense tells you he wanted a fully armed Germany. He was warning the German people about gun control, and gave them gun freedom in 1935. Did you know 165,000 Jewish soldier voluntarily served in Hitler's army including the famous elite SS Obersturmbannfuhrer Adolf Eichmann and SS General Reinhard Heydrich were both Jewish. Disinformation agents like Alex Jones push these kinds of lies. This is an example of how you tell a real patriot from a pseudo-patriot.

Josef Stalin, on the other hand, certainly did ban guns. Then he killed 30 million people. Don't give up your guns. Gun and ammo prices may fall back down this year, but don't bet on it. People are buying all the guns and ammo they can get their hands on. Gun manufacturers are working overtime and are backlogged. The real reason for the Second Amendment is protection from a tyrannical government, not self defense, hunting, or anything else.

Above is a list of the most successful government programs over the last 237 years. That's right, in over two centuries not one government program has ever worked. Everything the government has done failed miserably.

This is what happened in Australia when the government took all the guns from the sheeple. Crime went ballistic. Criminals loved it since the citizens had no guns to defend themselves. Crime goes up when you ban guns. Criminals will always have guns. They don't buy them at gun stores or gun shows. This is true all over the world and we did a nice color chart of this in the last rant.


Civil war is your future folks. Your tax money just bought 2,500 DOMESTIC armored tanks to kill American citizens. Your tax money also bought over 2 billion rounds of military ammunition to kill American citizens. This is enough to kill every man, woman, child and baby over six times. Obama has promised a domestic police force of 2 million soldiers to match the 2 million soldiers (including the National Guard) who are busy killing innocent people in the Mideast.

A Gallup poll last week showed 99% of the American sheeple believe Iran's nuclear weapons program is a bigger threat to us than North Korea. Is that proof that 99% of Americans are brain dead? 99% of them voted for a Republicrat in every election over the past 30 years, instead of the Libertarian candidate. Iran has no nuclear weapons program. None, zero, nada, doesn't exist. Israel has a massive nuclear armory your tax money paid for, won't join the Non-Proliferation Treaty, and has never had an inspection once ever. Iran has no nuclear weapons, joined the treaty years ago, and gets regular inspeciation. Israel is the greatest threat to world peace by far. World War III will start in the Mideast and Israel will be the spark that sets it off. Everyone knows that.

Join the Gun Owners of America (GOA) at If you are a member of the NRA rip up your membership card and send it back. They are not what they seem. They sold out decades ago.

Be prepared. Be prepared for anything and everything as much as possible. Not paranoid, not worried, just prepared. See you in two weeks. Buy silver.

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