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May Economic Rant - Roger Mason

Always stand on principle, even if you stand alone.  John Quincy Adams


The entire Mideast is going up in flames. This will only get worse. Do not underestimate our war of aggression in Libya. Is Syria next? Then who? Our attack on Iran is on the back burner for now. Who runs, or doesn’t run, another country is simply none of our business. Quadaffi is a psychotic, demented dictator. So what? It is not our business to tell the Libyan people who should run their country. One morning we are going to wake up and find out major cities have been vaporized by suitcase nukes. Or maybe we’ll get a nice smallpox plague that devastates the entire country. That’s right; smallpox is the biological weapon of choice. The Russians sold countless tons of weapons grade smallpox to Mideast countries. Read the book Demon in the Freezer if you want to understand more about this. Note that the word “smallpox” has been banned from the media. Note also that it is absolutely impossible to get a smallpox vaccination anywhere in the world. Isn’t that strange?  A half century ago all civilized countries had routine smallpox vaccinations. Vaccinations are dangerous and should usually never be used, but this is a political protection.


The gold to silver ratio has fallen from 100 to 1 to a mere 35 to 1. $1,486 gold and $42 silver.

Silver is going to keep outperforming gold and return to the classic, historical 15 to 1 ratio- or even better. Silver will do three times better than gold. Buy silver, not gold.


Liberals are now buying guns for self defense. Did you ever stop to realize people in Canada, Australia, all of Europe, Mexico, Central America, South America, all of Africa, all of Asia simply cannot realistically own guns? The anti-gun people want to end American gun ownership very much, and are doing everything they can to accomplish this. First, ammunition will be severely restricted. Guns are no good without bullets. Stock up on guns, but stock up on all ammo as much as possible. You can literally fire ammo from World War II and the Vietnam War. The United Nations “International Arms Control Treaty” is the One Worlders plan to take your guns away. If you are an NRA member cancel your membership. Join the GOA. Just Google Gun Owners of America. Beware of other gun organizations.


The Silver Institute says industrial use of silver will go from the current 15 thousand tons a year to a whopping 21 tons by 2015. This is massive since you just can’t mine that much silver. 70% of all silver is by-product mining from lead, copper, etc. China has gone from being a massive exporter of silver to a massive importer, just in the last two years. This is massive! The two biggest silver repositories are London Bullion and COMEX. Both are basically empty. Folks, silver is going to go to $400, and probably a lot higher in the next few years. The dollar is going to Hell along with America. Have you noticed that everything is going to Hell except the stock market? That’s because the government props it up in various ways. One way is to instruct the media (all media, but the Internet, is just government puppets) tell you to buy stocks and trot out senile Warren Buffett to tell you, “Don’t Bet Against America”. The stock market is a mass delusion ready to collapse. Well, he has lost money in the last three years with his famous Berkshire Hathway (BRKA). How can the “wisest investor in history lose money for three straight years? BECAUSE HE’S SENILE, that’s why! He has made a mere 7% annually for the last decade with his loser stock BRKA. Silver has made 76% annually for the last decade. This is more than 700% better than Buffett. Stay out of the stock market. Sell your IRA/401k, take the penalty and put the money into silver bullion. Hold it yourself. No paper silver. No storage program of any kind.



 This week CNBC was warning everyone, “When will the silver bubble burst?” Notice that they state categorically that silver is a “bubble” that is ready to burst. Their only question is when. Less than 1% of Americans own any gold. Even less than that own any silver (no Aunt Sally’s silverware doesn’t count). How can there be a “bubble” when 99 out of 100 people own no silver? That’s prima facie absurd.



Saudi oil minister Yamani said oil will go to $300 a barrel if things keep going the way they are. Ackmadinejad of Iran said oil will go to $200. Lindsey Williams says $200. The Mideast is in flames, and it just gets worse every day. We have no business at all over there, and need to get out. In fact we need to get out troops out of every single country they’re in. We have our own oil, our own natural gas, and our own coal. We can also buy from friendly countries like Canada and Mexico. Buy gasoline and store it safely. It only has a one year shelf life and it’s best to replace it every six months. Gasoline is already $8 to $10 a gallon in Europe. Oil is cheap in terms of silver though. Oil is only 2.5 ounces of silver.


Join Max Keiser’s Silver Liberation Army. Go to www.silverliberationarmy.com and sign up today. Every time you buy silver you destroy the One World Order and the international bankers. Buy all the silver you can. This is the real deal folks. They don’t want your money.


This chart is proof of just how tiny the worldwide silver market is. What do you care how “tiny” it is? Tiny markets like silver, palladium, rhodium, etc. can go to the moon to fuel up for the trip to Pluto when supplies run low. That’s why. Another chart later on.


Look at this five year chart for Starbucks Coffee. This is a “darling stock of the liberals.” In five years they have LOST money. It even fell to $8 in 2009. Adjusted for inflation you would really, seriously have lost a lot of money with this garbage. This is just one more reason not to be in the stock market. (Thanks to Quote Media.) The Dow is barely holding on to 12,000 and could collapse any day. No one knows. Is all you need to know is to be totally out of the stock market and have every penny you have in physical silver. Your IRA or 401k have to go!

Now look at this miserable three year chart for Wal-Mart. Wal-Mart is the biggest retailer in the entire world!!!! Wal-Mart is the largest chain store on this whole planet! They are going to Hell on a greased slide. $62 to $52 in three years? Now, adjust this for inflation, and you’ll really see a serious loss of money. People run to Wal-Mart during bad times. If they can’t make it, nobody can make it. The stock market may well crash by July. That is an opinion, and not a prediction. The stock market is going to crash, but we just don’t know when. Only fools try to predict the short term. The Dow is caught in the 12,000 area and just can’t go higher.


Here we go with a five year miserable chart for Target. Target is the second biggest retailer n America and is failing miserably. $70 to $50 in four years? Adjusted for inflation this would really hurt your feelings if you help Target stock. When the major retailers are failing you know there is no hope for the economy at all.


You will sometimes hear reports that, “retail sales are up.” What a load of crap. Due to severe inflation people are spending more money to get less goods. Gasoline alone is 10% of retail sales, and people are paying $4 a gallon for gasoline. Real sales are in the dumps.

The entire economy is hopeless.



Another chart showing you how tiny the silver market is. See that little red sliver on the far left? That is the ENTIRE silver industry. Silver is real money. People around the world are turning to silver. We cannot have technology without silver. You cannot substitute silver except with far more expensive metals like rhodium, platinum, and gold. This market is exploding!


The American sheeple were actually worried the government would shut down!!! We can only pray the government would shut down permanently and forever. The average American is so dependent on the government he or she seriously cannot do anything without government help and assistance. First of all, no “essential” services would have been shut down at all. The welfare, food stamp, Medicaid, Medicare, and Social Insecurity offices would be sending out checks. The majority of Tea Party members want their Medicaid and Medicare. The entire Tea Party is another hoax. The Democrats wanted to cut 30 billion from the budget. The Republicans wanted to cut 40 billion. WE NEED TO CUT ABOUT TWO TRILLON FROM THE BUDGET JUST FOR STARTERS! Remember there is a thousand billion in a trillion. Cutting 30 or 40 billion dollars has no meaning whatsoever. This proves we live in a two party Marxist dictatorship welfare police state. Choose Tweedle Dum or Tweedle Dee, for they are one in the same.


It is so ironic that Russia Today on the Internet tells the truth. Go to www.russiatoday.com and see for yourself. All the worldwide media is Zionist controlled, and that includes Faux (Fox) News. You will see lots of good people like Max Keiser and Gerald Celente on Russia Today. You know the world is upside down when the Russians are telling the truth and we’re not. The Dow to gold ratio went to 45 to 1 in 2000. The historical average is only 4 to 1. It is now down to a mere 8 to 1. It is going to a mere 1 to 1 like it was in 1982. It may even go to 0.5 to 1. That would be, for example, 3,000 Dow and $6,000 gold. The Dow to silver ratio was an amazing 2,800 to 1, and is now down to a mere 290 to 1. Silver has been outperforming gold just like we told you. The Dow to Silver ratio is going to go to 15 to 1, and maybe even better than that. You will see, for example, 6000 Dow and $400 silver.  You might see a 3,000 Dow and $400 silver for a ratio of 7.5 to 1.  


You cannot measure value with any currency now. Measure everything in ounces of silver. The average American home now costs about 3,750 ounces of silver. Soon it will be more like 300 ounces of silver. A barrel of oil is only 2.75 ounces of silver. An ounce of silver will buy you 40 hamburgers on the fast food dollar menu. Nothing is expensive when measured in terms of silver, only in paper currencies. No currency on earth is real money. None of them. They are all just colored paper. Just remember that- no currency on earth is real money. Only gold or silver are money. That’s just what our Constitution says, too.


Residential real estate will keep collapsing for years. The average American home will fall to at least $100,000 and probably even worse. Commercial real estate will keep collapsing for years as well. You’ll see endless empty storefronts, offices, and ghost malls. A very important ratio is the mortgage to rent ratio. This peaked at $2 to $1 in 2005 when housing peaked. The historical average is about $1 to $1. You will see this fall to a mere 50 cents to $1. Homes, apartments, offices, condos, storefronts will all be empty for many years. The only good news here is that rents will fall terribly. The media is now admitting your home is no longer an asset!



Nobama has been in office for over 27 months now, yet the entire world media cannot find out even the most basic facts about him. They cannot find any of his childhood friends or any of his neighbors. They say they can’t find his actual Kenyan birth certificate, but others have. They have produced it. The certificate from Hawaii is NOT his certificate of live birth, because he wasn’t born in Hawaii.

The media cannot locate any of his college records, his papers, his grades, or even ONE SINGLE PERSON who remembers him. No, he is not in the Columbia or Harvard yearbooks. They cannot determine how he made a living all those years. Who paid for all this? How did he pay for his college tuition? The media cannot find out which country issued his visa for Pakistan in the 1980s. In fact they seem to have lost Michelle’s Princeton thesis on racism.

Now consider that when Tiger Woods was beaten by his wife the media found out the most intimate details of his life within 48 hours. They had tracked down his girlfriends and found out his entire history. They did this in two days. In over two years we know nothing about Nobama. He was not elected. He was placed in office under media direction by the One Worlders.

It is fundamental that you realize 9/11 was a hoax. 9/11 was an inside job. There are some basic things you must understand if you are going to be in the real world.

9/11 was hoax pure and simple. This was staged by Mossad and the CIA.

There were no 9/11 Arab hijackers with box cutters who took down airplanes. It was all made up. These planes were crashed by “your” government and Israel.  No airplane hit the pentagon. It was a missile. No two airplanes hit the World Trade Center Towers.

Osama bin Laden worked for the CIA, and it is established he died 10 years ago. The media has been “looking for him” for a decade now. Finally it is being admitted he was killed in Tora Bora 10 years ago. Billions of dollars and thousands of lives lost looking for a dead man. Al Quaeda does not exist. Never did exist. There is no Al Quaeda. The media invented them. You can go to Google and type in “9/11 scam” or “9/11 hoax” and you will see endless proof of all this. You will be overwhelmed with verifiable facts, not conspiracy theories.


9/11 was done to pass the misnamed “Patriot Act” to further gut the Constitution and Bill of Rights. This entire “terrorist threat” hoax is being perpetrated to make America into a police state. They have succeeded. We now live in a Marxist, welfare police state with one Republicrat party to vote for. We no longer have a Constitution or Bill of Rights. America is finished after 235 years. We’ll soon be a Third World banana republic with no bananas. The tens of millions of illegal immigrants is a purposeful plan. It worked. America is ruined.


Do not use the x-ray machine at the airports. Refuse. 95% of the sheeple get x-rayed and take their innocent children with them. Only 5% of people refuse and go thru the indignity of a perverted patdown. This is backscatter radiation, and promotes and worsens cancer. Never, never, never go thru the x-ray machines. If just half the sheeple would refuse the x-rays, all the machines would be removed in the morning. This has NOTHING to do with safety or security in any way, shape or form. It is only about creating a police state with passive sheep as citizens. Any adult who agrees to be x-rayed deserves to get cancer. Any adult that drags their innocent child thru an x-ray machine deserves to get cancer, die, and go to Hell.


If you think this isn’t End Times please consider that this is the first time on earth that there is no freedom anywhere. Not one square inch of freedom on this planet. Just one big Prison Planet with 99% brain dead sheeple. It only gets worse from here. If you have never read Orwell’s book 1984, or Huxley’s Brave New World please go to the library and get a copy. What is coming up is much worse than either of them ever imagined.


On that happy note we’ll see you again in two weeks with the May Rant.


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