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June 2012 Economic Rant -Roger Mason  

"One of the best ways to get yourself a reputation as a dangerous citizen these days is to go about repeating the very phrases which our founding fathers used in the great struggle for independence." - Charles A. Beard (1874-1948). Isn’t it funny Charles said this over sixty years ago? The Department of Homeland Security has formally and officially stated that anyone who quotes the Constitution and Bill of Rights is a suspected terrorist.




See this soup line photo from the Great Depression? Well, this is going to look like Club

Med in a few years. The government is broke and can't feed anyone. The private charities

can't even begin to think about feeding 100 to 200 million sheeple. You are going to see people homeless and hungry living in the streets. The Much Greater Depression will  make the Great Depression look like a family picnic. Back in 1929 welfare, food stamps, medicare, medicaid, Social Insecurity, all all the rest of that socialist cancer did not even exist. People actually worked for a living, and depended on themselves, rather than de-pend on a monthly gummint check. No one was asking, "My check be in yet?, my check be in yet?  When the sheeple find out the government is bankrupt,  broke, and out of money they are going to riot in the streets. That will do them a lot of good.   


House Resolution 568 passed and will make sure we attack Iran for no good reason other than to make Israel happy. You never hear of these bills, executive orders, and resolut-ions in the media. The ONLY reason we are going to attack Iran is because the tail wags the dog and Israel controls the entire U.S. Congress except for Ron Paul. Iran should be our friend, ally, and trading partner. We had no business in Libya. We had no business in Iraq. We had no business in Afghanistan. We had no business in Pakistan. And we cer-tainly have no business in Syria. Our interference in the Mideast is going to kick back

back on us in the world kind of way. The communists used to call us “imperialists”. Well, they are finally right. America has taken the same imperialist, run-the-world, road that destroyed Rome 2,000 years ago. “Friendship with all, but alliances with none” was what the founding fathers said over 200 years ago. Laisse faire was the doctrine.




Description: cid:3.3322825726@web113902.mail.gq1.yahoo.com


George Soros quadrupled his gold ownership in the first quarter of this year. In his quart-erly filing for Soros Fund Management he QUADRUPLED his gold ownership. George is evil, but he's also smart. The media is telling you gold is a “bubble” and “not a safe haven”. Silver doesn’t even exist! Gold and silver have been the only safe havens and the only real money for 5,000 years now. Nothing else has or will be.





The FAA admits they plant to have 30,000 unmanned spy drones in the sky by 2020 to monitor Americans. That’s a fact. Drones to watch and  monitor you. With your tax money of course. How are we going to pay for them, maintain  them, and pay hundreds of thousands of people to monitor them 24/7? The “eye in the sky” is coming to your town very soon.




You do not have to understand derivatives to understand the following. Just the top

four U.S. banks hold  over 216 trillion dollars in derivatives. The U.S. GNP is only $14 trillion. This is three times more than the entire worldwide GNP, more than the entire world economic output. Now add all the rest of the U.S. banks, the world banks, the

private and government pension funds, and god only knows who else invests in these. When these derivatives go south the entire world economy will collapse. No one can

even define a derivative, other than to say it derives it's value from another instrument. Isn't that great? They have never existed before. Four American banks alone have three times the derivatives of the entire world economic output. These will collapse and the entire world economy along with it. Buffett, in a rare moment of honesty, called deriv-atives, "weapons of mass economic destruction". This is why you have to own silver in your own hot little hands. No paper silver, no storage programs, no unsafe deposit boxes,  just silver you hold personally. One morning you will wake up and the banks will be closed. You cannot use your ATM. You cannot write or cash a check. You cannot make a deposit (laugh!) or a withdrawal. This happened in Iceland recently. Another morning you will wake up to hear that your dollar has been replaced by a New Dollar at a 10 to 1 ratio. Bring 10 old dollars down to get a New Dollar. This happened in Mexico and other countries routinely. There goes 90% of your life savings. And yet another morning you'll wake up to learn your IRA/401k has been seized and turned into a worthless Treasury an-nuity for your own "safety and security".  This has already  happened in several countries.


Did anyone tell you Greece only has about 2% of the total GNP of the entire European Union? Greece is economically irrelevant. 2% is the same as nothing. So what if Greece falls into the sea? Who cares? 2% has no real impact at all. Yet, the fall of Greece threatens to collapse the entire European Union. Watch for the breakup of the union and the recall of the Euro. The One Worlders failed here folks. The European Union is doom-ed. Other countries will start to opt out. This was a giant step towards the One World Order. Watch the fall of Europe folks because we’re next. That’s our warning sign.


We keep reminding you there is no difference between Romney and Obama. Romney is more intelligent, more educated, better looking, more experienced, and far more artic-ulate. This makes him far more dangerous. Romney is completely and totally controlled by Israel. Want proof? Here is a list of poeple he just appointed to his advisory board- every one of them dual Israeli citizens:

Dov Zakheim - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Robert Kagan - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Michael Chertoff - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Eliot Cohen - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Eric Edelman - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
John Lehman - (Israeli Dual Citizen)
Evan Feigenbaum - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Aaron Friedberg - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Kent Lucken - (Israeli Dual Citizen) 
Kristen Silverberg - (Israeli Dual Ctizen) 



Statement on H.R.4133 – United States-Israel Enhanced Security Cooperation Act. You've never even heard of this bill have you? Well, it just passed. The media certainly didn't tell you about it and they won't. Every week bills like this quietly get passed by Congress with no media coverage at all. The average citizen has no idea in hell what is going on. Only because of the Internet does 1% of anyone know what is going on. This bill is another Israeli welfare scam. We are going to give endless billions of dollars in advanced weaponry to Israel at taxpayer expense.

Here is what Ron Paul said about it...

This bill states that it is the policy of the United States to "reaffirm the enduring commitment of the United States to the security of the State of Israel as a Jewish state." However, according to our Constitution the policy of the United States government should be to protect the security of the United States, not to guarantee the religious, ethnic, or cultural composition of a foreign country. In fact, our own Constitution prohibits the establishment of any particular religion in the US.



Socialism is the equal sharing of misery. It has been tried repeatedly, and always fails miserably from day one. What is the fascination with Big Government, socialism, Marxism, and communism? Why do 99% of the “people” (if you want to call them that)

on this planet prefer poverty and slavery over affluence and freedom? And the more government micromanagement of their lives they get, the more they want. There isn’t one square inch of freedom on this planet anymore. We live on one big Prison Planet now and it gets worse by the day. Why do people want the government to run their lives from birth to death? Why do they prefer slavery to freedom, poverty to affluence? For a false sense of “safety” and “security”? The government provides neither.  It just doesn’t make sense.

People sometimes ask about gold and silver confiscation. Well, that’s just not going to happen for a long list of reasons. Almost no one owns and gold or silver because they are too stupid. The government is currently minting gold and silver coins for sale to the public. You simply cannot sent government agents to someone’s house and take their gold and silver as they may well shoot back. It would never result in any substantial in-come. Inflation is confiscation. Our current 10% inflation comes from the Fed printing counterfeit money 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. The government can get- literally- a million times more revenue when they take your IRA and 401k and give you a worthless Treasury annuity. Please forget about confiscation, as it just isn’t going to happen for an long list of reasons. We will have capital controls though where you cannot take money out of the country. If you want to take money out of the country do it now and take gold. You can legally take all the gold you want out of the U.S. You can easily carry $250,000 worth in your backpack (a mere 150 Krugerrands). The official policy of U.S. customs is that gold is not money! Just declare it when you leave and they will yawn in your face.



“As goes California, so goes the nation.” This has been true for over 100 years since the state was founded. The Peoples Republic of California is broke, bankrupt, hopelessly in debt, 100% socialist, and totally and completely overrun with illegal aliens- and worth-less legal aliens. This is our future folks. Just watch the Left Coast, and you’ll see what is going to happen to the rest of the country. Ultra liberal Jerry Moonbeam Brown is now running the show. As goes California, so goes the nation.


Facebook (FB) was a billion dollar IPO the sheeple lapped up at $38. Well, it fell to $28, and is never going to do anything. The stock market cannot hold 13,000. Obama and the Democrats are trying to artificially support the stock market for five more months, so they can win the election. Romney and the gang want the opposite. The dumb money buys Facebook, and the smart money buys silver (and gold).



Look at this 48 year chart of the ratio of gold stocks versus spot gold. The same holds true for silver. You can see gold and silver stocks- on the surface- are the best buy on earth, and have much more potential than physical bullion. In normal times this would be the right thing to do. These are anything but normal times. In fact, this is End Times. So, why not load up on silver stocks rather than silver? Because all paper will be worth paper. That's why. This is about HOW MANY OUNCES OF PHYSICAL SILVER

DO YOU HAVE IN YOUR POSSESSION. All paper will be worth paper and that includes precious metals stocks. The HUI Index has recovered to 420, but has not re-versed yet. The HUI has a very strong 0.82 short term correlation with gold and silver prices. Until the HUI gets back to at least 450 there is no reversal. Watch the commercial COMEX positions, the HUI, and the prices of the metals to see what is going to happen.

With silver at the $28 level it just doesn't matter whether you buy at $26, $28, or $30. This is the basic bottom. Remember the Four Golden Rules:


Buy value and hold for the long term.

Be right and sit tight.

Buy and hold and add on dips.

Never trade, never trade, never trade.


Let me get this straight . . . We're going to be "gifted" with a health care plan we are forced to purchase andfined if we don't, which purportedly covers twenty million more people, without adding a single new doctor,
but provides for 16,000 new IRS agents,
 written by a committee whose chairman says he doesn't understand it, passed by a Congress that didn't read it, but exempted themselves from it, and signed by a President who smokes, with funding administered by a treasury chief who didn't pay his taxes, for which we'll be taxed for four years before any benefits take effect, by a government which has already bankrupted Social Security and Medicare, all to be overseen by a surgeon general who is obese, and financed by a country that's broke!!!!! 

'What the hell could possibly go wrong?'


We have explained for a long time that gold and silver prices are manipulated by the Big Banks ("commercials") by using highly leveraged futures contracts. Well, the COMEX lowered the required gold margins last week. This draws in the suckers who go massively long and run the price up. Then the commercials crash the market, and cash in on their

shorts. Precious metals prices will probably keep falling somewhat for another month and finally bottom and reverse. This could well happen in June. Remember the commercials still have SIX times (13.6 million ounces) the net short positions of the registered  COMEX gold and THREE times (75 million ounces) the net short positions of the regis-tered COMEX silver. This is a historically low position, but still a very powerful one, where they can and will keep the lid on prices. When they no longer have a net short position of any size, silver will take off for Pluto and beyond. Our real savior is runningout of physical silver. We are almost out of physical silver, and mine supply cannot even begin to keep up with industrial and investment demand. The COMEX is probably empty, as it is self audited, which is the same as no audit at all. Ft. Knox is empty, and has been empty for 50 years now. If you don't believe that, just Google "Ft. Knox is empty" and you'll be overwhelmed with facts. It hasn't been audited in 50 years. Yes, that means the dollar is backed by nothing but stupidity and ignorance. That stuff in your wallet is green toilet paper. Just keep remembering those six words, "all paper will be worth paper." If it is paper it will be worth paper. You must own physical silver bullion you hold in your own hands. Silver is going to $400 minimum, gold is going to $6,000 minimum, and silver is FOUR times better than gold. The U.S. and the entire world economies are all going to hell. No exceptions. Be 100% invested in silver bullion you hold yourself. Sell your IRA or 401k no matter what you have to do. You’ll starve in the street with your dumbassed friends if you don’t.










BBC POLL: Israel is one of the countries with most negative global influence.

Haaretz reported yesterday that, “Israel, Iran, Pakistan and North Korea were ranked most negatively by 24,000 people surveyed in an annual BBC poll.”

It would appear that in spite of the extensive Hasbara campaign and the Jewish lobby buying every morally lax living politician, people of the world increasingly see Israel for what it is.

The broad international survey was an initiative of the BBC World Service. Over 24,000 people from 22 countries took part in the poll, which was conducted from December 2011 to February 2012.

Haaretz confirms that the survey’s findings on global attitudes toward Israel are “worrying indeed.” Last year’s survey already confirmed that attitudes toward Israel were negative, but the situation has become more serious this year: Some 47% of participants in the 2011 survey had negative views of Israel’s influence on the world, but this year the number has gone up to 50%.


In five months Romney may (or may not) win. It won’t change a thing. Tweedle Dum and Tweedle Dee for candidates. All Republicrats. There is only one party in America- the Republicrat Party. Sure, anyone with a brain wants to get rid of Obama, but Romney is just a white version of him who is actually more dangerous. Romney is more intelligent, experienced, educated, and articulate, and is therefore far more treacherous than a buffoon who can’t even talk without a teleprompter. It’s all over after 236 years folks. America is finished. Yes, this is End Times, but Jesus isn’t coming back. He wouldn’t bother. There is nowhere to go and no place to hide. One big Prison Planet.













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