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Welcome to Roger's Economic Rant


July Economic Rant -Roger Mason

Welcome to the United Socialist States of America, the U.S.S.A. Chains you can believe in. Don’t deny it, don’t say these are just figures of speech. The majority of brain dead Americans freely chose an avowed, openly Marxist president in a pitiful attempt to get something for nothing. All socialism is nothing but a transparent attempt to get someone else to pay your bills. All socialist countries have a low standard of living by their very nature- the government runs things. Visit Scandanavia to really see this.The American standard of living will fall by at least one third, and maybe half.

The Cap and Trade Bill just passed the House, and will pass in the Senate as well. This bill by itself will ruin the American economy for no  reason at all. There is no global warming; there is no climate change. The entire bill is a hoax. All energy prices will now go through the roof for nothing. This bill is not about the environment at all.

For over a year now we’ve been warning you an attack on Iran could come at any time to make Israel happy. If Israel wants to attack Iran let them do it alone, not with us. We have no reason whatsoever in any way, shape or form to attack Iran, nor Iraq, nor Afghanistan, nor Pakistan, nor Syria. Israel has the largest arsenal of nuclear weapons in the Mideast, but Iran isn’t supposed to have nuclear energy? Israel has too many nuclear missiles and other nuclear weapons to count. Why is that? The elections in Iran are none of our business, yet we are doing our best to interfere with them. The U.S. has a long history of interfering with Persia (the real name for Iran) and countless other sovereign nations. What happens in the Mideast, or any other country, is simply none of our busi-ness. This country was founded on the basis of laisse faire, or mind your own business, and do not interfere with other countries. “Friendship with all, but alliances with none,” said the founding fathers. When (not if) we attack Iran it will be the worst mistake this country has ever made. These are not passive Arabs. The can and will hit us with biological weapons, such as smallpox, that will decimate this country. In 2005 the U.S. State Department said, “The United States judges that, based on all available inform-ation, Iran has an offensive biological weapons program in violation of the BWC."

Do you want absolute, incontrovertible proof we are around the corner from the Greatest depression the world has ever seen? Does your family have $900,000 to help pay off the Federal debt? The head of the Federal Reserve Bank Of Dallas, Robert Fisher, gave a speech in May 2008 (Storms on the Horizon) in which he said that the US government's unfunded liabilities are now $ 99.2 trillion (for future Social Security and Medicare obligations). This is in addition to the Federal debt of over $ 11 trillion. With 112 million households, each family's share of this future debt is $ 888,750. For each and every family! It gets worse. Elizabeth Coleman is Inspector General of the Federal Reserve (which isn’t federal and has no reserves). They lost 9 trillion dollars of YOUR tax money. Just misplaced 9 trillion dollars. The GNP of this country is only 14 trillion. That’s $63,000 for each taxpayer. That’s three times the entire annual budget of the United States. Lost, gone, misplaced, stolen, whatever. Our GNP is only $14 trillion. 
The fed is secretly owned by the largest U.S. banks. That’s right- it’s a secret who owns the Fed and no one has ever proven which banks own it. Go to their website so you can see for yourself. We don’t even know who prints our Monopoly Money. 
Saviour Obama has done so badly in a mere five months that he now has a negative ap-proval rating. More people strongly disapprove than approve of him and this includes many of the self destructive morons who voted for him. Rasmussen polls like this are very reliable when they go against the media bias. The swine flu hoax continues despite the fact there are almost no cases, and certainly almost no deaths. All this is a grand plan for martial law, mandatory vaccinations, and forced quarantine. Remember that martial law can now be declared by Saviour Obama with the stroke of a pen. Approval by Congress is no longer required- just like in all police states. You will continue to hear media scare stories about the swine flu “threat”, and how vital vaccinations are to “save you”.  Google terms like “swine flu hoax”, and “swine flu fraud” to learn more. Do not get any vaccinations. The only valid vaccination would be smallpox (variola) for political reasons. You cannot get a smallpox vaccination for love nor money in any country on earth. We went to the Pasteur Institutes in Paris and Thailand and got nowhere. These are the major disease and vaccination centers in the world. If they won’t sell it to you no one will. Smallpox is the best bioweapon known. 
Look at the above chart. After 2002 silver and gold have been the best performing assets of all. While everyone else is going broke, those holding silver, gold, and their stocks are doing very well. The stocks are lagging badly, and the HUI is only 340. This makes silver (and gold) stocks the best investments going. They will take off and be the next Big Bubble after the stock and real estate bubbles. Soon you will see the lemmings rush to buy precious metals and their mining shares. Soon you’ll hear CNBC and CNN talk about silver and gold as their prices go to the moon. When you see silver and gold on the covers of magazines like Time and Newsweek it will be time to sell and get out with your profits. That could well happen in the next five years. Look for a minimum $200 an ounce for silver.

The King of Child Molesters committed suicide by multi-drug addiction just like Elvis Presley did. The media portrays him as some kind of hero, legend, brilliant,  extraord-inarily talented. He actually got as much media attention as President Kennedy when he was assassinated in 1963. Our entire society is collapsing around us and is all we hear about is a drug addict-ed child molester who killed himself by self chosen, extreme drug abuse. Would you call songs like “Beat It” extraordinary talent or sick, obnoxious noise?

In 2009 there are only two things you can intelligently and safely invest in- silver and gold. There is nothing else. There are no bonds, currencies, funds, stock markets, or any other investments on the face of this earth that will save you from the Much Greater Depression- which is right around the corner. The gold to silver ratio is 65 to 1, and will return to the historical, traditional 15 to 1 ratio as it was in 1982. Silver will far, far out-perform gold. There is an argument for 100% bullion and no mining stocks, or even 75% bullion and only 25% stocks. (We have 50/50.) The mines will give you much more leverage and potential profit, but also more risk. We’re down to six good silver stocks out of the approximately 50 silver mines in the world (that’s all there is). We’ve dropped  Genco (GGC) due to it’s poor recovery. This is why you need an equally weighted basket of stocks. We are holding Genco as it is usually a poor idea to sell stocks at a bottom. The good ones are ECU Silver (ECU), Endeavor (EXK0, Impact (IPT), Great Panther (GPR), U.S. Silver (USA), and First Majestic (FR). All of these are Canadian stocks, except En-deavor, so you must look these up on the Canadian exchanges. You don’t have a choice. Social Insecuirity is a pyramid scheme that went broke back in the 70s. They’ve robbed Peter to pay Paul, but Paul is broke. Sell your 401k or IRA and take the penalty. Sell any regular stocks or bond or funds you have. Forget your supposed pension, as that was loot-ed a long time ago. That’s right you have no pension. What about the government pen-sions? Inflation will destroy them. Liquidate everything you can and buy silver. Just remember that all currencies in history have turned out to be worthless, while silver and gold have been the only real money for 5,000 years. The U.S. Constitution says the only real money is silver and gold. We went off that vital standard almost 40 years ago. Re-member that Ft. Knox was emptied decades ago. If you don’t believe that just realize no audit has been done in 50 years despite a federal law requiring one every ten years. Just Google “Ft. Knox empty” and similar phrases to see more proof than you can handle.

You are going to see hyperinflation in this country that will frighten you. The U.S. dollar is hopeless, and will fall from the current 79 cents in the international currency basket to 50 cents, or even less. It will no longer be the world reserve currency. You will see prices rise on everything- except residential and commercial real estate and the stock markets. Soon you’ll see the Wendy’s Three Dollar Menu instead of the Dollar Menu. You’ll see the Three Dollar Store rather than the Dollar Store. You’ll see new taxes, more taxes, and taxes on top of taxes. You’ll be taxed to death to support the Marxist Social-ism the voters of this country chose. Federal, state, county and city tax revenues are down severely. The state of California is the seventh largest economy in the world, even bigger than Russia. It is completely and totally bankrupt. When the welfare checks stop the animals are going to riot in the streets. That’s one reason the government built all those secret FEMA detention camps. The other reason is to lock up dissenters and people silly enough to believe in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. You’ll see 30% unemployment, and the real number currently is18%. It will be common to see two families living in the same house just to get by. You’re going to see very long soup lines. and a total inability to feed tens of millions of hungry people. You’ll see massive riots and violence in the “inner cities” when people are cold and hungry and feel they have nothing to lose,. You’ll see martial law and the National Guard and the military run things. Civil rights will not exist. You must understand that- you  have no rights under martial law. You’ll prob-ably see a “bank holiday” this Fall when the banks close, your credit cards are no good, you can’t write checks, you can’t withdraw money, and the ATM machines shut down. This just happened in Iceland, so don’t say it can’t happen here. It will and will soon. You’ll see the Dow drop to 4,000 on a good day. The residential and commercial real estate crashes have another two years to go. The worst is not behind us, it is ahead of us. You’ll see houses selling for a quarter on the dollar based on peak 2005 prices. The median U.S. home will sell for $120,000 or less. You will actually be able to buy the average home for only 600 silver dollars. That’s right, 600 silver dollars will buy the average home in the next five year. I remember as a kid having a pile of silver dollars when gasoline was 25 cents and McDonalds burgers were 15 cents.

Nationalized health care has failed miserably in every country it has ever been tried in.

The government is incapable of doing anything but turning your hard earned money into toilet paper. Now the lemmings want nationalized health care so they can get something for nothing, so they can get someone else to pay their medical bills. Ask anyone in a country with government health care how they like it. When socialist Medicare was start-ed in 1966 it cost only $3 billion. In 2009 it will cost $408 billion. $3 billion versus $408 billion. The same thing will happen with total socialized medicine, only much, much worse. If you think medical care is expensive now, wait until you see how expensive it gets when it’s “free”. Nothing is free folks but air and sunshine, and the air is polluted. The government has no business whatsoever in the medical field.

At this point in time you cannot take the guns away from Americans because there are more gun owners than police. Gun owners outnumber the police and military by far. Since you can’t take the guns away in 2009 the government has seen that ammunition has disappeared. Go try to buy some ammunition. The ammo is gone folks! You can’t even buy .22 caliber bullets. You certainly can’t get real ammo like .223s and 7.62s. Event-ually the guns will be taken away like in Canada, all of Europe, Australia and New Zea-land. Slaves can’t own guns, only free people can own guns. 

All democratic countries self destruct after about 200 years. History proves this for thousands of years. The U.S. is 232 years old and is through, over, finished, done. We will now be a Third World banana republic, but without the bananas. There is nowhere to go for the first time in the history of this planet. There has always been a haven for free people until now. The entire earth is now one big Prison Planet. You need to move away from the cities. You need to have food, water, all necessities, a generator, gasoline, and things you would normally  have stocked for snow storms and hurricanes. It’s just common sense to be prepared for the future.

This issue may sound a little negative, but the entire country is collapsing as you watch. Here is a partial list of who is going broke now…Red Roof Inn, Waldenbooks, Jo Ann Fabrics, Rite Aid, Advanced Auto, Pac Sun, Pier 1, Starbucks, Macys, Sears, Ann Taylor, Ruby Tuesday, Zales, World Market, Whole Foods, Gap, Ritz Camera and Sam’s Club in Canada. Every month you are going to see famous, long time, established companies like this go right down the drain. You can see tomorrow if you just take a good, close, hard look at today.

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